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Home Organizing Tips That You Can Use Every Day

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Would you like to organize your home so that it is much neater inside? This is a problem that many people have when they are busy with their work schedule, unable to get everything in the proper places. Some people that make enough money can afford a maid that can come in every couple days, or even just once a week, to make sure all of the cleaning and organizing is complete. Once they can get everything under control, it won’t take them but if you hours a week to make sure that everything looks it’s best. But if you don’t have the money for professional help, there are some things that you can do on your own. You will have to do these in your spare time, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Here are some strategies that you can use in order to organize your home, organizing tips that you can use every day.

Use And Replace

The first strategy that you need to use if you want to keep everything in order within your home is to put everything back right after you have used it. A problem that many people have is they will take out items to use, and simply lay them down wherever they were working, and then wonder where everything has gone. This is very common when people are doing things like stapling papers together, cleaning and leaving the bottles of cleansers in various locations, not putting them back where they were supposed to go. If you use, the use and replace strategy, you will have to spend a lot less time organizing everything. Everything will simply be back in its place once you are done with the projects you were doing in your household.

Organize Your Pantry

A great timesaver that most people do not utilize is the organization of your pantry. If you can put your cans of food, as well as the boxes, all in organize locations, you will be conditioned to know exactly where everything goes. It is problematic for people that are not very good at putting things in order, so you might have to have your spouse or significant other help you get started on this path to being organized. You don’t necessarily have to put all of the cans with the same labels in one row, but it’s good to do something other than throw everything into the pantry and then try to find it later.

Organizing Your Linen Closet

Another great way to save a lot of time if you are trying to organize everything in your house is to make sure that after you have done the laundry, specifically your sheets and towels, these should be properly folded and organized. Some people have a tiny closet, especially if it is a small family. Therefore, there is not that much to do. But, if you have a large family with several children, and you have a multitude of bed sheets and towels that need to be washed on a regular basis, having them in a particular order within the closet itself will help you when it comes time to changing out the sheets and changing the towels in the bathroom area.

Organizing Your Kitchen

Have you ever gone into your kitchen cupboards and wondered where that pot that you needed actually was? Some people have very large kitchens, and it’s easy simply to stick plates, bowls, pots, pans and glasses in a wide variety of different locations. This is a problem that many people have and wreaks havoc when it comes time to set the table. Of course, it’s the easiest way to put away the dishes once they are done, but you are going to pay for it later when you are trying to locate something that you need. It doesn’t take that much time to organize everything, putting your glasses and one covered, your dishes in another and your pots and pans at a lower level.

Train Everyone In Your House

Going back to the topic of having a large family, there is no reason that a mom or dad should do all of the cleaning and organizing on their own. Once children reach a certain age, they should be able to help out, and doing so in a proper manner is something that you can train them to do. When you go to the grocery store, and you are unpacking all of the bags, they should know exactly where the cans, boxes, and bottles are supposed to be. If you are doing laundry, and they are folding towels, they should know where they go in the linen closet. The same is true for the sheets that they will help you fold and putting away the dishes. Children can be wonderful companions, but also excellent assets that can help you around the house, something they should do if they truly want to be a positive part of the family.

These are just a few of the tips that you might want to consider using if you are serious about making the interior of your home look much better than it has in years. It is common for people to throw things simply into a cupboard, or in their pantry, and once they close the door they don’t have to worry about it until they need something. It is then that they realized that their habit of throwing everything and is not the best choice to make. By getting a little more organized and getting used to the places where everything goes, you can save yourself hours every week. By not having to look for the things that should simply be right in front of you. Finally, make sure to work with your family, helping to train them, in the same way, making them contributive parts of the family. Once you are done showing them what to do, and after you have established your patterns for becoming much more neat and cleanly, your household will be an efficient place, not to mention a cleaner place, which you will appreciate more than ever.

10 Ways Of Removing Laundry Stains

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Most people feel unenthusiastic about doing laundry and it becomes worse if the clothes are stained. It doesn’t get better with kids around since kids and stains seem to go hand in hand. You never see laundry stains coming therefore instead of being all cautious, in the process missing out on something fun, it is better to know the various ways you can get rid of them. There are various stains that are seemingly impossible to remove like ink, red wine, iron scorch marks, rust or sweat stains. If you are frustrated about such stains, worry no more, the stains are not as tough as they seem if tackled the right way. Stains are not only common annoyances but also very uneconomical. If you want to preserve your favorite clothes, it is wise to learn how to work your way through stains.

