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Easy Travel Guide For Queens New York

If you have ever wanted to go to New York City, one of the most underrated of the five boroughs is Queens. This is a crescent shaped area, one that moves along the width of Long Island, and is the place where two major airports including LaGuardia and JFK International are located. Perhaps you would like to visit one of the most ethnically diverse areas of New York City. If so, Queens is where you should start. There are many different cultures including those of Indian descent, people from Columbia, Mexicans, Chinese, Russian and many other nationalities. This is beneficial for those that prefer trying out different types of food, and visiting shops that are culturally diverse. Let’s begin with a quick overview of Queens, some of the highlights of this area in history, and also show you how you can travel around throughout this diverse and unique borough of New York City.

An Overview Of Queens

Looking down at New York City from above, you would see that Queens is essentially the central part of the city, and contains Corona Park and Flushing Meadows. Back in the 30s and 60s, it was the home to the World Fairs that were so famous, and it still possesses many different museums and artistic relics from that time including the Unisphere. If you like baseball, the New York Mets play at Citi Field, and it’s also home to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. It is also the place where the U.S. Open is played for tennis, and it gives you perfect access to Long Island Sound, right along the marina. Now that you know what to expect from this brief overview let’s look at how you can begin to travel around.

How To Travel Around

As you can imagine, coming to New York City, you will need to find a couple of different ways to travel. Walking on foot to all of the destinations could take quite a bit of time. Many people ride bicycles, but if you are visiting just for a few days, you can check out the different ways of traveling including the minibusses, subways, and also the Long Island Railroad that also stops in many locations in Queens. If you are in a hurry, you should check out the express buses that go through eastern Queens, going to destinations that the subway simply does not get around to. For example, if you are going to travel to eastern Queens from LaGuardia Airport, a place that you might be staying, you would take the Q48 subway to go directly there. Being able to travel is one thing, but you also need to know exactly where Queens is located.

Where Is Queens Located?

There are a couple of different ways that you can get to Queens, depending upon what part of New York City you are going through. If you are up in the Bronx, you need to to send to the south, perhaps going into Manhattan first, or you will just arrive there if you are coming in on JFK or LaGuardia. It is also adjacent to Brooklyn, so if you are coming in from Staten Island, you just need to keep going east. More than likely you are either meeting friends or family members, part of the tour, or you may only be landing in the city for the first time, and you will need a guide to finding your way. To understand where you should start, a good beginning his understanding a little bit about the districts and neighborhoods that are found throughout Queens. By understanding this, you can schedule where you are going to be on each day that you are there so that you can take full advantage of all that this borough has to offer.

The Districts In Queens

You might want to start mapping out your trip through Queens-based upon the many different neighborhoods that are there. These are often referred to as districts, and these include Long Island City, Jackson Heights, Flushing, Forest Park, Jamaica, and The Rockaways. For example, you might want to start with Long Island City and check out Astoria, a place that is known for the many Greek people that live in this region. There are many Europeans as well, along with Asians and Latin Americans that have created one of the prime shopping districts in the area. In Jackson Heights, this is where people in Manhattan tend to go shopping to get away from the higher prices, gaining access to many different things including grocery stores, shops, and many different restaurants. There are even Tibetan restaurants that people frequent, and along the way, you will see quite a bit of diverse architecture as you make your way to Jamaica, the main transportation hub where you will see quite a bit of African American art.

A Brief Overview Of Things To Do

Before we get into very specific places that you can go, and what you should do while you are there, here is a brief overview of what you might do over a period of a day or two, checking out some of the main attractions. Your day might start in what is called Little Egypt, an area of Queens where people go for some of the best seafood in all of New York. If you are into eating and drinking, and at the same time shopping, a subway ride to Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights might be where you will want to start. They have everything from Russian delis to a Guatemalan shop, or you can get some pastries at the La Paisa Bakery. In the evening, you could head down to Queens Boulevard, heading over to Forest Hills, one of the top locations for experiencing the nightlife that only Queens can offer. If you are sore from all of your wandering around, checking out the scenery, you could stop in Chinatown at Flushing for a quick massage. And once you are done, you will likely be staying at one of the many hotels which are primarily located around LaGuardia and JFK which are surrounded by some of the best Korean and Chinese restaurants. Now that you have a brief understanding of some of the things that you could do while you are there, let’s look at some of the main attractions.

