Excessive Humidity in your home? What to do to correct that

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Humidity is a good thing in your home because it reduces heat in your house. How about when the humidity becomes too much in your home and it starts to become a nuisance in your home, you start getting allergies, rotting wooden fixtures and peeling paint. You can try out these few tricks that I have found to be very effective.

Fix leakages instantly.

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When your bathtub, shower or taps in the house start leaking, make it the first priority to fix them. Not only will you be saving your water bill but also getting rid of the humidity in the house as the dripping water keeps the air in the house moist the very thing you are trying to get rid of. These leaks are among the major causes of excess humidity in the house. The most common thing is leaving the taps not fully closed that it drips every now and then, it may seem a negligible amount but it really contributes to the amount of humidity especially in a house with low ventilation.

Dry your clothes outside

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Most of us like to dry our clothes inside the house especially our inner garments just after taking a shower. The bathroom is enclosed so definitely the moisture goes to the air in the house after leaving the clothes. This will also help you save on the power and make your clothes last longer. This increase humidity and in many cases you will find the bathroom is always dumped and it may encourage mold and fungi that may cause us to have allergic reactions later on.

Take cold or short hot showers when necessary.

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A hot shower, especially on wet days, will only add to the humid air. This is evident by the moisture released by the steam and is evident as the steam condenses right inside the bathroom and droplets are visible on the walls. One should also avoid boiling water when necessary as the steam released keep adding the moisture in the house. We can boil the water outside the house if possible as the steam will escape to the air outside.

Ventilate your house.

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This will help the air to be in a constant motion allowing also the humid air to flow out of the house. This can be done immediately you start to notice condensed air on your window. This is an indication that there is excess humidity in the house and it needs attention. Open the windows and the doors and if possible keep every room in the house open.

Air conditioning.

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When you notice the humid air in the house, change your air conditioner from cool to dry. You can also turn on the fan as it will help to speed evaporate the air. Increasing the temperature in the house expels the humid air in the house. But make sure you are in an enclosed house. Do not increase the temperature yet the windows and doors are open for this will be inefficient.

Remove houseplants outside for some time.

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You can do this or replace them with the ones that absorb the moisture in the air. Doing this will help you get rid of the moisture in the natural and the best way.

Take keen on your carpet.

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The carpet is one of the most common things in your house that will trap moisture. When mopping the house it is almost certain that some of the water will find its way under the carpet. It then creates a dump environment supporting a conducive environment for the growth of mold and fungi. To avoid this install the carpet on top of a plastic cover.

Cover your aquariums.

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Keeping these open will encourage humid air in the house. Covering the aquariums will reduce this and if you find it difficult you can move it to another house for a short time waiting for the conditions to change.

Do Laundry  Outside

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Avoid rinsing your clothes inside the house or even better do your laundry outside where there is free air flow unlike how people prefer to do laundry inside the house especially in the bathroom. You can also try and set up a laundry room away from the main house.

Use a dehumidifier.

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This is an effective gadget that will effectively remove the moist air in the room and it is very effective because all you have to do is to turn it off once you feel the air is dry to your liking. It is also very cheap because you can make your own humidifier.

Replace furnaces and air filters. It is advisable because once they get greasy or clogged, they will interfere with the free flow of air and the humidity will increase as a result.

Completely turn off humidifies. It will be pointless to try and get rid of the excessive humidity in the air and still have your humidifier or vaporizer running. So completely shut it down.

Cover your food when cooking. A lot of steam is produced from cooking food. Covering it helps trap the escaping moisture. Cook your food slowly with minimum fuel. This will also help to reduce the moisture expelled from the cooking food.

Insulate the pipes. When you insulate pipes around the house, especially the metallic ones you will prevent them from sweating hence reduce the amount of water dripping from these pipes.

Once we follow these simple steps to the latter will play a role in keeping your family safe from allergies and other medical difficulties. It will also help us keep our houses in good shape as we have come to see moisture spoils the house’s structure from within. Though it isn’t that bad as we also need it to get rid of the dust that often gets its way into our households.


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