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Easy Ways To Clean Hard-To-Reach Places In Your Home

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As you are cleaning, do you clean those difficult places that are almost unnoticeable? Well, if no, you are not alone. Most people overlook these hard-to-reach places in the house assuming they can be cleaned more occasionally than others. Some pretend not to see the spots. As much as that is the sweeter truth to swallow, you must know that dust and dirt accumulate in those places too.

Over time, the place can harbor bacteria that can cause diseases that will affect your family. Come to think of it, the more you keep sweeping the problem under the rug, the worse time you will get when cleaning the spots. Eventually, unclean places will affect the general look of your home and you will be forced to do a top to bottom cleanup. No pressure though, the good news is, you don’t have to do it daily. Here are some of the hard-to-reach places and how you can get them cleaned:-


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Almost every human is prewired to fear spiders and snakes. Ceilings corners are notorious for hosting cobwebs, which of course, are home to spiders. The best and easiest option is to clean the place frequently and this just means to get a broom covered with lint-free cloth and wipe the ceiling. However, different rooms will require varying attention. For instance, kitchen splatters you will need to clean with a cleaner to get rid of existing grease. You can buy an all-purpose cleaner or make one for yourself. You can make the home solution by diluting white vinegar in a spray bottle with water. You can also regularly vacuum with the brush attachment to remove dust.

Fans and light fixtures

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It’s an easy decision to put off cleaning your fan and light fixtures. But just like any other appliances, they need occasional cleaning. They might not easily show dust and dirt, but can be damaging when left to accumulate for long. Especially fans, for they will spread the dust across the room, stimulating asthma. Light fixtures can accumulate webs and grease if in kitchen, which is a total turn off to anyone walking in your house.

To clean these high areas, of course, there’s the traditional option of climbing the ladder. Though this might not be a good idea especially if you are alone and you have to cautiously balance yourself as you stretch to clean. The easiest way to do it is by acquiring a long-handled duster. Magnetic or swifter will work perfectly and most can wrap around the blades and fixtures. You can also use a vacuum if it has a dusting attachment.

Cabinets Tops

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Dust hugely accumulates on top of cabinets when you forget it exists. Please make your mother proud by cleaning both the top and inside of your cabinets. There’s no shortcut to it. There is nothing that makes a person cringe harder than wanting to get something from your cabinet and finds it filled with cobwebs and dust. And it gets personal if it is a glass of wine they needed. So save yourself the embarrassment. You will definitely have to clear items on top or inside the cabinet. Then depending on what you have, you can vacuum or wipe down the surfaces using a clean microfiber cloth. If there’s grease in your kitchen cabinets, make a solution of ammonia or white vinegar, dishwashing soap and warm water. Using a lint-free cloth, wipe the surface, rinse then dry.

Cleaning the floor beneath the furniture

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Who removes their furniture every time they sweep? I mean, no one has the time. But it becomes another issue if you totally don’t do it over a long period. The simplest alternative is getting a handle or vacuum cleaner that can get the job done. But this is not always effective, mostly with very low furniture. Since you have made it intentional to clean your home, call some friends or family to help you lift the furniture. This will also make the experience fun as you snort at the colonies of dust bunnies underneath and retrieve the long-searched-and-forgotten remote.

Behind the toilet

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This definitely can be considered as one of the hardest places to clean. Considering no one wants to clean the toilet, let alone talk about it. Apparently, this is one of those places you can’t just ignore, it gets pretty gross. That is when you get some gloves and brush and scrub the surface behind the toilet including the wall. But if you are one of those people who doesn’t like getting up-close and personal with it, you can acquire toilet bowl swab or take a normal toilet brush and wrap it with those really tough toilet paper towels.

Windows and door tracks

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Windows and door tracks can collect an amazing amount of dirt and dust. Start by removing as much dirt as you can first. You can use an old soft toothbrush or vacuum. This will make it easier when a cleaner is introduced. Then spread some baking soda and pure vinegar on top of it. If it starts to bubble, it’s a good sign. Then after five minutes, use a toothbrush to scrub the dirt. Get a wet microfiber cloth and wipe it through the track.

Computer keyboard

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No matter what you do, maintaining a clean keyboard is tricky, let alone cleaning it. Frankly speaking, grimy keyboards are disgusting. If you have not cleaned your keyboard from the dark ages, start by shutting down the device. Turn the keyboard upside down and give it a good shake. After which, dust being a major issue, you can use soft-bristled dusting brush and swipe through it. You can as well acquire some compressed air or vacuum the keyboard. Finally deep some cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to clean in between and on top of the keys.


Heating and air conditioning vent

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Majority of people ignore cleaning their heating and air conditioning vent. Therefore, you may consider removing it and horsing it first with water due to the layer of dirt accumulated through the ‘years’. You can give it some scrubbing but you don’t have to be perfect about it.

As you have seen above, these hard-to-reach places can actually be cleaned easily. You therefore don’t have to ignore them because some of these places might be the cause of that weird smell in your home.

How To Plan Your Indoor Garden

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People start an indoor garden for different reasons. You could be living in an apartment or maybe your yard is too small or maybe you just don’t have the time to start and maintain an outdoor garden, either way, an indoor garden gives you the opportunity to beautify your home. Plants and flowers add glamour and beauty inside any house. Depending on how you take care of your plants, you can rest assured that indoor garden will give you that satisfactory feeling.

You can not only grow flowers in an indoor garden but you can also grow vegetables such as tomatoes that will help you cut down the cost of buying vegetables. Just like any garden, the success of an indoor garden largely depends on preparation and maintenance. Plants and flowers demand a lot of attention for them to blossom. Here are some tips to help you make your indoor garden a success story.

