Who Needs a Professional House Cleaning Service?

There are numerous reasons why someone might use a professional house cleaning service and costs of such vary depending on those reasons. But, whatever the reason, there is a house cleaning package out there that fits your needs. Some people may just need a little help maintaining their home’s appearance to ensure it is always company clean. They want to be ready should unexpected guests stop by.

Most companies who provide such services offer flexible plans and are more than happy to customize their services to suit your needs. Most offer a basic plan which covers a quick clean-up. Such a basic service might include vacuuming and dusting, tidying the bathrooms and cleaning sink, toilet and shower or bath areas, and sweeping or mopping hard floors. The terms for such a basic plan will be spelled out in detail in the contract to ensure there are no misunderstandings between customer and service provider.

But what are some of the situations that might motivate a person to turn to a professional cleaning service for help? The list below covers some such situations. Perhaps one of these fits your circumstances as well.

Buying Time for Working Professionals

These days it is not unusual to find both husband and wife working outside of the home, at least on a part-time basis. In fact, in today’s economy, it is almost a necessity just to make ends meet. This true whether there are children in the household or not. In addition to need, many husbands and wives have trained for and enjoy a chosen career that demands much of their time and requires that they be away from home for long periods of time.

Maintaining such a career can be very demanding in and of itself. Having a house that needs to be maintained just add to the stress level. This is a perfect example of why one might turn to the services of a professional house cleaner for help. By having a cleaner come in once or twice a week, or even bi-weekly, a working profession can eliminate much of the stress and burden of coming home after a hard day at work only to face an evening of cleaning. Add the element of children with homework or soccer and dance lessons and you can see the time crunch they face. When is there time to relax in such a scenario?

A professional cleaner can offer tremendous relief to those trying to function under such circumstances. By arranging for a cleaner to vacuum and sweep once or twice a week, wipe down kitchen counters and appliances, unload the dishwasher, give the bathrooms a quick cleaning, and dust, they free up that time. It allows them to catch their breath or interact with the kids or their mate. That is money well spent!

Help for the Elderly or Handicapped

Another situation that lends itself to using a house cleaning service is when the homeowner or customer is elderly or handicapped. Unfortunately, with aging comes creaking or brittle bones, arthritis or knee and hip problems that make it difficult, if not impossible, to keep the home clean. A regular visit from a house cleaner is the perfect solution. Most cleaning companies offer services tailored to just this situation. So spare those aching joints and let a professional do the bending and reaching!

Vacation Rental Property

Many people, especially those who live in colder climates, decide to buy a vacation home in a warmer location for their retirement years. For some it is to escape the cold northern winters, but most also see it as an investment. The dilemma is what to do with the property during the months they are not using it. Most rent the property out as a vacation rental. In such a case, it needs to be well maintained even when the homeowner is absent and that’s where a cleaning service comes in. They can keep the home well maintained and ready at a moment’s notice for any renting guests.

Having a home cleaned regularly extends the life of the property. It prevents damage to carpets from gritty dirt or sand, and prevents bug infestation as well. In the case of a vacation rental, cleaning arrangements may vary. Some want just a basic cleaning during periods the home is empty and perhaps a more thorough cleaning when guests are scheduled.

Preparing a House to Put on the Market

Another scenario in which a house cleaning service is often called in is when a homeowner is preparing their house for sale. Usually prior to putting it on the market they want a very thorough cleaning. This is a special arrangement and is going to cost more than standard cleaning services. It may include such additional services as stripping the kitchen floor or polishing wood floors. In addition, the homeowner may want such extras as carpet shampooing, window cleaning or wall washing.

Such a cleaning package is usually a one-time deal and well worth the expenditure. Sometimes we, as homeowners, don’t realize the wear and tear to our home that comes from daily living. We become so accustomed to seeing our home that we tend to be blind to its flaws. We may not notice how badly the kitchen cabinets need a scrubbing, or how those beautiful natural stained six-panel doors need cleaning and oiling. Have you looked at your ceiling fans lately and seen the dust build-up?

The point is, sometimes you need to borrow someone else’s eyes in order to see your home the way others ñ such as a potential buyer ñ may see it. A cleaning service representative is happy to be those eyes. They will do a walk-through with you and assess your home’s needs, and then work out a plan that addresses those needs. It can make a major difference in how your home shows in the end and in the length of time it takes to get that home sold.

The above are just some of the situations that call for the help of a house cleaning service. You may fit one or more of these categories, or have needs unique to your own personal lifestyle or schedule. Whatever the situation, the solution begins with a phone call. Discuss your needs with a professional and let them help you make your life more manageable!