Tackling stains while still fresh is essential and goes a long way to save you time and achieving stain-free clothes. Prevention being better than cure, you can try wearing an overall or an apron while doing ‘dirty tasks’. With that said, the following are ways you can fight laundry stains effectively:

Avoid The Stain From Setting

This simply means that you act on the stain immediately. If you let it set, the only solution to removing the discoloration will be cutting the cloth off. You can prevent the stain from setting through various ways. You can wipe it off immediately ensuring you use as little pressure as possible. You should also keep away from any source of heat because it accelerates the stain setting on the cloth. Though with some solid stains such as mud, it’s easier to remove when dry. This helps in preventing the stain becoming permanent.

Soak the stain In cold water

After gently dabbing the stain off, you can use water as treatment. Cold water is most advisable because hot water can set protein stains. Water is easily accessible and cheap to almost everyone. Though you should note that when used alone, it is not very effective. When using water, it is more effective to splash the stain off from the back side of the cloth. This helps in pushing out more stains from the fabric.

Apply salt

Salt is applied after you have wet the cloth, which acts as an absorbent on the surface where the stain chemicals will have accumulated. This simple action will help you have an easy time while cleaning your garment. It will also increase the probability of your cloth being spotless after cleaning. It works best with sweat and blood stains.

Don’t use soap

Immediately using soap as you aggressively scrub the stain is the biggest mistake most people make. This action will actually lead to the stain setting on the cloth thus being permanent. Using plain water for stain removal is effective enough since it removes most of the stain before you begin actual cleaning.

Getting The Right Treatment For The Type Of Cloth

Frankly, most solvents can remove multiple stains. Though it is wise to know what suits your type of cloth better. For instance, wool is more heat sensitive than cotton, and as much as you can soak it, bleaches and acidic treatment (that can be used in cotton) will cause permanent distortion. Mild acids such as vinegar and lemon juice are great for coffee, tea and grass stains on most fabrics but can’t be used on wool. Some stains are not going to give way to only one type of treatment and will, therefore, require multiple treatments for better results.

Removing grass stain

You don’t have to cringe at the thought of removing grass stains when your kids are out playing. There are various economical ways to lift grass stains. You can mix undiluted vinegar and baking soda then apply it on the stain. Instead of the vinegar and baking soda paste, you can use toothpaste and apply a coat to the stain. Then finally after some time launder it.

Removing lipstick stain

Don’t let lipstick restrain you or other people from showing love. If you get the stain, you can remove it by use of surgical spirit or hairspray. When using surgical spirit, damp some cotton wool with the spirit then blot the stain away. Then rinse with cold water. When using hairspray, spray the stain then leave it for 20 minutes. Damp a piece of cloth on warm water then use it to wipe away the hairspray. Launder the cloth as usual.


You’d roll your eyes if you had a cut, then someone tells you to be careful not to stain your cloth. You might even think they are insane. On that account, blood stains are not pleasant but can easily be removed especially when fresh. The easiest way is by wetting the stain with plenty of cold water. Then sprinkle the stain with table salt as you rub the cloth against each other. You can also pour vinegar on the stain and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Ink Stains

Count yourself lucky if you get a water-based ink stain because it is easy to remove. On the other hand, permanent ink stains can be a nightmare. You can either use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Put the stained part on a piece of white towel or cloth. Then blot the stain with the rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Though you should know, the latter is more aggressive than the former and may damage your fabric. It is important to test first

Check before washing and drying

This is essential in preventing the stain from setting. If you dry your cloth thus exposing it to direct heat, this may cause the stain to become permanent. If you wash before checking, you might not give your laundry stains the attention they require.

Having stains on your clothes however cheap or expensive is not a good feeling. Incorporate some of the tips listed above for better results. Remember you don’t have to be too vigorous in rubbing your stain off, hence damaging your fabric. Always wash your fabric gently if you are doing it by hand.



