Working From Home? Tips for Creating an Inspiring Work Area

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Thanks to technology now people can now work from home. However, your office needs some tender loving care in terms of the interior for productivity. One should also minimize distractions make sure the place they are creating is specifically for working and nothing else. Here are a few tips on how to that.

Organize your space

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Everyone has a choice of where to work from where you are most comfortable whether is your bedroom, your garage or your library. Have that one isolated area that is only for work. Make sure that anything that can be a distraction is out of your view.

Access to all the materials needed

Place everything where it is supposed to be from the pens to the books. Make sure you have access to everything you need for studying and that they are of the right quality required.Do not go for cheap things.This creates a lot of working space and you can reach to whatever you need without wasting time.

Access to all materials not needed

Make sure you also don’t have access to what you do not need because they are going to interfere with your concentration and make you procrastinate. Make sure what you are looking at is exclusively about the work that you are doing. That is why the room is not the best area to study because it has all the things that interfere with concentration.

Improve your view

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Add things to the room that will make you feel peaceful when working. This could be a wall hanging or a picture of some things you like or even fresh flowers or even plants in the room.

Promote personal growth

Challenge yourself to new targets each day and grade yourself according to your performance. Read and learn something new every day.

Make plans

Get ahead of anything that might be a derailer in your productivity before the task at hand. Have a plan on what to work on to save on time.

Comfortable seat

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Choose a sitting or standing desk depending on the assignment given. It should be very comfortable and of good quality.

Quality of the lighting

Natural lighting is the best to work with if you do have this option you can always use artificial lighting to work with. A study proved that students who worked under warm lighting are more productive and are able to concentrate more compared to another finding that proved that students working under colder lighting had negative productivity.

You can experiment with the lighting by getting a dimmer from the store until you find what suits you.

Also, pay attention to the temperature and brightness. If the room is not well illuminated it can cause headaches. You can use led bulbs to save on energy as well.


The temperature of the room

From a study done in a University when temperatures are low employees were prone to make more mistakes compared to when the temperatures are high compared to when the temperatures were 77 degrees Celsius. Make sure you work where there are optimal temperatures to be more productive.

A notebook at hand

Ensure you have a notebook on hand to write anything that comes to mind. Write anything down that could be distracting you and come back and review it later this allows you to get back to work and let that thing disappear.

De-clutter space

Set a day every week to de-clutter your space. Have five minutes every day to de-clutter your area of work to stay organized.

View your study space as a work in progress

Learn to view the space as a work-in-progress and that it will never be perfect and that okay. Learn to switch positions between tasks. This known as breaking the circuit. This provides a boost to your concentration and aids motivation maintaining a higher level of concentration than if you had maintained one position through the whole task.

Drink up

Drink a lot of water to make your body more hydrated.Also, have low sugar snacks by the desk in case you get hungry to avoid waste of time walking to the kitchen and back to get something snack on.

Celebrate every successful milestone

Treat yourself after achieving short-term struggles that are celebrated when achieved. Buy yourself something nice or go a vacation.


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