How To Hire An Apartment Cleaning Service

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NYC Apartment Cleaning Service

NYC Apartment Cleaning Service

If you work all day, and you want to have any social life, then you should probably think about hiring an apartment cleaning service. You may not have thought much about that particular part of your life, but why spend your time cleaning, sweeping, shaking out rugs and dusting when you could be working, relaxing, going to the museum, and dining out with friends?

You might be surprised how little such a service costs as it is somewhat of a competitive business. You should be cautious, however because most of the time the service is going to want to come into your place while you are gone or you are at work, so there are some security issues that should be addressed.

Avoid hiring individuals to clean your place simply because it is not worth the risk. An individual, you really should not trust, no matter who they are. An individual can seem like the nicest person in the world, and yet that individual can also steal you blind once they think that you will never know how to track them down.

An individual can give you all kinds of fake references, and they even might have a false name, with all the documentation to “prove” it. And since you have to give them access to your apartment, you have to provide them with a key, and you don’t know who else might have access to that key to.

If you do decide that you would like to hire a cleaning service, go with a known name, say a company that is bonded and insured, which means that if one of their employees steal or break anything of yours, the company has to replace the loss monetarily.

Commercial cleaning companies thoroughly check their employees’ backgrounds, and they closely screen their documentation so that if the employee has to be found later, it will not be a problem finding them. This assures you that the cleaning company’s security background check on each of their employees is professionally and thoroughly done.

Many commercial companies who you would contract with also tend to work in teams, so the tendency to steal something would be less, as if there are two or three employees working on the same job it would be too risky for one of them to be stealing anything, as one of the other two might squeal on them.

With most of the professional home and apartment cleaning companies, you will get a step-by-step guarantee regarding each type of items that will be cleaned, and it will be outlined in detail.

For example, the agreement might state that the work to be done would include dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, and dusting and cleaning tables, chairs, under the beds and the furniture.

There is usually a schedule that is agreed upon as to when the cleaning is to be done, as well as a time frame in which to start and finish the cleanup. This is to give more security to the whole operation, as you could drop in at any time, and check on things to see how everything is coming along.

You should meet the actual people who are cleaning your place, even if it might change from time to time. If the cleaning people know that you will be dropping from time to time, there is less chance of any thing being stolen or damaged.

For the most part, any such activity is very rare, as the vetting process that the cleaning companies themselves perform is very thorough. You will probably be able to change the schedule, or the frequency of the cleaning process any time you wish, and you may have to try it for a while just to see what works the best for you.

You will certainly benefit from having an apartment cleaning service clean your place, as it will free you up to do other things. You may have an occasion when you do have to put in more work hours, or you may have to travel out of town, and for many jobs, there is not much time left over for apartment cleaning for you.

Your social life will certainly benefit from having the extra time, as the apartment cleaning service will open up additional time for meeting and spending more time with friends.

Just knowing that you will be able to come home to a freshly cleaned apartment, where the carpets are vacuumed, the tables and counters are all wiped and dusted, and the bathrooms are cleaned, is a great feeling. No more housework is going to be staring you in the face, as you ponder whether to do that or take some time off to relax. Now you will have that problem solved.

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