How To Plan Your Indoor Garden

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People start an indoor garden for different reasons. You could be living in an apartment or maybe your yard is too small or maybe you just don’t have the time to start and maintain an outdoor garden, either way, an indoor garden gives you the opportunity to beautify your home. Plants and flowers add glamour and beauty inside any house. Depending on how you take care of your plants, you can rest assured that indoor garden will give you that satisfactory feeling.

You can not only grow flowers in an indoor garden but you can also grow vegetables such as tomatoes that will help you cut down the cost of buying vegetables. Just like any garden, the success of an indoor garden largely depends on preparation and maintenance. Plants and flowers demand a lot of attention for them to blossom. Here are some tips to help you make your indoor garden a success story.

Carefully choose the right spot.

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Where you position your plants or flowers determines how they will thrive. For plants to germinate and grow they need water, air, and light. If you deny your plants sufficient light they won’t be able to photosynthesis hence they will eventually die. Place your plants in an area close to a window where there’s sufficient sunlight. Windows facing east or west would be your best bet since your plants will have direct contact with the sun hence boosting their growth. It’s advisable not to place your plants in cold rooms since the cold will either kill the plant or make the plant have retarded growth. Also, avoid placing your plants near draft areas since excess heat and cold will eventually kill your plant. When placed in the right spot, be assured your plants and flowers will blossom very well.

Just enough water.

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Plants and water greatly rely on water for growth, water is essential for photosynthesis to take place. Photosynthesis is the process that ensures your plants and flowers grow from seedlings to mature plants. There’s always that notion that if you water your plants a lot you are helping it grow fast. Actually, you are slowly killing your plant by excessively watering it. So, what is enough watering? You should water your plants every morning and anytime you feel the soil is dry. Alternatively, you could place a bottle on the soil and drill a small hole at the top such that water slowly drips out of the bottle into the soil. Watering can kill your plant or can make your plant thrive, it just depends on how you do it.

What plants do you want to grow?

Realistically speaking, not all plants and flowers can thrive in an indoor gardening system. Tall trees and flowers require an outdoor gardening system. However, there’s a host of a variety of flowers and vegetables that can successfully thrive in an indoor gardening. Before you head to the nursery to pick seedlings, you must identify which plants will work for you. Do you want to grow flowers only or you want both flowers and vegetable? In case of the latter, you should be able to know how you will grow both vegetables and flowers with the space you have. Vegetables that can flourish in an indoor gardening system include peas, lettuce. Flowers include marigold, begonia, and succulents.

What style of indoor gardening to want?

Just like outdoor gardening, there are several styles of executing an indoor garden. These styles include the container and hydroponic gardening. They are both different but very viable options depending on what you want to achieve. Hydroponic gardening uses non-soil starters and fertilized water. This system is ideally good for someone who intends to grow and produce a lot of plants in a very limited space, it’s suitable for growing vegetables. Just like the name suggests, container gardening entails the use of containers filled with soil to grow plants. Container gardening has the advantage of allowing you to arrange and re-arrange the containers in your house. Also, you can move the plants from indoor to outdoor. Before starting an indoor garden, consider these two styles and determine which will work best for you.

Maintain your garden.

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After planting your indoor garden, you will need to look after it. Plants do demand a lot of attention and you can’t afford to neglect them. You need to always ensure your plants are getting enough water and sunlight and the soil temperature is just right, preferably 21 degrees Celsius. When you start noticing your plants are wilting, remove the wilted parts to avoid affecting the rest of the plant. Your plants need nutrients and this can be gotten from fertilizers or manure. Once in a while incorporate manure or fertilizers in the soil to provide your plants with rich nutrients to boost their growth.

Control the environment.

The biggest advantage with an indoor garden is the ability to control the environment in which your plant grow. Unlike outdoor gardening, you are able to control the amount of heat, light and even water that your plants get. This greatly helps monitor the growth of your plants ensuring optimal growth that will yield you the best of results. You don’t have to solely depend on sunlight, you can use fluorescent bulbs to provide your plants with much-needed light throughout the day and night. As stated early, drip irrigation will ensure your plants always get the right amount of water anytime any day. Indoor gardening lets you dictate how your plants will grow.

