• How to Wash Pillows

    How to Wash Pillows

    Pillows tend to be one of those things that are often overlooked in the cleaning process, but they should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year. Many pillow manufacturers recommend fluffing your pillows on a daily basis, to improve loft and remove dust that has settled, but beyond that, a good washing is needed Read more

  • 10 Boston Stereotypes

    10 Boston Stereotypes

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    Whether Boston is your hometown or you’ve only lived in The Hub for a few years, chances are you’ve heard about a few Boston stereotypes. While stereotypes should never be taken completely seriously, stereotypes almost always harbor a kernel of truth. Read this article to learn about 10 of the most prevalent Boston stereotypes. 1. Read more

  • Hiring A Maid Service In Boston

    Hiring A Maid Service In Boston

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    Many people have a hard time finding the time to fulfill their responsibilities and spend quality time with their family and friends. If you’re one of these people, you should consider hiring a maid service. Here is some information that you should consider before hiring a maid service in Boston. What To Consider When Hiring Read more

  • How To Insult Someone From Boston

    How To Insult Someone From Boston

    There are a few things you can do if you want to insult someone from Boston. One of the most obvious things is to make fun of their accent. Another is to talk trash about their sports teams. Bostonians are known for being loyal fans. That loyalty extends to their family, friends, and neighbors, too. Read more

  • How To Remove Blood Stains

    How To Remove Blood Stains

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    Blood stains are one of the most frustrating household stains to contend with. Whether your child returns home with a scraped knee bleeding through a pair of pants or if a shaving nick leads to an unsightly spot on a towel, these organic stains should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Blood stains are Read more

  • How To Find The Right Maid Service

    How To Find The Right Maid Service

    Keeping your house clean can be challenging. Life can get in the way and you may not have time to scrub your toilets, deep clean your kitchen or clean items like baseboards or blinds. If your home is in need of a good cleaning, but you cannot do it on your own, you may be Read more

  • How To Clean Hardwood Floors

    How To Clean Hardwood Floors

    Whether it’s kitchens and dining rooms, or elegant bedrooms, hardwood flooring can add style and beauty to almost any home. There are dozens of types of wood flooring to choose from, which can make it difficult to know exactly the best ways to keep each type clean. Whether you have a gorgeous dark cherry wood Read more

  • How To Clean Hair Brushes

    How To Clean Hair Brushes

    If your hair has a lot of buildup despite frequent washings or feels dirty, even when you just washed it, your hairbrush could be to blame. If you are not cleaning your hairbrush regularly, you could be transferring oil, dirt and grime to your clean hair every time you brush it. Cleaning your hairbrush is Read more

  • How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink

    How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink

    If your home’s kitchen sink is clogged or has been in the past, you’re not alone. Clogged sinks are a common issue homeowners face and can leave you with a sink full of water that won’t drain and a pile of dirty dishes just waiting for someone to clean them (except maybe your home cleaning Read more

  • Why You Need A Maid Service In NYC

    Why You Need A Maid Service In NYC

    Your apartment may be small, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to clean. In fact, a smaller space could mean less places to hide clutter and more chances of noticing a minor mess. The problem is that you don’t have time to keep up with cleaning. But you also think hiring a maid service makes Read more