• 15 Stages of Getting to Work on Time in NYC

    Ah, New York City- there’s no place else quite like it, and many people seem to agree with that. How do I know this? Because I have lived in NYC. Everybody has those mornings where getting up feels like a physically unimaginable experience. You’re excessively drained and tired, your bed is overly comfortable, it’s too Read more


    Well, as a New Yorker, there is a need to know about the city’s jokes and funny expressions for you not to be left out the culture. But if you still a newbie in the city, no worries for we will tell you some of the famous jokes about living in NYC. Check it out Read more

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  • Repurposing Ideas For Everyday Items

    Why should we? Trash is a major global challenge and everyone is working towards solutions to solve this big problem. You can be part of the solution by repurposing and reusing your household items which might otherwise be considered trash. This move will not only help reduce the mountains of waste produced globally by households Read more