The responsibilities that come with indoor gardening fully lay on you. With outdoor gardening, mother nature gives a hand of help in terms of light and water. With this in mind, you are certain that your efforts and preparation skills will determine how much your garden will thrive. These tips and much more will help you easily start and maintain an indoor garden. You don’t need a yard to grow flowers, the extra space in your living room is just right for a pot of flowers.

How To Remove And Prevent Black Mold On Windows

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Mold just don’t wait, a minute of dampness on your window and there they are. In fact, if you have never experienced mold before, you might just think it’s a stain on your wall or window panes. Black molds are not only unsightly and unwelcoming but also bad for weakened immune or asthmatic people. When you notice mold, it is important you take care of it because in most cases the amount of mold that’s perceptible is nothing compared to what’s really there. They multiply fast and can cause discomfort in activating allergies that you didn’t even know existed.

You should know however, because the mold is black doesn’t mean it is necessarily toxic. Regardless, whenever you see it between your windows frames: get rid of the mold. After which, you should solve the cause to prevent being a victim again. Before you begin, ensure you wear protective gear to prevent it from coming into contact with sensitive parts of your skin. Definitely look for a pair of rubber gloves, goggles, and a respiratory mask. Additionally, as you work on your windows, open them for ventilation to protect you further. After safety measures are adhere to, you can learn ways of getting rid and preventing black mold from reoccurring.

What is the cause of black mold on your window?

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It’s probably a no-brainer but couldn’t go without mentioning. Windows are one of the house components that are vulnerable to black mold invasion. This is because they love damp conditions as a result of condensation. And clearly, the opening attached to the roof and wall doesn’t pose much of a challenge. Moreover, windows separate the outside from the inside, which have different temperatures, therefore causing condensation. Also, if you cover up your windows with heavy drapes, especially in winter, the shade favors the growth of black mold. Fungus will also grow on your window when it has something to feed on. Dirty windows, that condense frequently, will hugely contribute to development and colonization of the fungus. Any dirt containing organic material is a good source of full nutrients for mold. While flower and plant pots add plenty of detail to your home décor, they can be the source of mold growth. The plant can easily transfer mold spores to your window sill. Additionally, when plants excrete water, it only adds to the humidity in the place.

Here are ways you can remove black mold from your window:

Examine the area

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After you have noticed a black mold stain around your window, it is important for you to check the surrounding area. Examine if there are spread around the walls or every other point it may exist. It is important to examine the area so that you may not leave behind some of it, which by the way, quickly multiply and you will be dealing with black mold again quicker than you blink. This also helps in having an easier time when bleaching since the discoloration might not be there.

Vacuum or dry-clean

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Dry cleaning is not very much necessary, but if the mold is too much, simply vacuum the area. Assuming of course, you are wearing a respiratory mask and the windows are opened as you are doing it. Steadily work the nozzle of the hose over the affected area. After which, clean your vacuum with a damp cloth and vinegar. You will have a less disgusting area to work on but if you don’t want it hanging around the air, most especially if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner don’t do it. You are allowed to skip this part.

Damp the area

You can now go ahead and damp the area to remove excess mold. Use a disposable cloth and warm water and wipe around the pane and frames of the window. Only do not use so much energy while wiping (which is very tempting considering home disgusting black molds are), to prevent the spores from getting into the wood frames of your windows. You should also rinse the cloth in clean water after every wipe. You can also just use a spray bottle and spray only the affected area with water since that’s all that’s needed.

Remove the mold with detergent

After you have reduced the number of mould to be worked on, you can now introduce a detergent.  In a bucket of warm water, add a few drops of detergent. Use a clean disposable cloth to wipe off where the mold was. If the mold is too tough, you can use a scraper to loosen it then wipe the surface.


After your window is clean, and well rinsed, it is vital you spray it with bleach to take care of the fungus that’s invisible to the eye. Mix ¼ to ½ cup of bleach in a gallon of water. Scrub the window casing using a clean cloth with the mixture. Let the bleach sit on the window for 20 minutes to disinfect and kill the black mold spores that have remained. You can then rinse the window with clean water and dry it thoroughly. You can use your hair dryer for a quick dry.

