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The Brooklyn, NY Travel Guide

Brooklyn has become a popular tourist destination for both locals and foreign visitors. Furthermore, apart from being one most populous borough in New York City, Brooklyn continues to be a hotbed of art, food, culture and music as well. According to the recent census report, this remarkable place has an estimated population of two million, six hundred thousand locals. This part of New York City has a lot to offer to both young and old, making it a great destination for leisure travel.

Transportation Available In Brooklyn

Getting around Brooklyn is easy thanks to different means of transportation that are available. You can tour this part of New York City in a taxi or a water taxi if you are coming from Manhattan. You can also choose to use the subway, which is convenient and reliable. Furthermore, if it is not your first time to visit Brooklyn, then you can elect to drive your automobile as long as you meet all the necessary requirements.

Moreover, New York City is considered to be the greatest walking city in the world and therefore, you can choose to explore the five boroughs by walking from one point to the other. Walking is easy especially for first-time visitors because all the streets to the north of St. Houston are highlighted in a grid pattern that is numbered. The streets travel from east to west, while the avenues travel from north to south. It is easy to find your way around since both streets and avenues are numbered.

Top Attractions Found In Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY is home to various top attractions that consist of flea markets and museums. Furthermore, some the best parks in New York City are found here including free attraction sites such as the Coney Island. Here are other top attractions that you can visit one you arrive at this great destination.

1. BLDG 92 Museum

The BLDG 92 is located at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. The military reserved the museum during the civil war for building massive vessels. During that time, seventy thousand people were employed to serve the military at this incredible navy yard. To go to BLDG 92 museum, book a weekend bus tour for less than thirty dollars and enjoy the trip to this great exhibition.

2. The Botanic Garden

If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place to spend your free time, then you might want to make your way to the Botanic garden in Brooklyn. This particular garden was founded in early nineteen hundred and features various plants that are spread across fifty-two acres of land. The incredible landscape and flowers make this garden a suitable place for relaxing.

3. The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is considered to be an important reminder of the architectural innovation of New York history. This was the first structure that was built to cross the east river and it was officially opened in eighteen eighty-three. The bridge was constructed using steel wire cables that were invented by the original designer known as John Roebling. Today, the bridge is considered to be one of the top attractions that is found in Brooklyn. Each year, this high construction attracts more than a thousand locals and tourists, who come here to enjoy the spectacular views of city landmarks such as the Governors Island and the Statue of Liberty.

4. The Brooklyn Bridge Park

Most parks in Brooklyn were built to reserve the serene woodland. However, the Brooklyn Bridge Park for a different reason and because of that, it becomes popular than the rest of the parks that are located in Brooklyn. Furthermore, this particular park transformed the waterfront into an expanse of other attraction such as the Jane’s Carousel, which was restored in the early nineteen twenties together with the riverside esplanades that has incredible Manhattan views.

5. The Children’s Museum

The Brooklyn children’s museum was the first museum that was specially made for both young adults and children. Today, the museum has turned out to be a comprehensive museum for children with a permanent collection of more than thirty thousand objects are exciting for any child. Some of the features that are found here are musical instruments, dolls, fossils, and even masks. For those who prefer to travel with their kids, you can take them for a tour of the Brooklyn children’s museum to learn more about various instruments and dolls.

6. The Historical Society

The Brooklyn Historical Society was established in eighteen sixty-three. The historical society is located the at the four-story Queen, where there are Anne style houses and building that are ongoing exhibits., You will have the privilege of learning about the crucial moments that took part in the American history. This is also a major exhibition for historical newspapers, maps and also family records that are notable. Furthermore, the institution also offers after school tutorials to children who are willing to learn more about the historical society organization and its features.

7. The Brooklyn Museum

Another fantastic place you might want to visit is the Brooklyn Museum. Here you will find various assets from the Egyptian collection. This includes an ancient map of the vast cosmos and the statue of the Amenhotep III. Furthermore, learn more about the amazing masterworks that accomplished by Cezanne, Degas, and Monet. Furthermore, there is also an astounding European collection that is gathered in this particular museum.

8. Brooklyn Green-Wood Cemetery

The Brooklyn Green-Wood Cemetery has been one of the top tourist attractions for decades. That is because the facility is filled with cherubs, Victorian mausoleums, and gargoyles. Furthermore, this is preserved as a resting place for more than one million new Yorkers. Among those who were put to rest here are Boss Tweed, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Leonard Bernstein. Moreover, what attracts most people to this site is the incredible Gothic arch, which is located at the main entrance or at the climb that leads to the battle hill.