Carefully choose the right spot.

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Where you position your plants or flowers determines how they will thrive. For plants to germinate and grow they need water, air, and light. If you deny your plants sufficient light they won’t be able to photosynthesis hence they will eventually die. Place your plants in an area close to a window where there’s sufficient sunlight. Windows facing east or west would be your best bet since your plants will have direct contact with the sun hence boosting their growth. It’s advisable not to place your plants in cold rooms since the cold will either kill the plant or make the plant have retarded growth. Also, avoid placing your plants near draft areas since excess heat and cold will eventually kill your plant. When placed in the right spot, be assured your plants and flowers will blossom very well.

Just enough water.

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Plants and water greatly rely on water for growth, water is essential for photosynthesis to take place. Photosynthesis is the process that ensures your plants and flowers grow from seedlings to mature plants. There’s always that notion that if you water your plants a lot you are helping it grow fast. Actually, you are slowly killing your plant by excessively watering it. So, what is enough watering? You should water your plants every morning and anytime you feel the soil is dry. Alternatively, you could place a bottle on the soil and drill a small hole at the top such that water slowly drips out of the bottle into the soil. Watering can kill your plant or can make your plant thrive, it just depends on how you do it.

What plants do you want to grow?

Realistically speaking, not all plants and flowers can thrive in an indoor gardening system. Tall trees and flowers require an outdoor gardening system. However, there’s a host of a variety of flowers and vegetables that can successfully thrive in an indoor gardening. Before you head to the nursery to pick seedlings, you must identify which plants will work for you. Do you want to grow flowers only or you want both flowers and vegetable? In case of the latter, you should be able to know how you will grow both vegetables and flowers with the space you have. Vegetables that can flourish in an indoor gardening system include peas, lettuce. Flowers include marigold, begonia, and succulents.

What style of indoor gardening to want?

Just like outdoor gardening, there are several styles of executing an indoor garden. These styles include the container and hydroponic gardening. They are both different but very viable options depending on what you want to achieve. Hydroponic gardening uses non-soil starters and fertilized water. This system is ideally good for someone who intends to grow and produce a lot of plants in a very limited space, it’s suitable for growing vegetables. Just like the name suggests, container gardening entails the use of containers filled with soil to grow plants. Container gardening has the advantage of allowing you to arrange and re-arrange the containers in your house. Also, you can move the plants from indoor to outdoor. Before starting an indoor garden, consider these two styles and determine which will work best for you.

Maintain your garden.

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After planting your indoor garden, you will need to look after it. Plants do demand a lot of attention and you can’t afford to neglect them. You need to always ensure your plants are getting enough water and sunlight and the soil temperature is just right, preferably 21 degrees Celsius. When you start noticing your plants are wilting, remove the wilted parts to avoid affecting the rest of the plant. Your plants need nutrients and this can be gotten from fertilizers or manure. Once in a while incorporate manure or fertilizers in the soil to provide your plants with rich nutrients to boost their growth.

Control the environment.

The biggest advantage with an indoor garden is the ability to control the environment in which your plant grow. Unlike outdoor gardening, you are able to control the amount of heat, light and even water that your plants get. This greatly helps monitor the growth of your plants ensuring optimal growth that will yield you the best of results. You don’t have to solely depend on sunlight, you can use fluorescent bulbs to provide your plants with much-needed light throughout the day and night. As stated early, drip irrigation will ensure your plants always get the right amount of water anytime any day. Indoor gardening lets you dictate how your plants will grow.

The responsibilities that come with indoor gardening fully lay on you. With outdoor gardening, mother nature gives a hand of help in terms of light and water. With this in mind, you are certain that your efforts and preparation skills will determine how much your garden will thrive. These tips and much more will help you easily start and maintain an indoor garden. You don’t need a yard to grow flowers, the extra space in your living room is just right for a pot of flowers.

Easy landscaping ideas for your home

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Imagine the coolest place you will ever be, the kind of place where nature hugs your soul and makes you feel a little bit of heaven. The type of serendipity that nibbles at your happiness and makes you go mellow. Well, such types of dreams often come to you once in a while, but did you know you could also create this type of heaven full of lush green grass and distinct pathways. Having a good landscape for your front and backyard could be a better way to start this. Landscaping can be hard at times but there are a few ideas that you could be able to use;

Ideal soil with compost

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When it comes to planting those garden flowers you once admired having the best soil for the job is not an option. However, instead of buying potting soil, you could try to mix up with your family leftovers. It is not easy to dig a compost and maintain it as it might get really messy and will just attract more dogs to your backyard. However you could start little by mixing any leftover rubbish in your house, this will still do the magic. Also to boost on then nutrients, add some mulch to your soil and your flowers are good to go. This will definitely save you a couple of dimes as compared to using potting soil all the way.

Perennials all the way

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When it comes to choosing the flowers to plant in your yard for landscaping, choosing any kind of flower will not be a really wise idea. Most flowers die out after a year and this might really prove costly for a tight budget kind of person. So, in this case, go with the perennials that don’t wither easily, they could be the coreopsis, alstroemeria or even the catmint flowers. Even though the cost of any perennial flower is slightly higher than any other plant, it is definitely pocket-friendly as one will not have to buy flowers after every other year hence it saves you more.