Prevent Mold From Reoccurring

You can start by taking care of any repairs that might be needed to prevent leakage. For instance, if your window glass is broken get it fixed. During winter, if you have a problem with condensation and you run a humidifier, try putting less moisture in the air. You should also wholly reduce the number of plants in your home, at least for the winter period. Or still keep them but away from your window sills since they increase the humidity and the soil is perfect food for molds. In rooms with high humidity like kitchen and bathroom, increase the ventilation by instilling exhaust fans. You can also habitually open up windows and draw back curtains to facilitate the flow of air.

Any reusable item like your bucket or towels used should be disinfected to prevent spreading the fungus.

Convenient And Simple Home Cleaning Tips For The Busy Moms

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You are a mom who has a lot on her plate. Your daily planner may consist of driving the children to school, changing diapers, doing endless loads of laundry, planning out the family budget and taking the kids to all of their extracurricular activities. These are just a few of the things that are probably already on your to-do list that are also making it hard for you to complete any of the household chores.

Although you are often busy, you know that the house is not going just to clean itself. You may cringe at the thought of having to dedicate an entire day to cleaning every single room in the home. Luckily, you do not have to do that. There are tons of simple cleaning tips for busy moms that will make it easier for you to keep the home clean without the stress and frustration.

Use Your Time Wisely

You get the children down for bed, and you think to yourself, “Ah! This is the perfect time for me to sit and relax.” Instead of heading directly over to sit down and rest, considering doing one last chore since the children are no longer in the way. In fact, you may want to choose one of the tasks that are often too difficult for you to do with the kids running around. Once you complete the task, you will feel relieved that you got it done and are ahead for the next day.

Take Advantage of Your Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher and you have only been using it for your dishes, it is time for you to get in on a fantastic little secret. Did you know that you can wash some of your children’s toys in the dishwasher?

Check before you place them in there because the last thing you want to do is destroy one of your child’s favorite items. As long as they are dishwasher safe, plop them on in and let the dishwasher do all the work while you read a book, take a bubble bath or watch something on television without any of the interruptions that you deal with all the time.

Make Your Own Carpet Stain Remover

When you see the kind of stains that your children often leave on the floor, you probably say, “Why in the world did we get this carpet in the first place?” Keeping a carpet clean takes a lot of effort and time, but you may not have all of this time to work on it. Instead of spending hours scrubbing a stain out with soap and water, make a stain removal cleaner and let it soak into the carpet while you are taking care of other tasks.

You can mix baking soda with vinegar and use it for the stain removal process. Just squirt a bit of it on top of the stain and then keep it on top of the carpet for at least one hour. When the allotted time has passed, start scrubbing gently and watch as the stain begins to go away. Yes, it is that simple!

Some stains are obviously more stubborn than others. You may run into a few stains that seem nearly impossible to get rid of the first time around. In that case, continue using the carpet stain remover a few extra times to get the best results.

Remove Nearly Any Stain

Notice difficult stains on your children’s clothing when you are trying to do the wash? Mix a bit of Dawn dish detergent with peroxide and scrub it right on the stain. Be advised that you should not use the peroxide on colorful clothing. However, it works well for white clothes and other things around the home, including stains on the walls and towels.

Give Your Bathroom a Quick Cleaning

The shower doors seem to have a bit of soap scum on them, and the bathtub does not look nearly as white as it once did, so you know that you need to do something about it. However, the bathroom may be your least favorite place to clean. If that is your current dilemma, there is some good news; you can take an easier approach to getting your bathroom clean.

For starters, stick the drain in the bathtub and pour bleach inside of it. Open windows to allow air to circulate through and do not hang out for long in the bathroom while the bleach is sitting. After allowing it to sit in the tub for an hour, rinse it out with hot water. The tub will look brighter and much whiter.

If you have some dryer sheets in the home, grab a few and take them to the bathroom. Wipe away that icky and annoying soap scum with the sheet. It will easily take it all off so that you no longer have to see the scum. You can use one of these sheets each time you start to notice that scum was lingering around your shower doors and walls.

Stay Organized With Your Cleaning

Make your planner or schedule for cleaning. It may be easier for you to get things done if you know what needs to be handled ahead of time. There are some days where you may not be able to get nearly as much housework done as you would like, especially if the children are keeping you busy. However, you can create an extensive list of all the things you would like to do and then mark them off as you go along.

