Repurposing Ideas For Everyday Items

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Why should we?

Trash is a major global challenge and everyone is working towards solutions to solve this big problem. You can be part of the solution by repurposing and reusing your household items which might otherwise be considered trash. This move will not only help reduce the mountains of waste produced globally by households but will also aid in adding value to the economy by minimizing trash load to be processed and maybe even generating sales from new items made from old items.

Repurposing can be carried out as a hobby, as a way to learn a new skill such as knitting old clothes together, building new things or it can be a source of revenue. Lots of people have generated income selling repurposed items such as repurposed furniture, repurposed clothes, art, toys and even metalwork.

Waste food into Compost

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One of the most common wastes typical households produce is food waste. These tend to produce awful odors if kept for a day, so most people resort to throwing them, often in a not so good manner. You can use the food waste to start a compost pit. This pit decomposes all these food wastes into nutrient-rich sources for plants in your garden. Hence, you will have saved on cash that could have been spent on fertilizers.

Waste food to gas

If you are ambitious enough, you can also enclose the whole compost and harvest off methane gas produced by the decomposing mixture. This gas is exactly similar to natural gas that is used in households as fuel such as cooking gas. This is also a cost-saving advantage you gain from repurposing household food waste.

Clothes into table mats or donations

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Clothes are also dumped more often into trash bins as we crave newer fashion tastes each year. Instead, clothes that are still in good condition can be donated to charity and that would go a long way in helping the needy. Clothes that cannot be donated can then be re-knit into items such as pet clothes, pet shelter covers, table mats, rugs, or artistic artifacts such as tiny cloth baskets or dolls. Cotton takes up too many resources during cultivation and also takes considerable time before decomposition hence; it is paramount to recycle it instead of dumping it as trash.

Plastics into new molds or recycle Them

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The modern world has a very heavy reliance on plastics, especially in packaging and storage. Most commercial goods that find their way into households are packed in a plastic container. These make up the largest part of Trash Mountains; hence control must be effected whenever possible. In homes, the plastic wrappers could be reused multiple times to get groceries from the shops or general shopping from marts or supermarkets. They can also be used to hold young plants that are growing before transplantation into the garden.

Extra large bags can be saved so that they can be used as trash bags. These bags can also be useful when one is organizing the house, you can put different selections of items in different bags to avoid confusion and for easier picking when needed.

Sometimes, the plastic trash weight might become too much for the community. In this case, excess plastics can be categorized, shredded then remolded and repurposed into things that households in the community actually need, such as hard containers for transporting garden produce, mugs, basins, jugs, poles or even more trash cans.

Packaging containers into useful containers

Packaging containers made of mostly metal can be repurposed by using them as food waste cans, those that look much better can be repurposed as lunch boxes and the ugly ones can be containers for leftovers.

Leftover tins can then be used to protect the ‘legs’ of your tables so that pests like ants cannot climb onto it. The tins can also be used as decor detailing especially in outdoor settings, like on your porch. They can give your porch an old-school touch.

Some can also be used to keep leftover oil from the car, or tar which can be used later to cover holes in the roofing.

Wine corks into useful hangers

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Wine corks can be used to hang post-its hence help organize your workplace at home. Also, they are ideal for hanging pictures, instead of trashing them.

Old Tiles

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Home redecoration works might leave a trail of old tiles lying around that you have no purpose for and most likely might end up trashing.

You can use the collection of old tiles, quartz glass, and new tiles to create a new mosaic art like the pathway in your lawn that will add to the beauty of your lawn. These tiles can also be used together with broken glass to make a piece of mosaic art that you can place for display.

Your porch will thank you for using the old tiles to tile up the outdoor place. It gives it a touch of old and exquisiteness, like fine wine.

Additionally, old tiles can be used as a candle holder instead of placing the candle anywhere. Thus the wax will not stain your fine tables or end up burning anything.


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A very common everyday tool, razors get dumped after only a single use by most people. Wash and rinse your razor after use the dry it by blasting it fast with a hairdryer. This prevents rusting and prolongs the shelf life of the commodity.

When the razor gets blunt, use it as a pill picker on your sweaters and wooly cloths. It works wonders.

Cd’s and Cassettes

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You can repurpose them as gift card holders, and the recipient will totally appreciate your creativity.

Moreover, since cassette tapes are bigger, you can use open versions of them to store your important cards – invitations, bank cards, union cards so that they don’t lay unwarranted where they may get lost.

Sock singles

Scientists have not yet managed to discover why we always tend to lose a single sock. However, before they do, don’t be tempted to throw the single one left, after all, it was faithful enough to stay.

Use the singles as wipes for your shoes, rough surfaces, doors, handles and your handiwork tools. Socks will perform a good job of cleaning.




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