Arrange in clusters


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The trick of using this type of arrangement is to add an aesthetic value to your garden. Arranging different types of planters in clusters is better and also saves on the cost; it gives your plants added height and depth. The arrangement has to combine planters with three characteristics; thus must be vertical such as fuchsia, horizontal such as the heliotrope and cascading like the asparagus fern. The cost for all this, however, can depend on the type of planters you purchase. An arrangement of flowers and creeping plants is one of the best as it creates a perfect illusion depending on the way you arrange them, they could just form anything you want.

Start young

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In most instances, people are impatient and want to decorate their yards with the planters that are an instant appeal; however, they forget that this would be doing more harm than good to their pockets. For any amateur who wants to re-make his/her yard, you could start small. Purchasing the young plants is more preferable, although don’t go for the seedling as it may not easily germinate due to unfavorable conditions. A 10.5 gallon of a mature plant like cedar will cost more than its young one, however, if you purchase the young one after a year it would have grown to its full size, this will really help to cut on the cost and is much more lasting. Shrubs are also preferable and make growth easier and faster in any good soil.

The perfect cover for use

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This is very important for any amateur planter as it will determine if the planters will survive or not. A ground ground-cover is much more preferable to grass as grass may incur you more losses and may not do well in some certain arid parts. It is true that a lush green lawn on the front yard is one thing close to heaven for any homeowner but this will cost you more bucks as you will have to deal with the weeds every time that keep sprouting up and re-sodding which is more often used to get rid of this give people a strenuous budget at times. Well, a ground cover which could be made of bishops’ weed, thyme or lamium offers the perfection to grass; they quickly spread over the grass. This type of cover can survive any climate conditions and they not only germinate faster but are also cheaper and easier to maintain compared to sod grass.  You could, however, keep the grass for sunny areas and allow the cover for shady and hard spots. In those extremely arid areas, you could try xeriscaping the yard to be able to maintain it.

Stepping stones to your doorway

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Well for a normal purchase of a stepping stone, the prices could be staggering. However, it would be less costly and more convincing to make your own. Stepping stones are important to any front-yard as they add value and bring in the feel of home and warm reception. Well, how do you make these pathways?  First, you will need a shovel for mixing, ruler, a bucket of paint, a 30-pound bag of cement, cardboard boxes and some shells or marbles for decoration. First, you mix the cement with water (approximately three pints) then place the mixture on the cardboard and place marbles on top then leave it to dry. This creates a better pathway for your home at an affordable price.

Conclusively, the perfect landscaping for your front yard is a good gesture to creating a little heaven for your home. The lush green lawn is all you need to add value and create a serene and cool environment for you. Walking through some people’s yard could be an eyesore due to the spewing uncut grass and the weeds patched everywhere. Let your yard be the one to give someone a reason to smile this spring


Tips For Cleaning Up After An Easter Party.

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Having a party is one way of having fun with your friends and family. During that time your mind is in a very happy and entertaining place that you never want to leave. However, that feeling doesn’t last very long especially when the party is coming to an end. You have to think about how you are going to clean the place up and that, in some instances, takes a while to do. You end up going to bed late and waking up the next day feeling so exhausted. Here are some ideas that will help make that work a lot easier and less tiring.

  1. Clean as you cook.

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If you are the one preparing the meal for your guests, make sure to clean each and every item you use as you cook. Clear the mess on the kitchen table from that mess caused by chopping, baking, blending or grinding to lessen the workload after the party.

  1. Get disposable plates and cups.

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Imagine using your plates and cups for a party of about fifty guests. By the end of the party, stress on how to clean and clear all of those utensils will eat you up. Not unless you have hired a cleaning crew, it is advisable that you use the disposable cups and plates then get rid of them at the end of the party.

  1. Replace your rugs with plastic mats.

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Some food will definitely spill as you and your visitors are having your meal. The cake crumbs or rice on the rug will be stepped on causing a very big mushy mess on your good old rug. Before the party starts preferably the night before, take out your rugs and replace them with plastic mats instead which are a lot easier to clean.

  1. Keep all the fragile utensils away.

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Make sure you put away all the breakables out of the way as they may be dangerous to you and your friends or family. A broken glass on the floor might cut someone especially kids who run here and there as you are going to take the dustpan to sweep it away. This will also disrupt you from having a good time at the party.

  1. Plan ahead.

Come up with a plan or timetable that you will follow during the entire day of the event. Make sure you plan your cooking time, your dressing time as well as the time that the visitors will arrive so that you don’t get caught up with everything at once. It is not that simple to plan when the guests will leave so keep that option open but at the end of the day, you will find yourself less tired and ready to clear up the room without any strain.

  1. Seek help from friends.

Get some few friends to help you clean up after the party. Have at least two to three friends and one extra in case some of them bail out the last minute. It is advisable that you ask them about it a week or so before the party so that they can be in the know. Also, equip yourself with some cleaning tools to avoid going to the store to get some as you are in the process of cleaning.


  1. Get a good night sleep.

If you are really tired and can’t manage to clean on the day of the event, it is best that you just clear the disposable plates then take a shower and go to bed so that you can be effective the next morning. The reason as to why you should get rid of the plates and cups is to avoid mites or insects that may want to feed on the leftovers. This doesn’t really work if you are all OCD about cleaning.

  1. Seclude a room for dining purposes.

You may choose to have one room to be meant entirely for eating and drinking just to be sure that you contain the mess in that room. This will give you ease when cleaning as you will only concentrate more on one room than having to thoroughly clean the entire house.

