How to Clean Different Types of Upholstered Furniture

It’s an undeniable fact that upholstered furniture provides a lot of comforts. Some people crave going home after a long day just to get a good rest on their velvet couch and watch T.V. There are people who just love furniture so much and they own very good designs of upholstery furniture. Upholstery furniture is very treasured because of the beautiful view they add to a room.

Maintenance is very fundamental when it comes to this furniture otherwise they won’t last for long. Typical upholstery furniture cleaning proves to be challenging to so many people, this may be because of lack of background knowledge on how to maintain and clean such furniture. Here are some great tips that will help you give your upholstery furniture top-notch maintenance and cleaning

How to clean leather.

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The leather is such piece and adorable choice for upholstery. Leather makes a room look vibrant but it needs special care and maintenance to look attractive. Start with running a vacuum cleaner over the seams since dust particles largely love to accumulate in such spots. Apply small portions of leather cleaner on a piece of dry fabric and gently clean the leather surface. White vinegar can also be used in place of leather cleaner. Any moisture is an ideal fertile area for mildews to prosper so regular vacuum is essential. In case of stains on the leather, apply upholstery leather  cleaner and after minutes clean with a damp piece of cloth.

Cleaning leatherette.

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As compared to other types of upholstery, leatherette isn’t that hard to clean. A multipurpose detergent cleaner will just do the trick. Pour the cleaner into a bowl full of water. Dampen a clean hand towel with the solution and smoothly wipe all over the leatherette. Using another clean hand towel, dampen it into clean water then wipe the leatherette and leave it to dry. Nail polish remover can be used to remove stains that may be there on your leatherette. Apply the nail polish remover on the stain and then scrub gently keeping in mind that if you scrub hard you may cause the color of the leatherette to peel off.


Cleaning fabrics.

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Fabric cleaning is a bit detailed but it’s a pretty easy process as well. Use a vacuum to clean your fabric upholstered furniture. Ensure that you have vacuumed the seams and crannies to get rid of all dust particles. Afterwards, gently and lightly spray an upholstery cleaner on the fabric then use a dry cloth to wipe off the cleaner. In a circular manner, scrub the solution of using the dry cloth. It’s advisable to avoid dyed cloths since they may discolor your fabric. Alcohol can be used in instances of stain on the fabric. Spray alcohol on the affected area then gently wipe until the stain disappears. Try using cleaners that do not contain chemicals that may be detrimental to your health and also to your furniture.

Cleaning velvet.

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Velvet has to be the most selected choice for upholstery but it’s also the easiest to damage during cleaning. For furniture graced in acetate velvet or silk, it’s recommended to have them cleaned by professional cleaners so as to avoid damaging them. Other types of velvets such as cotton and polyester can easily be cleaned using gentle cleaning detergent and paper towel. Pour cleaning detergent into a bowl of water, dampen the paper towel into the solution. Gently and smoothly rub the towel over the surface of the furniture. Be extra cautious as you rub on the surface. If you rub hard you run a risk of damaging the velvet.


Cleaning suede upholstery.

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Suede is widely popular amongst upholstery furniture lover because of its beautiful finishing touch. Despite its luxurious look, it’s very hard to clean suede since it resists water. So how do you clean suede? The recommended way to clean suede is by using baking soda or even white vinegar. Vinegar produces good results when used to get rid of stains or dirt on suede. In case of grease, baking soda can be used to get rid of grease stains.


 Cleaning other fabrics.

There are fabrics that don’t easily stand up to water and there are other fabrics that easily stand up to water. Such fabrics include cotton, liner. Dealing with stains on such fabrics is an easy task and it shouldn’t give you too much of a headache. First, blot the wet stained area. Afterward, deep a piece of cloth in water mixed with a detergent. Then spot blots the area with a dampened piece of cloth. This will easily get the stain off the fabric. However, avoid rubbing too hard lest the stains will be pushed deep into the fabric.


Clean your upholstery regularly.

An important factor in ensuring your upholstered furniture remains in good condition is a regular cleaning exercise. Dust can easily get into seamers and cracks which eventually will ruin your furniture. Modern vacuum cleaners come with an upholstery attachment. They have a strip specifically designed to trap and catch lint. The recommended vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters. These are the best vacuum to use to give your upholstery a deserving clean up session. These filters are used to trap dust which can easily damage your furniture.


Upholstery furniture needs to be cleaned on regular basis preferably once a week. Also, ensure you deep clean your furniture at least once a month.  Don’t allow your treasured piece of furniture to look old and tainted. These tips will go a long way in helping you maintain your furniture in great shape. Remember to carefully read the instructions that come along with upholstery furniture to avoid making mistakes. For stubborn stains, it’s advisable to seek professional help. Upholstery furniture is undeniably charming but they are more charming when given the right maintenance. That velvet couch will feel more comfortable like never before, laying down on that leather couch will feel like the best thing in the universe. You already know the secret.



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