Top Dirtiest Places In Your Home

Your kitchen may look sparklingly clean, or your bedroom may look properly organized but you will be shocked to know how dirty your home is. People really invest so much time and energy in cleaning their houses, but a rude reality is there are the dirtiest places existing in their houses. These dirty spots are host to bacteria and germs that are harmful to your health. In any house, they are several top dirty things that always require urgent and intensive cleaning. Living in a clean house with fresh air is something most people yearn for. To live in such an environment, you have to identify the dirtiest places and things than clean them up. Here is a review of the dirtiest places  in the home.

Electronic Device Surfaces

Electronic devices such TV remotes and mobile phones, pass through different hands. These hands carry multiple germs which become embedded in these devices. When these devices are touched by different hands, germs spread from one person to another. These devices need to be clean but the question is how? Electronic devices can’t be cleaned using water in the same way that we clean toys.  Rather, you should use a clean cloth that has been disinfected and clean the devices. It’s worth noting that you should be watchful of the children not to put these devices in their mouths lest they fall ill.

Floor carpets.

Carpets make any room elegant and inviting. However, carpets happen to be among the dirtiest things in a house. A lot of dust and germs can be found in these carpets at any time. If you have pets such a cat or a dog, you can be sure you will find pet hair on the carpet. Food particles or drink spills that find their way to the carpet create a conducive environment for germs and bacteria to thrive in. It’s then of the essence that carpet owners should have their carpets regularly cleaned. A clean carpet translates to a clean environment for you and to your family.

Kitchen cabinet tops.

A lot of people may generally overlook to clean the top of their kitchen cabinets. You will be really shocked by the amount of dirt and dust that is on top of your kitchen cabinet tops. Dirt such as droppings of cockroaches will just prove to you how dirty some places can be when overlooked. A kitchen is such a crucial part and thus cleanliness should never be compromised at all. You may need a vacuum cleaner and maybe a nose cover to remove the dirt and dust found there.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is where we groom ourselves and do all our business. This is where the most dangerous germs could thrive if the place is not kept clean and sanitized.  When it is said that we should always wash our hands after visiting the bathroom or toilet, it is because the world has realized that dangerous germs can find their way into our bodies if we handle food without washing our hands after visiting the bathroom.  Washing hands isn’t enough though, keeping the area spotless and germ-free should be your number one priority as a homeowner because the bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in your home.

Your Pet Zone

That place where your dog or cat rests could be the dirtiest, especially if your dog is in and out of the house. When they go out, most dogs aren’t careful when it comes to staying clean. They will come right in with all the dirt and lie in their usual spot. Don’t trust your naked eye to tell you if the place is clean. Change the Fabrics that you have laid out for your pet regularly especially if they haven’t been potty trained yet.

The bathtub.

It could be ironical that a bathtub is actually a dirty place yet it’s located where there’s flow of water almost all the time. Well, that water is what actually makes a bathtub to be considered one of the dirtiest places. Regularly clean your bathtub to avoid creating a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.  After enjoying a nice bath, remember to dry off any drops of water to avoid an occurrence of slime in your bathtub.

Kitchen sink.

The kitchen sink can boast of being actually the dirtiest place in the kitchen. It hosts a variety of bacteria and fungi that happily thrive on food particles that collect on the drainage pipe of a kitchen sink. These food particles can even cause blockage of your sink. Pour hot boiling water down your sink’s drain to get rid of any dirt in your pipe. You can call in a plumber and they will clean the drainage pipe of your sink if the dirt is causing clogging.

Toothbrush holder

It’s really scary knowing that where you put your toothbrush is actually a place prone to dirt and germs. A toothbrush holder attracts a variety of germs. These germs are detrimental to your teeth and can cause teeth issues. Always clean your toothbrush and ensure that your toothbrush holder is free of any dust or droplets of water.

Washing machine.

Molds generally thrive in any moist environment and in a washing machine there’s a very conducive environment for a typical mold to survive. Most people don’t clean their washing machines until they notice there’s an awful smell in their clothes after doing laundering. Cleaning a washing machine doesn’t just involve the exterior but also the interior. When you notice a different scent in your clothes that should tell you that your machine really needs some clean up urgently.

It’s easy to notice food particles on the floor, but there are germs, dirt, and bacteria that are not easily seen but they pose a great danger to your health and that of your family as well. These spots need to be attended to as soon as possible in order to avoid diseases that are brought about by germs and dirt. Remember that prevention is really better than cure. This review identifies some places that can inhibit unseen bacteria, during cleaning ensure that you thoroughly and comprehensively clean these spots.

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