If some of your children are old enough, do not forget to include them in on the household chores. You can have them clean their bedrooms, make beds, wash dishes and even sweep the floor. If you feel like being generous, you can offer some incentives to encourage them to get more cleaning done. After all, if they are helping out and getting work done, it means that you will have much less work to do.

Amazing Furniture Makeovers That You Should Consider

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Furniture is a major look enhancer for your home interior and that is why it should look great. You don’t have to always throw away old and unused furniture or keep cringing whenever you walk into your living room because it features ugly looking seats. Your furniture doesn’t have to look boring because that is why furniture makeovers exist. Furniture makeover ideas are countless but to help you get started outlined below are some useful furniture makeover ideas that you can use for your home furniture.

  1. Change Your Old Baby Crib into A Lovely and Practical Furniture Piece.

You might not see much when you look at your old baby crib, now that all your children are grown way past the crib or it was what your own mother used with you back in the early days when you were a baby.  You could turn your crib into a jewel rack or magazine rack; you could also turn it into your kids’ study table for doing homework or turn it into part of a play zone by arranging pillows and soft toys on the crib table. This will allow kids to play safely by themselves when you are busy.

  1. Old Sofa Into A Magical Couch

The sofa is one of the most commonly used furniture in a home and this is why you will see the fabric getting worn out and the sofa looking shabby. Replacing the whole sofa set with a new set is usually costly but you don’t have to endure the worn and shabby seats day after day because you have the option of reupholstering them. You can opt for an instant transformation with a slipcover of the color of your choice or you could opt for a more permanent solution with professional reupholstering on your sofa set. Reupholstering with the fabric color of your choice will make them look as new as the day they were bought.

  1. An Old Dressing Table Into A Work Of Art

Your old dressing table can be transformed into a sitting bench when you chop the top section and add some lovely looking cushion covers.  You could also do away with the drawers and turn it into a bookshelf. You could even decide to add an artistic flair to it by adding colorful fabric to the sides. More embellishments can also be added to achieve a classy or royal look.

  1. Old Shelves Into Major Attractions

You must have shelves in various places in your home from the kitchen, bathroom, living room and the study. When shelves age, they tend to lackluster and look unattractive when nothing is done in terms of repair. You could apply a style statement on them by attaching fabric or wallpaper at the back area of the shelves. You could also decide to paint them on the sides to brighten them up.

  1. Change Your Outdoor Furniture to Enhance Your Garden Look.

Your garden could look lovely with great looking outdoor furniture gracing it. You could repaint it in bright and lively colors to add more ambiance.  Simple painting works wonders and will definitely transform those benches, chair perches and whatever garden furniture you have into this lovely setup. You will therefore always look forward to walking into your gardening and sitting on the vibrant colored seats to listen to nature sounds while inhaling the fresh air after a long day of garden work.

  1. An Old Ladder Into A Beautiful Showpiece

Ladders too can go through the makeover process.  You can add showpieces like flower vases, shelves for books, stick pictures on it or simply paint it with lovely and bright colored patterns. With all the busy trinkets on the ladder, it will no doubt be transformed into something that anyone would love to stand and look at or even take pictures alongside it if you have done a great job decorating it.

  1. A Dining Room Overhaul

The dining table makes a huge part of the dining room decoration. Let any visitor who comes dining in your house look at this dining table with a smile because of your creativity in its makeover. You could paint the table in contrasting colors or add a colorful tabletop with a lovely looking wallpaper. Always keep it simple and elegant when painting because overdoing the colors might result in this tacky look which could even take away the appetite of your guest if you go way beyond the acceptable.

  1. An Old wardrobe into Modern Furniture

It is possible to transform that old furniture into a modern piece. Start by painting it with the gloss finish and then add some lovely design patterns to make it look more appealing, artistic and cultural depending on the patterns you use. If it doesn’t have a mirror, this is the opportunity to add a mirror on it in order to transform it into this lovely looking piece of bedroom furniture.