  1. Have your guests eat out.

Creating a place preferably under a tree in your compound is not only fun but will also be a very useful tip that will ease up the cleaning process. Whatever mess will be made out there is easier to clean as compared to having the party inside the house. If you are having a late night party, be sure to have some lights around to enhance visibility. Do not plan an outside party during the rainy season as you may never know how the weather may turn out to be the next minute.

  1. Start with the less dirty places.

Consider beginning to clean in the less dirty areas of your house like the washrooms as you graduate to places like the kitchen. This helps as you will not have used up all the energy to clean the kitchen and end up barely cleaning any other area of the house. Or rather you can start vacuuming the dining area after you have taken out the major trash then go to wiping out any spills on the walls.

The tips will help you have an easy time when cleaning. It doesn’t have to be rocket science when doing it. Just plan yourself well and everything else will go smoothly even more than expected. Do not clean as your guests are still around because it will look like you are indirectly sending them away. You could also choose to roughly clean your home then have another different day within that week when you are completely free to thoroughly clean your entire house. Ensure that you have all the time in the world to clean so as to avoid skipping some places which can cause germs and bacterial infections to your family.

Smart Ways To Organize Your Bedroom Closet

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Clothes can be easily addictive and get out of hand. For most, closet storage is never enough considering the world’s possession of clothes you have. And for people like me who are always on the look for trendy stuff, it just gets worse. When it comes to organizing your closet, we know the drill. You start organizing—on one of those days you feel the need to keep your life on track—then after a search for that dinner dress, you are back to square one. I can barely keep count of how many times I had to arrange my closet within a week. However, with the hustle and bustle of city life, surely who can find the time to keep organizing their closet every other time?

Yet, good management of your closet is essential for your sanity. If you’ve ever spent an hour looking for an outfit to an event which you are already late for, then this is for you. You should actually get excited because organizing your closet means you are going to find everything much easier. We are going to share ways in which you can get that space organized regardless of the size. Though, it is worth mentioning, before you start organizing ensure that you are dealing with the root of the problem. If you are in the habit of buying clothes without decluttering, then you probably need to work on your habits first. Here are some ideas you can pick and choose from.

Tools you need

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Organizing your closet should not be an activity you do after a long day of work. For you to get a good system of organization, prepping and intention is key. Set aside a day where it is just going to be about the closet. After that, you can now get the right instruments needed for the job. You don’t have to worry though; they are things that you probably own. For example: you need trash bags to get rid of clothes and accessories that are worn out beyond use or repair, sturdy bags that will be used to keep clothes for donation, wash basket for dirty clothes and those that need to go the tailor, and a clutter basket where you are going to place small useful things like assorted receipts you find in pockets, paper clips to avoid wasting time putting them aside.

Sort through the clothes

Image result for piles of clothes in bedroom images

After having the necessary tools, you can now sort out through your clothes. You will need to completely empty the closet. The next step is the most challenging for me because I like to hold on things that I think I may need one day. Decluttering is essential for an organized closet because it gives room to the clothes you actually wear and the ones you are dying to buy. When it comes to the closet, we all need a tip or two. It happens so slowly; you just buy a pair of trousers, a couple of shoes there and before you know it you barely have a place to keep your clean laundry. Therefore it is probably time to get rid of those clothes that are no longer relevant to who you are and what you do. If it hard doing it, think of the people that can benefit from the clothes that you barely wear and need.

Hijack a friend

Go through decluttering process with a friend whose opinion you trust. You might need another pair of eyes and a glass of wine—really! When debating whether to keep or toss a cloth. Not to mention you will probably have a lot of fun doing it and as simple as that, you have changed a hectic job to a fun one.

Clean the closet

Image result for cleaning closet images

Since organizing the closet is not something we do regularly, an impressive amount of dirt would have collected in that space. This is, therefore, an opportunity for you to clean up. It might seem like a no-brainer at all but a clean closet instantly looks great. Therefore, take the advantage of having an empty closet and give it a thorough cleaning, the result will be worth the effort. You can start by dusting the whole place the vacuum if possible. Then use your all-purpose cleaner and a clean rag to wipe down the surfaces. At this point, you are half way done organizing your stuff.

Closet storage

Now that you have a clear, clean space, it is easier to organize how you are going to store your clothes. It is very important to get the storage system right so that everything may have a place and be easily accessible when in frequent use. It is not as hard as it sounds; basically look for what works for you. Plus you are in luck because there are various great options for closet storage solutions. In the closet, it is about maximizing the space you already have.

Think of investing in double hang, all you’ll need to do is bump up your current rod and you will have twice the amount of storage space. Invest in good hangers, every type of cloth from blazers to dresses have their own particular hangers, although that can be very overwhelming and costly. Therefore, you can simply invest in a good set of similar hangers. They will give your closet a clean organized look. Consider getting baskets for storing clothes that are out of season and remember to label them. If you already have shelves, get shelf dividers because they make your clothes look a lot neater. Basically, there’s so much you can do to your closet and manipulate it to save your needs in the best possible way

After taking using impressive hours getting your closet organized, it is only fair for you to keep it managed. This also helps in your morning preparation before you go to work. You will have an easy time with a clean organized space, frankly, we all need that. Therefore get in the habit of going through the closet and complete a quick makeover probably once a month.

Repurposing Ideas For Everyday Items

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Why should we?

Trash is a major global challenge and everyone is working towards solutions to solve this big problem. You can be part of the solution by repurposing and reusing your household items which might otherwise be considered trash. This move will not only help reduce the mountains of waste produced globally by households but will also aid in adding value to the economy by minimizing trash load to be processed and maybe even generating sales from new items made from old items.