9. The Williamsburg

This is considered to be the epicenter of hip culture. Williamsburg can be accessed by the L train, which travels from the fourteenth street of Manhattan. Furthermore, this particular place can be accessed by other several subway stations, which makes it easy to reach. Williamsburg is known for specialized bars and also for indie music.

10. Red Hook

Red Hook is another neighborhood that is known for hip culture. Furthermore, it has spectacular views of the Carroll Gardens and also Manhattan. You can access Red Hook in a ferryboat from Manhattan or on a trolley track heads towards the waterfront museum.

Things That You Can Do At Brooklyn

Apart from visiting various attraction sites that that are located in Brooklyn, there are also other things that you can do alone or as a family. Brooklyn is different stores that offer a collection of art and even clothes. That mean you can spend time shopping for vintage clothes, jewelry and even records from various exhibitions and open stores.

One of the best places to go for shopping in Brooklyn is that the Brooklyn Flea. The Brooklyn Flea is located outside the Bishop Loughlin, which is a memorial high school. At this particular place, you will be able to obtain various items such as a collection of art and also jewelry. Besides the Brooklyn Flea, there are also malls that are located within the boundary of Brooklyn such as the Fulton St. Mall and the Atlantic Center Shopping Mall.

Brooklyn also has some activities that you can engage in to have fun such as riding the cyclone at the Coney Island. This amazing roller coaster was established in nineteen twenty-seven and during this time, the Coney Island was reserved as a seaside resort. Apart from riding the Cyclone, you can enjoy a variety of dishes and drinks that are offered at this particular venue.

Make your way to the public beach that is located in Coney Island. Getting to this particular beach is easy, and you can use the means of public transportation to access the Coney Island public beach. Enjoy a variety of water sports such as jet skiing, wind surfing, and even diving. Furthermore, you can also meet the locals and make friends since the beach is always crowded and busy.

Another thing to do in Brooklyn is Bike riding. There are various parks and famous bridges that are meant for biking. This is an excellent way of exploring the neighborhood and also for knowing your way around. Furthermore, you can become part of Brooklyn biking event, by joining one of the major groups for biking. Moreover, you do not necessary have to bring along your bike, since you rent a commuter’s bike for a particular period.

Where To Stay In Brooklyn

If you are planning to visit Brooklyn, you can choose to stay in a five-star hotel or book for a vocational rental. However, there are some factors that you need to consider so that you can choose a suitable place for temporary stay. A vacation rental is convenient for most people since you have the privilege of renting a suite for yourself. However, renting a suite might be challenging for you if you are staying alone since you will be required to manage the entire facility yourself.

Moreover, if you prefer staying in a suite where you can enjoy room service, then you can make your reservation at a five-star hotel. However, if you prefer staying close to the beach and the fresh breeze, then you can choose to stay at one of the beach resorts that are located at the Coney Island. Each place is designed in a unique way so that you can have the best experience during your visit.

Even though Brooklyn has convenient places where you can stay, you need to acknowledge the fact that each some of these facilities are expensive while others are affordable. Because of this reason, it is advisable that you compare the price of each service so that you can get the best deal.

NightLife In Brooklyn

The Nightlife In Brooklyn is as attractive as the day. During the late night hours, you will find various bars open offering the best Cocktail. You will also have the opportunity to taste a variety of drinks that are locally made and those that are imported from different parts or the world. Some of the best cocktail bars that you visit at late night hours are Richardson, which is located at the Graham Avenue, Manhattan Inn at Manhattan Avenue and Five Leaves, which is based at Bedford Avenue.
Besides, drinking beer and clubbing, you can also take the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes that is offered in late night restaurants that are available in Brooklyn. Some of these late night restaurants offer local dishes while others provide a mixture of food from different places around the world.

Furthermore, if you prefer spending your time in a classy environment with first-class services, then you can make your way to the Hotel Delmano. This incredible hotel has a well-known reputation of expensive cocktails and other fancy drinks. Furthermore, you will also get to enjoy classic music and karaoke that is played late at night. The Hotel Delmano is located at eighty-two Berry Street, and you can get here in a public taxi.

Another interesting place to visit at night in Brooklyn is the Commodore. Located at the Metropolitan Avenue, here you get to enjoy a variety of drinks and fried chicken. Moreover, the venue also offers traditional drinks and spicy chicken as part of their package. If you like spicy chicken and traditional brew, then you should make sure that you visit Commodore during your tour at Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, NY is an excellent destination to travel alone or with your family. Furthermore, with the help of this guide, you can be able to plan your trip in advance and determine where you are going to stay and what you need to do before you start your journey.