  1. Paint Paint Paint.

Colors on furniture will instantly transform boring furniture into a lovely piece that will instantly brighten your interiors. It could be a table, chair, tea stand, bookcase, crib and so on. There is nothing solid that is furniture and can’t be painted, you can instantly change it from a home eyesore to an eye-catching piece. Let your choice of colors be warm and lovely to make your furniture makeover with paint totally worth it. If you can paint do it yourself but if you have no clue, the professionals can always be of service and do a great job.


If you can do a furniture makeover,  let all your creative juices flow and transform your home from drab and old to colorful and eye-catching. As a proud homeowner, do not disgrace your home with boring furniture because there is a lot you can do in terms of furniture makeovers. Do not limit yourself. Allow your home to turn into the home of your dreams with furniture makeover. Makesovers are cheaper than actually buying and in most cases, they surpass the brand new furniture in terms of durability and elegance.

Top Ten Songs That You Should Listen To While Cleaning Your Home

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Cleaning the house or doing the laundry are tasks that most people dread. Doing house chores is an inevitable activity despite the fact that it’s never enjoyable. If there was an alternative, most people would never do these house chores, but like they say if wishes were horses beggars would ride. These activities, however, can be made fun and thrilling.

Washing dishes sometimes seems like a task that takes an eternity to finish, but that notion can be turned around, just how do you do that? Music is the key, music has proven to be a good and reliable source of motivation when performing home chores. Different genre of songs ranging from pop to reggae to classic can just do the trick. With proper motivation, you will finish any task faster than you could even imagine. Here’s a list of several songs that you can make your cleaning experience a fun one.

 Image result for cleaning while dancing images

  1. Crazy in love by Beyoncé.

This is a very great song to kickstart your cleaning schedule on a weekend. It’s a beautiful song with very catchy lyrics and rhythmic flow.  This song is a collaborative effort between Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z. Beyoncé is a self-proclaimed queen and has great hits in both pop and hip-hop genre, this song is actually from her first solo album entitled Dangerously in love. This song generally talks about love and you won’t help yourself but sing along to the beautifully written lyrics. Beyoncé is well known for making great hits and whether you are watching its video or just listening to the audio, you can be sure this song will motivate you to a whole new level.


  1. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson.

If there’s a song from the album Uptown Special that will never disappoint you is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. Well, Bruno Mars is such a sensational singer and he really knows how to get to his audiences. Bruno Mars has employed his admirable dancing skills in the music video. This video will motivate you to dance a little bit as you go on with your duties. The creativity of the video and the beautiful lyrics will engage your mind thus helping you do your task easily and swiftly. However, be mindful when dancing as you clean your house since you can easily fall especially on a wet floor and hurt yourself.

 Image result for cleaning while dancing images

  1. Party rock anthem by LMFAO.

This song will charm you to the point where you will have to hit the rewind button not once, but severally. This song is a fusion of rock-and-roll and a bit of house. Just like its title, this song will turn your cleaning activities into a party. House music is always enthusiastic and they make any listener feel rejuvenated and fully psyched up. The video itself is full of creativity in terms of props and dancing skills. This is a song that will definitely rock you as you go on with your cleaning.

  1. Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Is cleaning your home a task that brings you down? Well, here’s a song that will change your attitude towards house chores and make you feel happy as you tackle all those house chores that make you feel so gloomy. Lyrics to this song have some deep sense of motivation making you feel nothing can bring your morale down. Clearly, Pharrell released this song knowing it will encourage people.

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  1. Time of our lives by Pitbull.

Pitbull and Ne-yo collaborated to give the music universe a very pleasant and beautiful song. This is a song that helps you forget about your troubles and makes you want to party all day. Time of our lives is a song that deserves to be on your playlist almost always. Everyone goes a through a dark patch at one point and they need comfort and motivation and Pitbull just knew how to do that. Listen to this song and you will feel motivated to clean.

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  1. Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

This song took the music universe by storm. The lyrics are easy to comprehend hence this song can easily engage your mind as you sweep the floor or as you clean your house. The concept of the video makes it more fun and attractive.


  1. Run the world by Beyoncé.

Beyoncé, popularly known as Queen Bee, is a talented singer who knows how to make you look for your dancing shoes. You won’t help but sing along to the lyrics of this song. This song speaks to women making them feel they are empowered to achieve anything in this world without being intimidated. Run the world will empower you mentally making you feel you are geared up to do any task even the most boring of tasks.