Repurposing can be carried out as a hobby, as a way to learn a new skill such as knitting old clothes together, building new things or it can be a source of revenue. Lots of people have generated income selling repurposed items such as repurposed furniture, repurposed clothes, art, toys and even metalwork.

Waste food into Compost

Image result for compost pit images

One of the most common wastes typical households produce is food waste. These tend to produce awful odors if kept for a day, so most people resort to throwing them, often in a not so good manner. You can use the food waste to start a compost pit. This pit decomposes all these food wastes into nutrient-rich sources for plants in your garden. Hence, you will have saved on cash that could have been spent on fertilizers.

Waste food to gas

If you are ambitious enough, you can also enclose the whole compost and harvest off methane gas produced by the decomposing mixture. This gas is exactly similar to natural gas that is used in households as fuel such as cooking gas. This is also a cost-saving advantage you gain from repurposing household food waste.

Clothes into table mats or donations

Image result for clothes turned into table mats images

Clothes are also dumped more often into trash bins as we crave newer fashion tastes each year. Instead, clothes that are still in good condition can be donated to charity and that would go a long way in helping the needy. Clothes that cannot be donated can then be re-knit into items such as pet clothes, pet shelter covers, table mats, rugs, or artistic artifacts such as tiny cloth baskets or dolls. Cotton takes up too many resources during cultivation and also takes considerable time before decomposition hence; it is paramount to recycle it instead of dumping it as trash.

Plastics into new molds or recycle Them

Image result for repurposed plastics

The modern world has a very heavy reliance on plastics, especially in packaging and storage. Most commercial goods that find their way into households are packed in a plastic container. These make up the largest part of Trash Mountains; hence control must be effected whenever possible. In homes, the plastic wrappers could be reused multiple times to get groceries from the shops or general shopping from marts or supermarkets. They can also be used to hold young plants that are growing before transplantation into the garden.

Extra large bags can be saved so that they can be used as trash bags. These bags can also be useful when one is organizing the house, you can put different selections of items in different bags to avoid confusion and for easier picking when needed.

Sometimes, the plastic trash weight might become too much for the community. In this case, excess plastics can be categorized, shredded then remolded and repurposed into things that households in the community actually need, such as hard containers for transporting garden produce, mugs, basins, jugs, poles or even more trash cans.

Packaging containers into useful containers

Packaging containers made of mostly metal can be repurposed by using them as food waste cans, those that look much better can be repurposed as lunch boxes and the ugly ones can be containers for leftovers.

Leftover tins can then be used to protect the ‘legs’ of your tables so that pests like ants cannot climb onto it. The tins can also be used as decor detailing especially in outdoor settings, like on your porch. They can give your porch an old-school touch.

Some can also be used to keep leftover oil from the car, or tar which can be used later to cover holes in the roofing.

Wine corks into useful hangers

Image result for repurposed wine corks images

Wine corks can be used to hang post-its hence help organize your workplace at home. Also, they are ideal for hanging pictures, instead of trashing them.

Old Tiles

Image result for repurposed old tiles images

Home redecoration works might leave a trail of old tiles lying around that you have no purpose for and most likely might end up trashing.

You can use the collection of old tiles, quartz glass, and new tiles to create a new mosaic art like the pathway in your lawn that will add to the beauty of your lawn. These tiles can also be used together with broken glass to make a piece of mosaic art that you can place for display.

Your porch will thank you for using the old tiles to tile up the outdoor place. It gives it a touch of old and exquisiteness, like fine wine.

Additionally, old tiles can be used as a candle holder instead of placing the candle anywhere. Thus the wax will not stain your fine tables or end up burning anything.


Image result for repurposed rasors images

A very common everyday tool, razors get dumped after only a single use by most people. Wash and rinse your razor after use the dry it by blasting it fast with a hairdryer. This prevents rusting and prolongs the shelf life of the commodity.

When the razor gets blunt, use it as a pill picker on your sweaters and wooly cloths. It works wonders.

Cd’s and Cassettes

Related image


You can repurpose them as gift card holders, and the recipient will totally appreciate your creativity.

Moreover, since cassette tapes are bigger, you can use open versions of them to store your important cards – invitations, bank cards, union cards so that they don’t lay unwarranted where they may get lost.

Sock singles

Scientists have not yet managed to discover why we always tend to lose a single sock. However, before they do, don’t be tempted to throw the single one left, after all, it was faithful enough to stay.

Use the singles as wipes for your shoes, rough surfaces, doors, handles and your handiwork tools. Socks will perform a good job of cleaning.




Essentials That Should Never Miss In A Children’s Room.

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The children’s room is one of the most places that need attention to detail. This is because kids get distracted really fast and might need something to focus on. Their room should portray a child’s theme to flatter their imagination. Apart from that, they need other few activities just to get rid of boredom. While doing their room, there are some things that you should put into consideration. Here are some essentials that you should never miss in your kid’s room.

Image result for beautiful kids room images

Kids grow every day and that’s why they need to eat very healthy. Physical growth goes together with intellectual growth. That is why you need to have a shelf for your kid’s books. However, you need to be keen as to balance their varieties. Have some comics, story books and their normal school books around their room. Do not however stock too much books as they may get bored at the site of their over filled book shelve.

They say all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Toys enlighten your child’s moods. Their imagination is also well advanced. If you study keenly, you will notice that they have imaginary friends. As you go to shop for toys, carry your child along so that they may choose what makes them happy. If the toy they want would influence them negatively, simply say no and give them a good reason to back up your decision.

