• Are Your Pets Running wild in your home? What to do

    Having pets in your home is a good thing and a source of companionship. Pets such as dogs have a personality that has made them be man’s companion. Other than companionship, they are also a source of entertainment and protection. The presence of a dog in your home oozes the sense of protection while having Read more

  • Excessive Humidity in your home? What to do to correct that

    Humidity is a good thing in your home because it reduces heat in your house. How about when the humidity becomes too much in your home and it starts to become a nuisance in your home, you start getting allergies, rotting wooden fixtures and peeling paint. You can try out these few tricks that I Read more

  • How To Keep Your Bedding Clean And Smelling Fresh

    One of the best feelings in the world is the one you get when you sink into a comfortable, clean and fresh bed after a long day’s work. In fact, if you invest in the right quality it can make all the right difference in getting a good night’s sleep. It also goes a long Read more

  • Living In A Dusty Location? How To Keep Your Home Dust-free

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    It’s practically impossible to say that your house is completely dust-free. Dust is something that can’t be completely eliminated but it can be controlled. As long as you have pets in your house, or you are living near a busy road or maybe you are living next to a construction site then you will have Read more

  • Repurposing Ideas For Everyday Items

    Why should we? Trash is a major global challenge and everyone is working towards solutions to solve this big problem. You can be part of the solution by repurposing and reusing your household items which might otherwise be considered trash. This move will not only help reduce the mountains of waste produced globally by households Read more

  • Lemon Cleaning Hacks That Every Homeowner Should Know

    Lemons, the most versatile fruits on earth have become quite popular in many homes. They can be used as food, medicine, disinfectant, preservatives, as acids and so much more. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is a very effective cleanser and disinfectant. Here are some lemon cleaning hacks you should know: Lemon Surface Spray Grind Read more

  • Working From Home? Tips for Creating an Inspiring Work Area

    Thanks to technology now people can now work from home. However, your office needs some tender loving care in terms of the interior for productivity. One should also minimize distractions make sure the place they are creating is specifically for working and nothing else. Here are a few tips on how to that. Organize your Read more

  • Easy Ways To Clean Hard-To-Reach Places In Your Home

    As you are cleaning, do you clean those difficult places that are almost unnoticeable? Well, if no, you are not alone. Most people overlook these hard-to-reach places in the house assuming they can be cleaned more occasionally than others. Some pretend not to see the spots. As much as that is the sweeter truth to Read more

  • Essentials That Should Never Miss In A Children’s Room.

    The children’s room is one of the most places that need attention to detail. This is because kids get distracted really fast and might need something to focus on. Their room should portray a child’s theme to flatter their imagination. Apart from that, they need other few activities just to get rid of boredom. While Read more

  • How To Clean A Dirty Fish Tank In Your Home

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    You have decided to have fish as pets but after some time, you notice your aquarium getting cloudy. In a week’s time, your fish tank water is undeniably dirty and you have no idea of what you’ll do. Or to some life just gets in the way, and before you know it, your aquarium will Read more