Things That You Can Do To Make Your Home Inviting

An inviting home is not only inviting to you but to your guests as well. It makes visitors want to stay longer and the image of your lovely home stays with them in their mind long after they have left. How can you achieve an inviting home? Outlined below are useful tips to help you achieve that.

  1. Start With Your Front Door

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The front door is the first thing that you and guest see before you get in. It has to be promising to make both of you look forward to going inside the house. A bright welcome home mat complete with a smiley will help put the guest at ease and make them feel indeed welcome. Lovely looking potted plants could also do the trick or just a single one. A well-painted door with a good design can also work in making the home feel inviting. By the time the main door is opened the guest will be eager to see what the inside is like.

  1. Color and Creative Design Tricks

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Creative and lovely color additions to a home will make the home feel lovely, warm and inviting. A mixture of warm-toned down colors and bright spirited ones will do a lot in making the home feel livable and welcoming. Add more fun in creative lighting, and include lovely decorative pieces like vases, sculptures and wall art.

  1. A Friendly Seating Arrangement

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Have a seating arrangement where it is easy to move around. The seating arrangement should also make the home spacious and not cramped especially if your living space isn’t big. Nothing makes a home as un-inviting as a badly arranged living room. Your choice of furniture will also determine a lot how your home is arranged. A small living space will clearly not do with bulky furniture which is why you should choose your furniture according to your living space and avoid tripping, squeezing and toys getting lost somewhere in the seats. Think hard before arranging your furniture so that the living room might not only be inviting to you but to your guests as well.

  1. Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants are a great way to bring life into your home. They not only purify the air in your home but make it look inviting.  Think of the outdoors coming indoor with lots of plants and a lovely breeze from the window.  Such a home is where you will not only feel welcomed but want to stay for hours relaxing or reading a book.

  1. Soft Textiles Galore

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Plush rugs, deep furniture, throw pillows, soft ottomans, benches and soft colored drapes.  This is the time to make your floor areas warm and inviting. Your floors should be plush –carpeted so that your kids can crawl and roll safely. There is nothing like a safe home where you can play with your kids on the floor or where you can do yoga. That scene in itself is very inviting.


  1. Soften The Harsh and Straight Lines

Too many straight and harsh lines can be found in upholstery that is firm or purely wooden or metallic furniture. Now such furniture is anything but inviting. You can get furniture that is curved at the edges if this kind of furniture is your thing. Put round rugs on the floor, throw pillows at the corner to break the sharp corner lines, round framed photos to break the sharp monotony of the walls and so on. Anything sharp or harsh that threatens to dominate your living space, consider softening it, in order to make your home inviting.

  1. Personalize Your Furniture

Personalizing your furniture is a great way of adding that personal touch to your home.  You can always reupholster using a more cool-looking fabric. This will make your home feels like a home with occupants and not a store where furniture is sold.  You can even have your furniture custom-made to portray something you like. Since most of your guests know you, they will smile at your personal touch and indeed feel welcomed into your home.

  1. Unique Decorative Pieces

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The options when it comes to decorative pieces are endless. It is the decorations that will make your home seem more inviting and livable. Decorate will all manner of details such as stylish rugs, decorative wallpapers, simple fountains, DIY decorations and anything else to make your home look lovely and welcoming.

  1. Get Rid Of the Clutter

Clutter is the number one enemy of an inviting home. Get rid of all those stacks of bills, unarranged books, toppling magazines, out-of-control toys, shoes, clothing, pillows and so on. Clean up all the clutter and donate, give away or throw away the necessary. Put everything in its place, because a sense of orderliness makes a guest want to stay longer and just enjoy the quiet.

  1. Lovely Natural Scents

When sweet aromas and scents are wafting throughout your home, the guests will want to stay and revel in the sweetness. You can create your own potpourri, have scented candles and grow lovely scented indoor flowers. If you don’t know how your home smells like go away for a few days then come back. The first smell that hits you when you step in at the door is what your home smells like. If it is unpleasant, you can get rid of it by cleaning thoroughly and placing lovely scented balls around the home.

  1. Play Good Music

When lovely classical music or any other music of your choice dominates your home, it is a relaxing feeling and makes a visitor feel truly at home. You the homeowner will also feel relaxed and always look forward to getting home quickly so you can listen to some great music from the speakers. Put the speakers everywhere so the music will be everywhere, from the kitchen, bedroom, and even bathroom. Let the joy of music fill the air of your home and allow you to enjoy being the homeowner of an inviting home.

The above tips should make your home inviting or lead you to a path where you can achieve this. Since homes are different, if there is anything else you can do to make your home inviting even to yourself, by all means, go for it.








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