Why You Need A Maid Service In NYC

Why You Need A Maid Service In NYC

Your apartment may be small, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to clean. In fact, a smaller space could mean less places to hide clutter and more chances of noticing a minor mess. The problem is that you don’t have time to keep up with cleaning. But you also think hiring a maid service makes you lazy or is too expensive. Think again.

Reasons You Need A Maid Service

It Could Cost You More to Clean Yourself

How much do you make per hour and how long does it take you to clean? If that adds up to more than the cost of a maid service, cleaning isn’t worth your time. When you hire a maid service and pick up a few more hours at work or add a second job that you like doing instead, you’re coming out ahead financially.

Can’t work more or just don’t want to? Don’t forget how much Duane Reade charges for all of your cleaning supplies. These supplies are included in the cost of your maid service.

You Just Don’t Have Time

Ever work 60 to 80 hour weeks and come home too exhausted to do everything? It’s easy to get behind on your cleaning even when you like keeping a clean home.

Don’t let your apartment get to the point where you’re afraid to invite people over or you have to scramble to clean at the last minute. Schedule a cleaning service, and you never have to worry about how your apartment looks again.

Get It Done Right

Even when you stay on top of your weekend cleaning, it may not be enough. If you’re in a rush to enjoy your day off, you may just not scrub into every nook and cranny like you should.

Your apartment might look clean, but there could still be germs and lingering odors that you don’t notice. Professional cleaners give 100% effort 100% of the time to make sure your apartment is cleaned to perfection.

You Need Flexible Options

Maybe your work has busy seasons and slow seasons. Maybe you just want a deep clean before your family comes over for a holiday. Maybe you need a little help catching up when you’ve fallen behind on cleaning.

You don’t need to commit to a weekly or monthly schedule if you don’t want to. You can get help cleaning whenever you decide you want to.

You Just Don’t Feel Like Cleaning

It’s OK to admit that you just don’t like cleaning. You’re an adult, and no one can make you do chores.

If you spend money on fun things like going out to eat, getting drinks, or going to movies, you can also spend money on avoiding not fun things like spending half of your day off cleaning.

What About Maid Service Theft?

It’s no secret that every once in a while you’ll hear about a maid that stole something in the news. But you also hear about people getting mugged in Central Park or on 5th Avenue. Don’t let fear of a rare incident stop you from making your life more convenient.

Reputable cleaning companies perform thorough background checks before sending maids to your home. Virtually all maids are good people who believe stealing is wrong. They also want to keep their jobs.

In the unlikely event that something does happen, you can turn to the cleaning company’s insurance to reimburse you. You can also use a nanny cam or choose to be at home for your maid service if it puts your mind at ease.

What if I Can’t Find The Right Maid Service?

Hiring contractors is difficult especially if you want to find the right person that you can trust alone inside of your home. If you just search for random maids on Craigslist, there’s a much bigger chance of something going wrong.

Using a large, reputable cleaning service avoids this problem. They have a reputation to protect, and finding the right maids is a full-time job for them. In addition, if your regular maid is away on vacation or changes jobs, you don’t need to worry about finding a replacement.

Should I Go With the Cheapest Option?

In today’s consumer economy, there’s always a temptation to focus only on price. But remember that cutting costs usually means cutting something else. This might be the amount of time your maid can spend in your home, the quality of the cleaning products used, or the quality of the people hired. You should compare value, but you will often get a more reliable, trustworthy, and detailed service if you are willing to pay a little more.

What if a Maid Service Isn’t Available Right Away?

This could be a good thing. Would you eat at a restaurant that was empty during the lunch rush? It might take several days or even a couple of weeks for a cleaning service to have an available appointment. If you haven’t used a maid service before, the extra wait for a good company is worth it. Once you’re in as a customer, you can get on the regular schedule to know exactly when your maid will come.

Are There Any Disadvantages To A Cleaning Service?

Not really. People might judge you, but they’re really jealous that you have a maid. You already figured out that the cost is worth it. If you like things done a certain way, you can make that request as well. The best thing to do is to book an appointment now and see how you like it.