How To Keep Your Bedding Clean And Smelling Fresh

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One of the best feelings in the world is the one you get when you sink into a comfortable, clean and fresh bed after a long day’s work. In fact, if you invest in the right quality it can make all the right difference in getting a good night’s sleep. It also goes a long way if you keep your bedding clean and fresh because it is vital to your well being and health.

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Therefore, cleaning them up should be a second habit to you irrespective of whether they show dirt or not. Actually, our beddings accumulate more dirt and germs than we can see. For instance, dust mites are microscopic bugs that are found in beddings because they feed on the dead skin; which we shed millions daily and can be dangerous for people with asthma or lowered immune when left to accumulate. There are other causes of germs like sweat, body oil, animal hair or even food particles.

Ideally, you should wash your beddings after a week. However, for some reason, most people don’t do so because of their busy schedule. Regardless, once a month won’t cut it, ensure you at least get it done frequently. Nobody would like to sleep in dirty or musty smelling beddings. Here are some ways you can appreciate your beddings more and get the most out of them.

Cleaning the bedding

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Most bedding will compose of bed sheets, duvet, pillows, mattress, and covers. The most effective way to keep them clean and fresh is by washing them. Believe it or not, there’s a procedure for washing each to get the optimal wash of all of them. Clean and fresh beddings are very relaxing and feel great when you lie in them. Therefore, work out a time period that works for you and will be frequent enough. This is how you can wash your beddings, however, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions since different types of fabric give different results.

How to wash your bed sheets

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First, you should clean your sheets separate from other clothes. You can either set a day for cleaning them or do it before other linen to prevent fuzziness. How to clean your sheets will depend on the type of fabric they are. Generally, most sheets can be easily washed at home in your washing machine. Before you start washing, just like clothing, sort by color to prevent darker colors from dulling or bleeding into lighter colors. While you start washing, know that hot water kills most germs and also takes care of dust mites. Therefore, set the hottest water temperature listed on the care label. For instance, the temperature you’ll use on cotton is not the one you should use on polyester. Cotton is more heat tolerant.

How to clean your duvet

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There are a variety of duvets on the market ranging from their softness, weight, and warmth. Since good quality ones are quite expensive, you don’t want to risk spoiling them by cleaning them after every week. The best way to keep them clean is by buying them covers which are way easier to clean. Regardless, because dust mites still find their way through to your duvet, you should clean it up at least once in two months. In which, you should air them daily. If yours are high-quality comforters, take it to a trusted commercial laundry.

How to wash your pillows

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Most people only wash their pillowcase, which is great since they don’t wholly forget about it, but it is also important to wash the actual pillow. It is not something you should do frequently though, only 2-3 times within the year. You can also opt to buy new ones; however, your wallet would do with some longevity. As you wash them, it is preferred you use liquid detergent to powdered ones to avoid residue. Also, wash two at a time to balance off the washer, and rinse at least twice. Most importantly, the tricky part is in drying them. Depending on their fillings, you will dry them slightly differently. Generally, use a low heat setting and let them dry completely. You can add tennis balls in the dryer to help them fluff to prevent clumps.

Rotating the mattress

Rotating your mattress will not only give you a fresh side of it but also it’s a great way to get a longer life cycle. Just flip it on the other side and after a period of two months, flip it again. As you are at it, you can also sprinkle some soda ash over the top and vacuum it after a few hours. It is an old trick used to remove odor leaving your mattress fresh.


Nothing disappoints more than knowing you have a clean set of beddings only to retrieve them when in need and they are all moldy and smelling musty. Designate a convenient place to store your extra bedding. A place that’s dry and free from dust to prevent some headache. Ensure they are properly folded too for an easier time when needed. To store your twin sheets together, you can place them in a matching pillowcase and arrange them neatly in your closet. If it gets dusty (and I don’t see how since you will be changing the sheets frequently), the only thing you will need to wash is the pillowcase.

Freshening your bedding

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As you launder your beddings, you can add a freshener to give them a fragrance of your choice. Line drying is also better compared to your dryer in giving your bedding a fresh smell. Since it is not every day we launder, you can keep you’re your beddings fresh in between washing days by airing them. it will help prevent odors and damp from forming in your bed.

By following the tips given, you will be able to maintain a clean and fresh bed. Remember even though they might not look dirty, don’t skip them as you launder. Wash them regularly to keep your bedroom healthy and happy.

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