Things About Your Home Décor Or Stuff That Could Be Making You Unhappy.

Your home is always your safe haven. A place where you are supposed to relax and lock out all the negative energy of the day. Sometimes though, you may come home from a long day at work and feel like you are not that pleased to be home. Below are some of the things that might be making you unhappy with your home.

  1. A Lot of Clutter

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Piling unwanted stuff around the house make the home  untidy and messed up. Free up space by getting rid of them. If it is a must that you have them around, try organizing them in an orderly manner. The result of that will be evident in both the room and yourself as well. Such things make us feel stressed and overcrowded.

  1. A Dirty Garage

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It is believed that the most disorganized and stuffed place is in the garage. Try cleaning your garage once in a while to get rid of unwanted smells that crowd your home and make it very uncomfortable even for guests.

  1. The Wrong Wall Hanging.

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The first thing that you look at when you get in the house after sitting in the couch is way up on the wall. You can imagine having a very dull or disturbing, in a relative way, kind of painting. Your moods will definitely switch from relaxed to dull and stressed. Make sure as you shop for home decor items ,pick the ones that will go well with a welcoming and relaxing mood.

  1. Nothing In Its Place

This applies especially in the library area of your house or the ‘mini’ office. It is important that when you are done with work that you arrange all the papers that were all over the place. This is to avoid cases where you come back home only to find the same mess you left in the morning. The idea here is to clean after yourself before going to work. It so happens that from work you will always get home tired and hence the need to relax. Better come home to an organized environment.

  1. No Place For Toys

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Get something like a basket or shelves to cater for the kid’s toys and stuff. Make it a habit for your children to always put their toys back after playing. Your entire home might be clean but the sight of toys laying around everywhere is just depressing and will leave you feeling angry about yourself or the kids.

  1. Unfixed Places

There are some few areas here and there around the house that do not need a handyman to come and fix and they shouldn’t be making you unhappy. For instance, do not ignore loose nails in the cupboard. Try and hammer them in if you sight any. Trying to reach for a cup or something else in the cupboard might turn out tragic for you when you get a prick from the sharp nails. Also, if there are any broken utensils, get rid of them soon as you notice them as they can be hazardous to you or your family.


  1. No Glamour.

As much as you need that space and cleanliness, do not forget to spice up the appearance of your home with a few things here and there. Get nice curtains, a couch to go with it plus a few portraits if you like. There are some of those DIY shelves that look really nice for arranging stuff. Try and put one or two of those on the corner of the house and keep some of your stuff there.

  1. Bad Odors

A bad odor is a total turn off for you and it will not only be making you unhappy but your guests too will hate coming to your home. A good idea is to keep one or two flower vases in your home with fresh smelling lilies or roses or whatever flower that you may love. You can also place the flowers in a small flower bowl in the toilet area like lavender. Anything to keep the house smelling fresh. A houseplant may also be a good idea for giving out that fresh air. If you don’t mind any air fresheners, you can get some from the store as well.

  1. Too Minimalistic

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If at all you are in a situation where your house looks like it’s almost vacant, fill it up with the things you like. For instance, to cover up the plain fireplace, put up pictures of you, your kids and spouse. In other instances, you can get a couch and add some throw pillows on it and a small rug underneath to make that area look a little less deserted.

  1. A Bad Doorbell.

Sometimes as you are relaxing in your home and the mailman or delivery guy comes knocking at your door, it may feel as if it is a bang and that can be so annoying at times. Getting a doorbell with soothing rings might just be what you need.

  1. No fireplace for the winter.

Ever wanted that cozy feeling where you are in front of the fireplace with a cup of cocoa during the winter? You can achieve that by getting a fireplace. This may be a bit difficult to do on your own. Go for a professional interior designer to help you with that. Make sure the location is at the best place around the house where you always like to sit.

  1. A Bad wall color.

Do not paint very dull colors on your walls. The mood will be transferred to you and your guests. Get bright colors for your living room and dull colored kitchen then you can choose cool colors to fit the bedroom and bathroom. Make sure the colors especially for the bathroom match with the tiles. As you choose the colors, ensure that the lighting of the house is also moderate. Not too bright and not too dull. Color is usually a majpr contributor in making you unhappy or happy.

The above things could be making you unhappy, but solutions on what to do have also been provided, so your home should be making you happy instead. Look for other unpleasant things that you can change about your home and work on them a day at a time.



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