How To Insult Someone From Boston

How To Insult Someone From Boston

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There are a few things you can do if you want to insult someone from Boston. One of the most obvious things is to make fun of their accent. Another is to talk trash about their sports teams. Bostonians are known for being loyal fans. That loyalty extends to their family, friends, and neighbors, too. All you have to do is watch who’s shoveling snow for who in any neighborhood to realize that in Boston, being neighborly isn’t considered old-fashioned. It’s just good manners, like inviting someone in for a cup of hot chocolate after they’ve shoveled your walk.

With so many sports teams in the city, it’s almost always game night in Boston at someone’s house. Having people over isn’t just fun. According to the research studies in this article, we humans, no matter where we live, need close friendships to maintain our physical and emotional health. Inviting someone into our home is a big step. You could even say it’s the step that transforms someone from just an acquaintance into a friend. If you really want to insult someone from Boston, when they take that step and invite you over, criticize their housekeeping. Chances are, they’ll never invite you back.

There’s a lot of evidence that most people find preparing for company stressful. The number one reason for that is that they worry that people will judge their housekeeping skills. Okay, let’s face it, cleaning takes time, and most people can think of at least a hundred other ways they’d rather spend theirs than cleaning. One of the most common family arguments is about housework. While nobody wants to get food poisoning from a salmonella-infested countertop, nobody wants to be the one that always has to disinfect the counter, either. Ditto for cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom bowl. Everybody wants a bathtub and shower free from illness and allergy-causing mold, but not everybody wants to get on their hands and knees and scrub it every few days.

Sometimes these arguments, rather than making relationships closer and improving mental and emotional health, can result in divorce. There are a lot of reasons people can have incompatible housekeeping styles. Some people are just naturally more organized than others, and sometimes, people who love to collect things fall in love with people who can’t stand clutter. People also grow up differently and have different definitions of what “clean” means. For one person, clean might mean that there isn’t a speck of dust anywhere, while for another, it might just mean that there is no active fungus growing in the refrigerator.

No matter where you fall on the cleanliness scale, clutter is a major cause of stress, especially when considering having people over. It’s hard enough to reach a compromise about who’s going to be responsible for daily household chores like washing dishes, vacuuming and dusting. Just the thought of having to do extra cleaning before company has resulted in a lot of parties being cancelled—or not being planned at all. If you want to spend less time arguing about housework and more time enjoying visits with friends, maybe it’s time to think about hiring a cleaning service.

Utilizing a Boston cleaning service doesn’t have to mean making a weekly commitment or throwing your whole budget out the window. Sitting down and making a list of what you’d want a cleaning service to do—and how often—can help you understand and define your housekeeping priorities. It’s a good idea to write down how much time each job takes and add them up. That will help you see whether you actually have enough time to keep your home as clean as you’d like it to be, and if you’re willing to invest that much time in cleaning. This exercise can also help your family reach some agreement about what clean means. Maybe going a week without mopping the floor grosses you out, but doesn’t bother anyone else in your household. Maybe you couldn’t care less whether the bookshelf ever gets dusted and even enjoy writing messages in dust, but your partner thinks dusty furniture is disgusting.

When you’re considering the expense of a cleaning service, you should also consider the cost of cleaning supplies. Surprisingly, the average family spends about $600 a year on them. (It’s also getting difficult to know what’s unhealthier—-dirt, or some of the toxic chemicals found in cleaning products.) Cleaning services provide all the cleaning supplies, and they’ve done their research about which are most effective, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. They also provide tools of the trade, like vacuums, which are likely to be of a higher quality than most individuals can afford to buy. Another cost a good cleaning service can save you is the cost of allergy medications. Many allergies are aggravated, or even caused by, dust or mold. An occasional deep-cleaning can prevent any illnesses caused by the 19 different kinds of bacteria commonly found in the average bathroom.

It’s possible to arrange for a monthly service that takes care of the most difficult and time-consuming jobs that are the most important to the individuals in your household. (Deep-cleaning the oven and stove-top comes to mind.) Hiring a cleaning service can also be educational. Watching a professional can teach you the fastest and most efficient way to tackle those heavy cleaning jobs. Even if you only treat yourself occasionally, there is nothing quite like getting to enjoy the feeling of clean, crisp sheets on a freshly made bed— that you didn’t have to make yourself.

Bostonians know the real value of friends and neighbors. As sports fans, they also know the importance of teamwork in winning a game. The only way to win the game of life is by taking time to enjoy it–and having people in your life to enjoy it with.