How to clean your home after a party

The festive season has passed but from time to time you might have guests over, have a small party or when it is your kid’s birthday and you have invited neighbors and their kids for a great time in your home. After a party and everyone leaves, you look around surveying the damage. Plates, cups, leftovers, broken glassware, water rings, lipstick stains,  overflowing trash bins, spills, half-finished foods, a dirty bathroom, a backyard that looks like bigfoot stomped on it and a kitchen that will need a good scrubbing.

You then wonder just how you are going to restore your home back to its former glory.  Well, no home is beyond salvation unless it has been razed down by a fire, and even so, you can still rebuild your home.  The following tips outlined below will help you do effective cleaning on the day after the party even when the party hangover has engulfed you.

  1. Don’t Tackle The Whole Mess Immediately

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You don’t need to stress yourself by trying to clean up the whole mess there and then because that is impossible. It might take you a couple of hours to ensure that everything is back in order. The best way to approach this is by beginning with the simple things first.  Start by collecting the bottles, glasses, cups, and plates lying around.  You could empty the half-filled glasses and cups in the kitchen-sink and then toss out the plastic and paper for recycling. Fill your dishwasher with as many dishes as it can hold and start it when it is fully loaded.

  1. Walk Around With The Garbage Bag

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Start with the outer rooms and work your way toward the kitchen as you gather up the garbage in plastic bags.  You can take the garbage bag out as soon as the bags are filled and tied in order to prevent any additional accidental leaks and odors from happening. With all the trash out of the way, you can now begin your cleaning.

  1. Deal With The Broken Glass

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Parties are parties and things could have gotten a little exciting and a few glasses got broken or cracked.  First, sweep up as much of the glass as possible using a dustpan and a brush. Then you can use slices of bread to clean up any leftover shards of glass. Next, inspect all the used glasses and check for cracks. Toss the ones that are cracked in a garbage bag along with the slices of bread and the shards of broken glass.

  1. Deal With The Spills and stains

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Look around your home and note anywhere where there is a spill or a stain. Could be a soda drink spilled on the upholstery. Someone got sick on your carpet, soup on the kitchen floor, water in the hallway and so on. If you are cleaning water rings off your furniture, for example,   try rubbing a little of non-gel toothpaste on water rings and other stains then buff with a clean cloth.

As for carpet stains, consider using any leftover beer to remove them especially if they are red wine stains. However, if you find that a little crude you can always use your favorite stain-removing liquid.

  1. Do The Dish and Utensils Washing

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Begin washing those cups and glasses as your dishwasher does the load you have put in. If you happen to find lipstick stains on your wine glasses, do not take hours just rubbing the lipstick off to make them shiny. Simply use vinegar and warm soapy water to clean the glasses and they will be the perfect sparkling glasses they once were in no time. Lipstick and any sort of stains on the glasses will come off instantly with the vinegar and soapy water combination.

  1. Work On The Floor Scuffs If Any

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The rooms in your home might have turned into a dance floor during the party and your guests’ high heels might have left stubborn scuffs. If your floor is a polyurethane hardwood floor, consider buffing the area by rubbing it vigorously with a soft cloth to deal with the scuffs.

  1. Save Any Leftover Wine

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You might feel a little reluctant to empty half-empty wine bottles down your kitchen sink and this is why there is an alternative. Any half-bottles of wine that your guests may have left behind consider freezing them in an ice cube tray. You could use the frozen wine in a recipe that requires it and there are plenty that do require it.

  1. Do Kill Any Odors

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Odors will be there after the party. It could be the stench or rotten leftovers from last night in the garbage disposal, or a stinking urine odor in the bathroom.  You could begin by running citrus peels through the garbage disposal and follow it with cold water to get rid of the odors. You could also place baking soda in places in your home where the odors are emanating from. Baking soda is a great odor absorber. A good scrubbing of your bathroom and use of sweet-smelling deodorizers will also work. After cleaning up every nook and corner, you could prepare your own potpourri by choosing sweets smelling natural ingredients like rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, essential oils and many others then throw them in water in a pot put on a stove to boil. The steam will fill your home with this wonderful natural fragrance that will definitely do you good after a tiresome period of partying and the aftermath of intense cleaning up.

If Your Party Hangover Has Taken Over You

You might have drunk too much at the party or partied too hard to be able to summon any strength to clean up. In such a case, consider hiring a cleaning service to help you out. Just make sure you are not in the way of the professional cleaners when they arrive to do what they do best.  But from the above tips, if you are up for it, go ahead and restore your home to its usually homely and clean self.



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