Decorating Tips That Will Glam Up Your Porch

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A nice comfy porch is just what you need to relax in during warm months. Porches provide nice outdoor private relaxation locations, with minimal distractions and protection from the elements of nature. It can also function as a nice meeting place, a bonding place for family or even a place to blossom the love you share with a partner.

In fact, porches are a must-have element in any modern home of respectable honor. You can upgrade your porch with some of these tips to make it fancier:

  1. Painting:

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  • Theme – first choose a theme for your porch. The theme depends on what you want your porch’s purpose to be. If it is a meeting place, make it official-like with hardwood furniture, bold colors and a fireplace. If it is just a relaxing place – the limit is infinite, you can choose interesting themes such as bright colors – red, blue, pink, or you can choose a cool theme for relaxing and use brown and black colors. Keep everything moderated, not too bright nor too dull.
  • Paint your furniture – dull colored furniture make the area look bland. Add some taste to your porch by painting your furniture in accordance with your chosen theme.
  • Paint your ceiling – a painted ceiling adds to the style of your porch. It will also reflect and blend all the other colors used on the porch.
  • Contrast colors – if you use more than one color scheme, contrast the different colors to create an eye-pleasing pattern. This also brings out the overall theme even better.
  1. Accessorize:

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Accessories always accentuate beauty. Add toys to the porch, you can also add antique figures such as revered traditional sculptures or extinct animals such as dinosaurs. These give your porch a sense of mystery and makes the whole place feel exquisite.

Use hanging flower baskets to hold nice smelling flowers such as roses. Place patterned vases by the corners to add to the beauty of your porch.

Use lots of pillows on your outdoor couches to add a touch of comfort. Also, puffs are nice items to accessorize with.

You can also decide to outdo yourself and place a large sculpture near the porch. Beware that it does not take too much space or make the porch look crowded. Make it simple, but beautiful and artistic.

Do not go cheap on the lighting. Use lamp holders or even nicely carved candlesticks to decorate your porch.

  1. Floors

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If your porch is covered by a roof, you can get a nice fluffy rug for your floor to add to the comfort. If it is an open porch, you can get artificial grass carpets that have really soft grass you can lie on while chilling under the sun’s warmth.

  1. Plants

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Add a variety of plants on your porch to simulate a real garden. Simple beautiful flower plants will do just fine. Roses especially produce a nice scent. Use flower baskets and also vases to hold these plants and make sure to water them regularly to prevent them from drying out.

  1. Use antiques on your porch

From tables to your vases, furniture to your lamps – use antique items. They add to the depth and natural taste of your porch’s theme. You can also use the opportunity to display your antique collections such as clocks, swords or paintings.

  1. Match your textiles – let the pillows match with the couches, the tablecloths, the vases with the floor. If you match everything perfectly, they will blend together and create a perfect porch heaven.
  2. 7. Add a mirror – a mirror adds to the depth and exquisiteness of your porch. An antique mirror would be even better.
  3. Use curtains to create a private porch space. Curtains will also help keep the cold out during the night, and keep away excessive light during the day.
  4. Use an outdoor chandelier that is decorated to add to the grandeur of the porch. A good chandelier will give your porch a nice touch of uniqueness and exclusivity.
  5. Make everything symmetrical – try to align everything symmetrically. The human eye has an eye for symmetry (pardon the pun) and recognizes symmetry as beauty. If everything is arranged in a symmetrical way, it will appear exceptionally beautiful. Arrange the plants, the couches, puffs, the chandelier and lamps symmetrical.
  6. 11. A fireplace – there are different configurations you could use for a fireplace for your porch. You can use a top leveled fireplace, the common central fireplace or a low fire pit. All these should be placed far from combustible items such as the couches. The area should be well aerated.

A fireplace adds a feeling of ‘home’ to a porch.

  1. Additional seats – you can add additional seats made from bamboo for the occasional extra guest. Bamboo seats are also comfy, long-lasting and can function as an antique item.
  2. A porch is a perfect place to keep a resting place for your favorite pet – such as a nice comfy crate. Make the crate comfy on the inside to help the pet relax after a long day of keeping you company. It is also a perfect place for your dog to guard your house against any intruders.
  3. Keep a basket of fruits on the porch table. Anyone taking a rest on the porch will surely thank you for the nice treat.
  4. Add children’s playing items – you can add a swing on which your children can swing on while you watch over them. Additionally, you could add some bikes for your kids to ride safely while you watch over them. Porches are an ideal place to watch over your kid’s play – you can help them play, help them when in trouble, or help them settle their arguments before they get ugly.

Always remember the plants on the porch need to have regular watering to survive. Blend all your furniture colors and they will build up into something fantastic.
Have fun trying out these ideas in your mission to glam up your porch.


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