Things In Your Home That You Only Have To Clean Once Every Year

There are places  in your home that you only clean once and  you won’t have to think of them again till the next year. And yes, I’m glad to be the bearer of the good news. The fact is, life demands so much from us than just cleaning our homes. For some, courtesy of their career, they barely have enough time to clean their homes.

Therefore, it is good to know the places you only need to touch once. Most of these places are unnoticeable but they should not be ignored entirely. This is because, in due time, they accumulate dust and dirt which will affect the general appearance of your house or your family’s health. You could consider looking up on the hacks on how to clean the spots to have them sparkling within a short time. Here are some of the places in your home that you only clean once:

Beneath heavy furniture

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Furniture beautifully controls the flow of traffic around your space. Therefore, little dirt will accumulate beneath your furniture gradually. Additionally, even if you had the spirit of doing it every day as you clean up, you will need help lifting. And honestly, who will be willing to break their back after every week cleaning ‘invisible dirt’? It’s worth it when done after the dust bunnies are accumulated and ready to be removed.

Washing machine

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This is one important machine people grossly ignore cleaning. To be fair though, it might be because it is involved with washing, and it is only reasonable to conclude that after having so much contact with water, it can only be clean. Well, that explains why it needs to be cleaned but it shouldn’t be ignored entirely. If cleaning your washing machine sounds odd to you, this may prompt you to do it:  when left uncleaned for years it develops an unpleasant odor, germs, bacteria, and molds. Worse still, your machine slows down and your clothes can get stained.  This will, therefore, affect its effective functionality. To clean, simply mix vinegar and baking soda with warm water in the machine, allow the machine to soak for an hour. Then follow up with cleaning it and wipe it down. The vinegar helps in disinfecting and in dissolving the soap and lime deposits in the pipe. Baking soda on the other hand effectively cleans up soap scum.


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Gutters collect an amazing amount of dirt gradually which may clog it and have a damaging impact on your roof and siding. The best thing is that you will only clean once a year because autumn happens once annually. If you are not feeling particularly psyched up by the thought of being on top of your roof, you can hire a service to tackle it. Or better yet, this is where husbands come in handy. You might consider doing it on autumn when the garden gets the heaviest leaf accumulation.


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Cleaning windows is not a simple task. It is made worse by spending hours on them only to end up with streak and lint, which of course, catch the light. Making them as off-putting as they were when dusty. But that is all a matter of what equipment you use to clean your windows with. Start by wiping around the frames with a brush. Then squirt or spray the window using a mixture of warm water, dishwashing soap, and vinegar. Use a squeegee to wipe away the suds.

On top and inside your cabinets

Often we forget to clean on top and inside the cabinets. A lot of dust accumulates at this spot. Create a day within the year to clean your cabinets. With cabinets, there’s no shortcut to it, you’ll have to remove every content in them. Meanwhile, it is a great opportunity to take stock and re-evaluate what you have. Ruthlessly get rid of unnecessary things. As you clean and reorganize the retained stuff.

Fan and light fixtures

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They accumulate a lot of dirt, especially fans can be particularly stubborn in spreading the dust across the room. Light fixtures on the other hand, can accumulate dirt, webs and grease. The sight is very off-putting and hugely affects the quality of light as the dirt gets to the bulb. Therefore, using a long-handled duster with a microfiber cloth, wipe the dirt off the fan and light fixtures. You only need to clean once and a single day is all you need.

Outdoor furniture

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This is the furniture glorifying your patio or porch. As you are at it, consider cleaning your outdoor furniture during the spring. When you are looking forward to warm months ahead. Fill a basket with warm water, then add a dishwashing soap. Do some scrubbing with a brush or a microfiber cloth

Garage and basements

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Garage and basement are mostly used for storage and need cleaning only once per year. Meanwhile, it harbors a lot of dirt and insects. Therefore, totally resist any temptation to leave it out while doing your yearly cleaning. You can always call in a cleaning service for help if it gets too overwhelming.


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For those with fireplaces, you know it is not a place to clean every day, besides, it’s only a matter of hours as the fire crackles, for soot to be deposited. To save on time, trash the ash by vacuuming with a vacuum that has a disposable bag. If you have light soot on your glass door, remove it by mixing a solution of equal amounts of vinegar and warm water, then pour in a spray bottle. Next, you can spray a bit on the paper towel and dip in the ash for it to act as a gentle abrasive.

Dyer and vents

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You should not overly ignore to clean your vents and dryer. One of the best ways to ensure there’s supply of fresh air is by having the dryer clean. Before you clean it though, remember to start by turning off the power connected to the air conditioning system.


The above are the common places and things in your home that you only have to clean once every year. In most cases, this will depend with your home environment. If you live in a very dusty area you might need to clean the above places a couple of times a year as opposed to once per year.



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