Tips On Decluttering Every Room In Your Home

Most people feel the urgency to declutter their homes, yet do not do it. It is a lovely idea to live a simple and organized life within the confines of your home. However, most homeowners ask themselves where to start decluttering considering that they have many possessions. It gets difficult for most people when it comes to moving from the idea to action. This is totally understandable since you might have a special attachment to the things they own. As a result, a feeling of defeat might crop up, greatly tempting you to leave things as they are.

There is no specific and perfect time to declutter which can make this easier. Don’t wait until everything is in chaos then think of decluttering, this will make you feel overwhelmed. Consider habitually decluttering the rooms of your home to avoid things getting out of hand.

It is essential to declutter in portions since it’s a big job. You can start with a specific room or a portion of the space. Don’t get scared though, the process of decluttering is not as hard and painful as it seems once you get started. Furthermore, you do not require specialized or expensive gadgets to declutter. Outlined below are practical ways that you can declutter your home and turn your home into this spacious and inviting living space:-

  1. Decluttering the bedroom

You desire to have an organized and airy bedroom but all you have is chaos. The first step is by getting a minimum of four baskets or boxes. They will be used to store the things that you need to throw away, reuse or recycle, put away in its right place and what needs to be donated. Depending on your bedroom, you will start at the point with most clutter.




  • The Closet

For many, the closet is the hot spot for clutter. Go through your clothes, shoes, and bags then arrange them according to type. For instance, it is easier to declutter a pair of shoes if you have the whole set together. After arranging them, you can now place them in their respective place or in the box depending on what you want, either throw, repair or donate.

  • Nightstand

It shouldn’t be hard decluttering the nightstand. Remove everything that is not supposed to be there. For example, the novel that you finished reading, slip it back to the shelf or place the toothbrush, old makeup, a coffee cup and nail polish back to their place or to the respective boxes. Have only the items that you only need on your nightstand.

Remove items that are not supposed to be in your bedroom then clean out your room. You can change the beddings and rearrange or change the bulky furniture for example to create more space. To avoid clutter in the future, you can have shelves installed to store most of your personal things.









  1. Decluttering your kitchen

Keeping your kitchen organized can be challenging. There are so many items and considering the amount of time you spend in the kitchen cooking, there’s a need to be strategic. You can choose to start with each item in your kitchen. The first thing to do is clear each space, clean it then assess each item as you place it back. Tip: declutter and reorganize from top to bottom.

Dishes can be a great source clutter, unless you use them regularly, donate some of them. You can keep just enough for when visitors come by. Make it habit to declutter the kitchen counter at least once per day because a lot of stuff on it equals clutter.

  • Deal with the refrigerator

Most people rarely declutter this important device. Yet ironically, the refrigerator can be a great source of clutter with expired food and empty bottles. It is not hard to declutter your fridge, you can start by removing every item and rearranging them better. Leftovers are should be consumed within four days, anything after that should be tossed away. It is also easier and faster when you are thoroughly cleaning it, to remove the shelves and clean them separately. When you are cleaning the refrigerator, use warm water and a little soap dish then work your way from top to bottom.







Decluttering the Living room

Keeping this room neat can be quite a struggle since it gets used frequently. For it to be more organized, look for a place to keep the items used frequently like the remote and be sure to declutter from time to time. You can start with your bookshelf or side tables and coffee table. Then move to the entertainment section and empty the space.

  • Your bookshelf

It is not easy to get rid of books since all of them have their importance. Yet if you don’t treat them with respect and organize them frequently, you might as well donate them. Clean out the surface of your shelf then arrange the books systematically. You can arrange by subject to avoid chaos when looking for a book in the future.

  • Pet and kids clutter

When it comes to kids and pet stuff, you have to be creative. Kids’ toys never seem to be enough and you might find yourself buying toys more frequently than you should. Well, the good news is that you can spoil your kid and still have an organized home. Think of creative ways to store the toys like getting multifunctional furniture with storage places. A good example is getting an ottoman or coffee table with drawers.





Decluttering The Bathroom

Anything that shouldn’t be in the bathroom should simply go. Keep the laundry inside the hamper, the soaps, scrubs, and the rest of the toiletries neatly arranged in the bathroom and never leave containers with used water inside. You could have a small shelf  installed to make your bathroom look neater.

Small and consistent habits can make a big difference when it comes to having an organized, uncluttered space. Most people don’t have eight free hours to use on decluttering and it can basically get frustrating as the day progresses. Therefore, it is important to declutter habitually. Once you know where something is going to go, take it there.

Develop a habit of not procrastinating. If there are boxes for donation, take them there. If there are boxes you need to trash, get done with it.  You can also involve the rest of the family living with you. Drill it to them that everything should be returned in its place after use and that excess things in every room should be given away, thrown or sold. The goal is to come up with a space that works well for all your needs. As you declutter, remember that perfection is never a reasonable goal but achieving a semblance of order through decluttering is enough to let you relax in your own home.




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