Many kitchen utensils? Smart ways to organize your kitchen

It is true what is said, the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s the space that gets used more than other areas of the house. Therefore, keeping it organized and clean is vital for a number of reasons. Think about the danger you can pose to your family with a disorganized kitchen. There are endless accidents that come to mind by just having clutter everywhere. Now top up with the dirt associated with clutter; the perfect recipe for creating bacteria. If you are not worried about health (which is highly doubtful), then think economy instead. Think about it, when everything is organized in your kitchen, you can save money and time.

Furthermore, as much as you might think that those cereal boxes in the sink don’t count, and you will get rid of them when your life is less hectic. Your kids are learning from you. Truth is, your children won’t love you any less whether your kitchen is organized or not, but they may adopt bad habits. Therefore, whatever you are doing—or not doing; it is always good to teach the next generation by example. So that next time you won’t be cursing whoever left the sponge full of pasta source. They’ll just know what is expected of them.

Additionally, it is crazy how much resources, time included, you could save with an organized space. Basically, there are so many reasons as to why you should keep your kitchen organized than what our busy schedule can allow us to read. Let’s get straight to it; the following are ways you can bring some peace and order in your kitchen for at least your sanity’s sake.

Create a minimalist kitchen

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Don’t be surprised when you realize clutter is the only thing affecting your kitchen’s general look and function. Clutter can be depressing and make you go crazy. Ironically, it’s hard getting rid of clutter because of the sentimental feelings attached to your property. However, to get an organized kitchen, you have to declutter. And afterward, think and live like a minimalist. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you lose everything you have in your life. Simply keep those things that you need, rather than cluttering your life with unnecessary stuff. Get ruthless and give away or sell those items you don’t use regularly. Remove any unnecessary utensils and remain with only the essentials. Also get rid of broken, old, rusty, and duplicate utensils and appliances. Now that you have only those things that you need, it will be easier for you organize.

Categorize the cabinets

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Irrespective of how much space you have—or don’t have, there is need to bring order to your cabinets. It will help your cabinets live up to their potential and even have extra space left. Honestly, the number of items to be stored in these cabinets can be overwhelming. Therefore, sticking to a simple organization strategy is key. One of the ways is categorizing your cabinets as you put likes together. It not only ensures you have an organized kitchen but also cleaning becomes much easier. Additionally, it will save you money because you won’t buy duplicates. Categorizing your cabinets also saves you time because you know where everything is. And better yet, it makes it easier for other family members and friends to find what they need.

Maximize your storage

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Maximizing space in your kitchen is easier said than done. Especially if don’t have money lying around waiting to be used on a renovation. Yet, that’s still fine because you can maximize your existing storage space without having to break and build a thing. Assuming that you have already purged away, you can now either bring something more or work with what you already have. With that, you don’t have to stick to just cabinets; you can also work with shelves.

Where you will be placed utensils that you use often. Another great idea is ditching the large table and get a smaller one with storage features underneath. Regardless of the fact that you are creating more space, your kitchen needs to have enough traffic area. This is to avoid accidents and your space looking cramped. Therefore, whatever storage system you settle for (because they are plenty), ensure it’s clean.

Store away small appliances

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It is not the bread cramps on your counter that makes one cringe (although totally clean them up), rather, the clutter of items on them. Your counters will be more appealing when they are free of mess. Not calling your appliances a mess, but it would make your kitchen more organized if you store your small appliances away. With small appliances, you can have a blender, toaster, coffee maker, and/or other mini appliances taking up your counter space. Designate a cabinet for them, or you can organize them on the counter in a visually appealing way.

Make use of baskets

It’s the oldest trick in the book but it definitely works. You can use a decorative basket to store almost anything and just place it neatly on the counter.  Baskets are ideal for storing vegetables, dishcloths, fruits, bread, or any other item used regularly. Apart from the counter, you can also place it on top of the fridge or any other dead space available in your kitchen.

Use clear container and jars

You might beg the question, why clear? For starters, any clear jar or bowl is visually appealing. Additionally, you can easily identify what you stored in it. Therefore, to keep the pantry free of clutter, use the containers. This is because they are so much easier to store plus they don’t take too much space.

Use drawer dividers and pot racks

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Whether you will have vertical or horizontal cabinet dividers, they are great for kitchens with limited space. Organizing becomes easier by half and, everything gets to have a place to be stored categorically. If the drawer dividers are not your thing, pot racks are another option worth considering. Hang the rack from your wall and store your frequently used pots and pans.

When it comes to your kitchen, keeping it simple will go a long way into ensuring the space is organized. Who doesn’t want a smooth time while cooking their favorite meal? Then be sure to make the sacrifices needed.



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