Top Attractions In Queens

There are quite a few places that you can go when you are visiting this borough in New York City. One of the top destinations is Citi Field. It is the place where baseball is played, specifically fans of the New York Mets go to this newly renovated stadium to watch their favorite sport and team. Flushing Meadows Corona Park is the second largest park in New York City. This is where you can see the famous Unisphere. As mentioned before, it was created in time for 1964 world’s fair, and you can also see the New York Hall of Science, and the Arthur Ashe Stadium, destinations that are very popular with tourists that do make it to this area. There are many rolling green fields, a zoo that kids will like, and a boating lake that can help anyone relax. There is a skate park for people that enjoy this sport, places the barbecue, and a multimillion-dollar aquatic and hockey center.

Flushing And The Gantry Plaza State Park

If you are a fan of Chinese food, Flushing has one of the largest concentrations of Chinese people, sporting one of the three major China towns that you can find there. The Gantry Plaza provides persons with a beautiful view of Manhattan proper, right along the East River. This is a 12-acre spot, one that was originally designed as a waterfront that was built around gantries. He was originally designed for loading and unloading barges, but today it is simply a beautiful place that people can visit to see the city, check out the fishing pier, and also the basketball courts.

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Just as many people will travel to Central Park to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, this wildlife refuge is one of the most beautiful in the United States, spread out over about 10,000 acres. It has 300 species of birds, making this a top destination for both tourists and those in the area that enjoy bird watching. There are also quite a few trails, making it possible for you actually to forget you are in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. There is kayaking that can be done, and, of course, walking tours, so that you can see all of this natural beauty. It is a breath of fresh air, in a literal sense, opposed to walking down the streets where all of the cars and trucks are driving by polluting the air.

Louis Armstrong And MoMA PS1

Two other places that are very popular include the Louis Armstrong House Museum and MoMA PS1. This museum is actually where the great trumpet player lived for about 30 years of his life, and is now a museum that people can visit to learn more about him. There is also quite a bit of information about his wife who was a decorator, someone that was very passionate about wallpaper. You can see everything inside including the bathroom cabinets, closets, and cupboards that have her decorative style, a place where you can get a 45-minute tour about one of the greatest musicians that ever lived. MoMA PS1 was a former public school and is now a destination for those that are looking for cutting edge shows and artwork. Many collaborative exhibitions are shown, something that people will like if they are into contemporary art.

Queens Botanical Garden And Museum Of The Moving Image

There are other places that you can go that can show you the green side of old Gotham. For example, the Queens Botanical Garden is a series of gardens that are in one location, a place where people can practice yoga throughout the day, not having to worry about people biking or rollerblading. There are many beautiful things including purple Russian Sage plants, and there are many essential oils that are made from the flowers and shrubs in that area. There is also something called a Bee Garden that will show you how hard these insects work. The Museum Of The Moving Image is a unique location, located just about 20 minutes from Midtown. In connection with Kaufman Astoria Studio, it is a three-story holding that has a cinema that conceit about 260 people. You can learn about the filmmaking process, and also, check out over 1000 different artifacts from various productions. There are also classic video games that you can play such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man.

Socrates Sculpture Park And The Queens Museum

A few other places that you ought to check out include the Socrates Sculpture Park and the Museum of Art located in Queens. If you would like to paint something, and do so in a place that gives you a perfect view of the Manhattan skyline, this is a location where you can feel at home and paint whatever comes to mind. It is designed for people that want to be outdoors, and that are focused either on nature or the Metropolitan scenery that surrounds them. You may only want to watch painters doing magical things with a brush and canvas, something that might make you think of the Renaissance. The Queens Museum of Art is located where the two World Fairs were presented, giving many different views of New York City including a beautiful panorama. It was created back in 1964 at the last Worlds Fair, and contains a large amount of art that you can see while you are there.

In conclusion, Queens is one of the most diverse areas of all of New York City and the largest regarding land mass. Cultural diversity is also adamant, offering you a look at the many different people that are in the city, and you can experience all of the culinary delights that the many restaurants can provide from these cultures. Whether you start in Tinseltown Astoria, the place where the Marx Brothers shot the film Animal Crackers or see the museums that have unique items like the original Mork from Ork spacesuit worn by the late Robin Williams, it is a place that contains an incredible amount to do, places to see, and definitely, food to eat that is in some ways the most diverse area of New York City. Even though most people will travel into Manhattan to see the beautiful skyscrapers or experience what it feels like to stand in the so-called Metropolis, it is a great place to visit at least once as you make your way to New York City, a borough that has so much to offer.

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