Simplest Ways To Help Your Children Clean Your Home.

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It is very difficult for one to get their children to do some chores or simple cleaning around the house without some frowning involved. The thought of entering your kid’s rooms is just tiring. Having to take a peek at their bathroom is another nightmare all by itself. However hard you think it is, it may turn out to be a walk in the park for you. No age is too young for them to start cleaning as long as you can communicate with them. Here are some very simple ways to help your kids learn how to clean your home.

  1. It doesn’t have to be a serious ordeal.

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Scolding your kids for them to do chores around the house will not help them at all. Punishing them using chores will make them hate those chores even more and in turn become rebellious. Explain to them why they have to do their chores and give them a hand as well. A good leader does not just sit around pointing out what is to be done, instead, he helps out to show that he is part of the team too.

  1. Start your kids early.

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Do not wait until your children are teenagers so that they can start handling chores. Start with them when they are toddlers but with minimal work, as they are not strong enough to handle complicated work. You could even come up with a song for them as they are sweeping those crumbs into the dustpan. This will be fun to them and it will act as bonding time between you and them. It is not advisable that you let them work for long, as they will get bored and hate the whole experience.

  1. Get some reward cards.

You don’t have to give tips every time your kids do chores but you could make it fun by leaving behind reward cards after two to three times when they finish with their chores. Place the cards where they are visible and at the point of the end of the chore. For instance, you could hang one on your trash can outside for them to site it as they are throwing out the trash or sneak up on them as they are doing the dishes and place the card on the kitchen table. This will act as a form of encouragement for them.

  1. Come up with a duty roster.

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Just as you may have a menu for your meals, come up with a duty schedule for your whole family. Distribute the chores and divide them into daily activities. Do not overwhelm them with chores as they also have their schoolwork and playtime of their own. You could secure thirty minutes or one hour of their time for chores. Be sure to make that hour fun. As you assign the chores, make sure you don’t give the younger kids dangerous chores like cleaning the kitchen area and if you do, it should be under strict supervision to prevent accidents.

  1. Do not be bossy about it.

There are many ways to kill a rat. Cleaning doesn’t have to be done your way. If your kid is to vacuum then wash the dishes later, do not insist on him to vacuum first then wash dishes later. Let him feel independent and choose what to begin with first. Agitating him in that way will lower his confidence or even get him angry. Assign the chores and only help if asked to since kids are different. Some children prefer doing the chores alone so give them their space to do it.

  1. Set an example as a parent.

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You cannot tell your children to do chores whereas the same chores are difficult for you to do. Kids look up to their parents or guardians. If you are lazy, they will also be lazy. Imitation starts from when they are toddlers. You may be folding laundry and notice your daughter trying to hold her own too as she carefully observes what you are doing. Start with yourself and teach them the tradition of always cleaning after themselves. By doing so, you will not even have to assign them chores or force them to clean their rooms.

  1. Appreciate their work.

Always have time to check on them as they work and give a cheer here and there. If at all you could be at work and come home an intact house with everything clean, show them some appreciation by praising their efforts. Make them their favorite meal or take them out for pizza. Do not do that frequently as it may imply that they will only be appreciated once they do chores. Even if you find a messy house, ask why before jumping on their necks to scold them for it

  1. They don’t have to be perfect.

It takes time before perfecting something. You wouldn’t expect the dishes to be entirely clean after the first few washes from your child. Accept the fact that your dishes will have traces of grease, your bathroom will not be spotless and their beds will be halfway made. Kids learn as they grow and perfection is a learning process for them. Encourage them and you will notice them trying harder and harder. Encouragement acts as a motivator.

  1. Start small.

Start your children with chores that do not require too many steps as they may get distracted along the way. Vacuuming sounds easy but for you to teach your kid how to put it on the vacuum and afterward put it off and dispose of the dirt from the vacuum bag would be very complicated for them. Switch the vacuum on for them and after they are done, help them get rid of the dirtbag. You can teach them the other steps after they get used to the first step and that is vacuuming.

All of us learned about chores from our parents or relatives and we are perfect because of their long patience. Study your child’s ability before handing them the chore. Do not assign the same chore to one of your children but instead interchange them after some time. Be sure to make it fun and accept mistakes. No one is perfect after all.


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