  1. Study table.

Related image

Having to study while on the bed is so tiring and ineffective. This is not a good idea as they may fall asleep eventually. Get a good study table that is height appropriate. You can get a height adjustable table or chair for the sake of saving cost. Besides, kids grow very fast and might outgrow them faster than you think.

Not all schools hand over home work on paper nowadays. How would your child do her homework or basic research without a good computer? Try as much as possible to have a worthy computer that will cater for her needs. It is also important to get one of those computers with child locks to prevent them from accessing some influential sites. Do not also forget to back up the computer with good WiFi.

  1. Wall décor.

Image result for kids wall decor images

You have had your entire house including the children’s room decorated. However, not all parents consider having some wall décor. Stuff like their favorite cartoon characters, some glowing in the dark butterfliesfor girls or galaxy like illusions on the ceiling. Another idea is to have their name initials or full names on the wall. Children love to have a sense of ownership.

  1. Child proofing amenities.

Ensure your kid’s room is safe by taking precaution. Preventing something from happening is always better than fixing it after it’s broken. This means that you should secure your child’s room before the worst happens. Get things like door stoppers in case they bang their door and it ends up hurting their toes or fingers. Do not have glass flower vases in their room as they may fall and break leaving sharp glass on the floor. Avoid any electric wires laying around. In this case, have a handy man come in for cable management around their room and the entire house.

  1. Night light.

Image result for kids room night light images

Not all kids love to sleep with lights off. They get very agitated and some may refuse to sleep. The best thing to do to avoid such a scenario is to get a night lamp beside their bed. This is also good when it comes to training them on how to sleep without any light on when they get older. In fact it is always the first step to them having to get over the fear of darkness.

  1. Computer games.

Children’s room need computer games to keep them occupied and give them a learning experience. Some computer games can be violent and unsuitable for children. Therefore, parents should be careful on the games they allow their children to access in their rooms. Games should stimulate the child to learn socially and cognitively. Online games could also enhance a child’s connectivity to other people. Games that parents and their children can engage in together are preferable since they can be a bonding experience.

  1. First aid kit.

A mounted first aid kit can help during emergencies. If the child has an accident and is in need of emergency medical assistance, any person who is in the room and does not know where the family’s medical cabinet is placed can intervene to save the child’s life. People such as babysitters, visitors and extended family members should have easy access to an in-house first aid kit and the child’s room is the most suitable location.

  1. A mirror.

Image result for kids room mirror images

I know this sounds weird but having a mirror in the child’s room gives him or her the confidence when walking out of the room. It can also avoid some embarrassments such as leaving the house looking shabby. For boy children, a mirror can ensure that he is conscious of his appearance, which is something boys can forget. A mirror also reduces the amount of time the child will spend in other rooms such as the bathrooms, meaning that he or she will feel that his room is sufficient for most of the needs. This could create a feeling of independence and self-reliance as the child develops.


All the above essentials should not be ignored. Some of them might sound so obvious but are easily forgotten. You should be very keen to look at your child’s milestone and add a few more things that you see would fit in perfectly according to the stage they are in. Get to have some time of your own with your child just to play with them and bond as they still need that parental attachment. Your children’s room should be transformed into this place that your kids will love coming to.


Many kitchen utensils? Smart ways to organize your kitchen

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It is true what is said, the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s the space that gets used more than other areas of the house. Therefore, keeping it organized and clean is vital for a number of reasons. Think about the danger you can pose to your family with a disorganized kitchen. There are endless accidents that come to mind by just having clutter everywhere. Now top up with the dirt associated with clutter; the perfect recipe for creating bacteria. If you are not worried about health (which is highly doubtful), then think economy instead. Think about it, when everything is organized in your kitchen, you can save money and time.

Furthermore, as much as you might think that those cereal boxes in the sink don’t count, and you will get rid of them when your life is less hectic. Your kids are learning from you. Truth is, your children won’t love you any less whether your kitchen is organized or not, but they may adopt bad habits. Therefore, whatever you are doing—or not doing; it is always good to teach the next generation by example. So that next time you won’t be cursing whoever left the sponge full of pasta source. They’ll just know what is expected of them.

Additionally, it is crazy how much resources, time included, you could save with an organized space. Basically, there are so many reasons as to why you should keep your kitchen organized than what our busy schedule can allow us to read. Let’s get straight to it; the following are ways you can bring some peace and order in your kitchen for at least your sanity’s sake.

Create a minimalist kitchen

Image result for minimalistic kitchen images

Don’t be surprised when you realize clutter is the only thing affecting your kitchen’s general look and function. Clutter can be depressing and make you go crazy. Ironically, it’s hard getting rid of clutter because of the sentimental feelings attached to your property. However, to get an organized kitchen, you have to declutter. And afterward, think and live like a minimalist. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you lose everything you have in your life. Simply keep those things that you need, rather than cluttering your life with unnecessary stuff. Get ruthless and give away or sell those items you don’t use regularly. Remove any unnecessary utensils and remain with only the essentials. Also get rid of broken, old, rusty, and duplicate utensils and appliances. Now that you have only those things that you need, it will be easier for you organize.

Categorize the cabinets

Image result for categorized kitchen cabinet images

Irrespective of how much space you have—or don’t have, there is need to bring order to your cabinets. It will help your cabinets live up to their potential and even have extra space left. Honestly, the number of items to be stored in these cabinets can be overwhelming. Therefore, sticking to a simple organization strategy is key. One of the ways is categorizing your cabinets as you put likes together. It not only ensures you have an organized kitchen but also cleaning becomes much easier. Additionally, it will save you money because you won’t buy duplicates. Categorizing your cabinets also saves you time because you know where everything is. And better yet, it makes it easier for other family members and friends to find what they need.

Maximize your storage

Image result for maximize kitchen storage images

Maximizing space in your kitchen is easier said than done. Especially if don’t have money lying around waiting to be used on a renovation. Yet, that’s still fine because you can maximize your existing storage space without having to break and build a thing. Assuming that you have already purged away, you can now either bring something more or work with what you already have. With that, you don’t have to stick to just cabinets; you can also work with shelves.

Where you will be placed utensils that you use often. Another great idea is ditching the large table and get a smaller one with storage features underneath. Regardless of the fact that you are creating more space, your kitchen needs to have enough traffic area. This is to avoid accidents and your space looking cramped. Therefore, whatever storage system you settle for (because they are plenty), ensure it’s clean.

Store away small appliances

Image result for small appliances images

It is not the bread cramps on your counter that makes one cringe (although totally clean them up), rather, the clutter of items on them. Your counters will be more appealing when they are free of mess. Not calling your appliances a mess, but it would make your kitchen more organized if you store your small appliances away. With small appliances, you can have a blender, toaster, coffee maker, and/or other mini appliances taking up your counter space. Designate a cabinet for them, or you can organize them on the counter in a visually appealing way.

Make use of baskets

It’s the oldest trick in the book but it definitely works. You can use a decorative basket to store almost anything and just place it neatly on the counter.  Baskets are ideal for storing vegetables, dishcloths, fruits, bread, or any other item used regularly. Apart from the counter, you can also place it on top of the fridge or any other dead space available in your kitchen.

Use clear container and jars

You might beg the question, why clear? For starters, any clear jar or bowl is visually appealing. Additionally, you can easily identify what you stored in it. Therefore, to keep the pantry free of clutter, use the containers. This is because they are so much easier to store plus they don’t take too much space.

Use drawer dividers and pot racks

Image result for drawer dividers images

Whether you will have vertical or horizontal cabinet dividers, they are great for kitchens with limited space. Organizing becomes easier by half and, everything gets to have a place to be stored categorically. If the drawer dividers are not your thing, pot racks are another option worth considering. Hang the rack from your wall and store your frequently used pots and pans.

When it comes to your kitchen, keeping it simple will go a long way into ensuring the space is organized. Who doesn’t want a smooth time while cooking their favorite meal? Then be sure to make the sacrifices needed.


Measures To Take To Prevent Wood Rotting In Your Home.

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Our houses are mostly, if not entirely made of wood. As easy as wood is to access, it can be a pain in the neck once you settle in your new home and neglect it in terms of maintenance. You may not notice the rotting damage immediately as it progresses over months. Slight ignorance may go a long way to an extent of having to replace your entire floor. In severe cases, it would mean having to rebuild your whole house. This can be avoided with just a few pointers on how to maintain the quality of your wood to ensure a longer lifespan.

1. Have an inspection routine.
Consider having one of those free days where you go round your house checking for cracks, holes, mite pathways and chipped paint. These are the signs that result in rotting if not addressed. Taking these findings to a professional is a good idea, as he will recommend on measures to take to control the damage from spreading to other areas of your home. As you do this, remember to record the inspection day and skip a month or two before inspecting again.

2. Trim your trees.

Image result for trimmed home trees images

Unkempt trees are a source of damage to wood as they length could reach to the wood scrapping off the paint. Painted wood lasts longer because the paint acts as a protective element from harm. The branches of the tree can cause your exterior walls to get holes if long enough when it’s windy. Trim your branches to make sure none of this happens and make sure the paint that you use on your exterior is waterproof.

3. Go for treated wood.
You are probably a country person and want to settle in your own land and build your home yourself. Before thinking of getting wood from your farm, you should consider having not only quality but also treated wood. Wood is treated to prevent invasion from termites and insects. Get professionals to come and inspect your wood as they treat it.

4. Check for rot.

Rot does not occur in visible areas only. The most hidden part of your wood furnishings is also vulnerable. Rot is mostly found on horizontal surfaces such as railings and stringers. To find out whether there is rotting, use your finger to press on the affected area. It tends to feel soft and weak. That shows that the problem is slowly developing into a bigger one. Get help soon as you observe these signs.

5. Clean your wood.
As you are doing your normal wood cleaning, it is very hard to notice tiny leaves that fall into the cracks on your floor or exterior walls. When not gotten rid of, the leaves may attract moisture cause rot on your wood. You could use a thin metallic object like needle or screwdriver to get in there and scoop the leaves out. Be sure to dry that area completely to make sure no moisture is left. Untreated wood rotting will spread to other areas of the wood causing structural damage.

6. Clean your gutters.
Gutters act as a passage for water. If there is a strain of water passing through your gutter, which means that there is a blockage. Ensure that you regularly check for clogs to prevent wash back of water that may reach into your wood and cause rotting. Do this before the rainy season begins just to be safe. Some of the leaves that fall into the gutter, small stones, and accumulated dust over a period are the main causes of clogs.

7. Use wood cleaning agents.

Image result for cleaning hardwood floors images
Do not just clean your wood with soap and water. Get those cleaning agents from the store. Things like sheens leave your woodwork looking shiny and less easy to be attacked by mites. You could even think of coating the wood with varnish for a longer lifespan. Maintained wood looks attractive as well. Before buying the wood cleaning products, get advice from the store as to which will be gentle and more effective.

8. Opt for other materials in your bathroom.
If you are not sure you can maintain wood in your bathrooms, it is better that you get an alternative to wood instead. The bathroom is always prone to water as its name suggests. This may cause rot after continued use over a long period. You could go for tiles, which are far much better and can handle water since they do not rot.

9. Avoid leaving food on your floors for long.
As you prepare or eat food, some of it tends to drop down and since you may be in a hurry, you may think of cleaning the mess up in the evening after work. The food will attract roaches, mites or flies along with other insects whose next favorite meal would be chewing on your wood. To prevent this, always clean up after you notice some crumbs on your floor.

10. Pick the best wood for ground contact.
The structure that is on the ground is more sensitive than the one in the open. The ground has many insects, some of which feed on wood. It is advisable that you treat the wood first before you immerse it in the sand. Use pressure treated lumber for which is the best for wood that is meant for ground contact. This is advantageous because you will not have to go digging just to check if your wood is still intact.

Wood is one of the best material to use as you are building but is it also very fragile and might not withstand harsh weather conditions if not well taken care of. Before building or buying a home, do some physical research on the entire house to make sure that it is safe from rot or damage by termites. A little tender loving care to your wood will go a long way in terms of costs, time and energy.

Remodeling Ideas For Your Home Interior

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Do you sometimes stand in your front yard or lounge and, you just have to sign? Are you ashamed of inviting your friends over because they might laugh at your hideous and outdated home décor behind your back? Maybe it’s a sign that you should start thinking of remodeling. Frankly, your friends don’t really care but you know a change will make you feel better. Nevertheless, whether you just want your space to be more beautiful or functional, remodeling is a perfect idea for change. Remodeling has nothing to do with a dilapidated or poorly maintained home.

Image result for remodelling images

It can be all new but if the interior doesn’t suit your taste or you are bored, honey, you are free to remodel. And no, don’t feel sorry thinking that the money is needed more in some non-government institution. You know how people can start with you about your use of money. Of course, we could all do with generous hearts but not at the cost of their happiness. When remodeling, you should never overlook your comfort and enjoyment. Additionally, you don’t have to break the bank to get the home you want. You have the option to do it on a budget or go crazy on it depending on what you want.

Therefore, before starting on the project, be sure to understand where you stand financially. You don’t want to start what you can’t finish. Or get the perfect home you want and end up losing it because you can’t pay the mortgage. This is where ‘not planning is planning to fail’ comes into play. You need to do some more research than this article on the result you want. Regardless, to start you off on the right foot, here are some great ideas for remodeling your space.

Have inspiration

Related image

When you are remodeling your home, it is always a good idea when you have inspiration. This is because it’s vital for you to have a clear image of the result you want. Therefore, having a certain inspiration in mind will not only make work easier for your contractor but also increase the chances of a perfect remodeling. This is because it’s more effective building on something that already exists. Plus the additional personal touches will create a good package. For instance, you can remodel your bedroom or bathroom with Persian inspiration in mind. Better yet, if you love traveling, you can take inspiration from places you have visited. Simply have the key elements right and add some personality to make it warm and authentic.


Related image

Lighting is a key element in your home décor. It changes the mood of a room as well as it does the perceived size of a room. Therefore, changing the placement and type of the light, and in conjunction with color selection, it can come together smoothly. With proper lighting, you can change the look and mood of your space to your desire. For example, if you have a Victorian dining room design in mind, investing in an eye-catching chandelier is an important aspect. It’s having lighting that makes the eye go up and speak for your design taste and personality.

Make use of dead space

A good way of enhancing the look for your home is by maximizing on dead space. Clutter is the enemy of organization; therefore, everything needs to have a place. Space being an issue in every home, you could do with taking advantage of dead space. That said, examples of dead space include the space underneath the staircase, on top of cabinets, beneath the bed, and any space that you are not using. There are so many you can transform it into both a functional and beautiful space. For instance, you can transform the space underneath the stairs into your book nook or small office. Or build a wine rack. There are no rules limiting you, so let your imagination take charge.

Change the floor

Changing the floor is another good way of transforming your space. You don’t have to change your entire house floor though. It’s also perfectly acceptable to mix and match throughout your home but ensure its subtle. Your flour forms the base of your interior design, that’s why most designers start from the ground going up. On the surface, choosing a floor might seem very simple but it can get a bit overwhelming. This is because there are things to consider; you don’t want your floor looking overwhelming and off. It is vital to consider the practicality and overall function of the space because you want your floor to be looking good years down the line. You are now thinking with your head, there’s also the aspect of the heart wanting what it wants. The good news is that you can manipulate any type of floor to suit your taste. So just go for it and watch your space transform.


If you happen to have a fireplace, it provides an opportunity to change the overall look of the space. There’s nothing that feels better than gathering together near the fireplace on a winter evening. It is a functional space as well as it can be the focal point of a room. Giving it ambiance and warmth. You can decide to wholly get a different type of fireplace or work with what you have. However, it is good to first ask a professional before you embark on the project.

Mailbox and entryway

You entryway has a bigger impact on the impression it creates on your guest than what its given credit for. Therefore, a bit of remodeling on the space can come in handy. There’s so much you can do to transform the space to a new level without breaking the bank. Bring some personality on the space to make it even warmer. The mailbox is not a place to relax your décor and taste; in fact, it will attract more attention than you’ll get to know. Give passers-by a taste of your home by remodeling your mailbox.

There are numerous ideas you can use to remodel; from the ones mentioned above to wall coverings and even the grape and linen you can buy to match your new look. It can get overwhelming but basically settle for what satisfies your desire best.