  1. Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

This is a song that will go down in musical history books as one of the best songs, if not the best. This is a pop song that will have you dance around the house as you do your house chores making the whole cleaning activity fun, you won’t even notice how fast time will fly.

 Image result for cleaning while dancing images

  1. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.

Cleaning with your spouse or lover will be turned into a romantic session by listening to this song. This is a love song and people have a great tendency of singing along such songs. if indeed love songs make you feel uplifted here’s a song that won’t disappoint you at any time.


  1. No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.

Love songs do have a special way of connecting with people’s hearts and souls, love songs always uplift people. Chris Brown is known for his amazing lyrics and breath-taking dance skills. This a song that will leave you wanting to hear it more and more.


Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a boring experience anymore, there is a wide range of music selections that can motivate you to do your tasks with a lot of psyche. If listening to music is your motivational factor, then this list is your best bet.

Living In A Dusty Location? How To Keep Your Home Dust-free

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It’s practically impossible to say that your house is completely dust-free. Dust is something that can’t be completely eliminated but it can be controlled. As long as you have pets in your house, or you are living near a busy road or maybe you are living next to a construction site then you will have a lot of dust to deal with.

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Dealing with dust can be frustrating since dust accumulates so fast, you can clean your kitchen shelves in the morning and by evening you are able to spot some dust. In order to reduce these frustrations, there are various tips that you can employ to ensure that your house remains as dust free as possible. In as much as the process of cleaning a house is time-consuming and tiring, the outcome is something to be proud of. Here are some very fantastic tips that you can try out to keep your house generally dust free.


Keep your pets clean.

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Pets are major contributors of dust in your house. Pets especially cats tend to leave a lot of fur behind whenever they are on the couch or on whatever surface they land. This fur not only makes your house dusty but it is also risky to one’s health especially those allergic to fur. For this reason, always ensure that your pets are properly cleaned and groomed all the time. Whenever they leave behind any fur on the couch, vacuum it immediately.

Shut your windows most of the time.

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This is an idea that doesn’t really go down well with a lot of people since they love to open their windows to allow entry of fresh air. Well, you will get the deserved fresh air but in the process, dust particles are also blown into your house. Have you ever wondered why your curtains sometimes have a musty smell? That’s because of the dust that gets blown into your house. Your windows should just remain closed especially during windy periods.

Embrace hard floors.

Image result for hard floors images

It’s an undeniable fact that carpet creates an appealing visual appearance in any house. They cover a huge floor space making your floor look very detailed and attractive. However, carpets are very good at hosting dust particles and fur. With the huge amount of dust in your carpet, every time you a take a step a lot of dust is released into the air. When kids play on the carpet a lot of dust is also released into the air. There are other alternatives that will make your house dust free. These alternatives include having a wooden floor, a tiled floor or even a stone floor. These alternatives are as beautiful as having a carpet.

Mop your house.

Image result for mopping the house images

A session of mopping your house will go a long way to ensure that your floor is kept dust free round the clock. Floor mopping is a simple activity that will take less of your time but the results are worth every effort. The dust on the floor gets absorbed by the damp mop. This method is environmental friendly as well. The dust held by the mop is removed by rinsing the mop after use.

Vacuum in the right way.

The best way to eliminate dust and ensure your house remains dust free is by doing regular vacuum. Don’t just vacuum, but ensure you vacuum in the correct way. Don’t’ forget to vacuum places such as under the bed or under the couch. Such places are normally ignored but they host a very large amount of dust. If you want your house to be dust free, then you need to vacuum your house on regular basis.

What about the upholstery?

Image result for upholstery images

Vacuum isn’t necessarily just meant for floors but it should also be done on curtains and couches. A lot of dust tends to build up on curtains especially when your windows are opened. This dust makes your curtains and couches very dirty and that’s why they deserve a thorough vacuum. You can choose between dry vacuum or steam cleaning, but either way, ensure that you vacuum your upholstery regularly.

 Time to buy doormat.

There are many ways that dirt and dust particles find itself in your house. Whenever you have visitors coming over or you have just come home from work or shopping, then there are dust particles that get into your house. Investing in doormats is a worthy course that will definitely pay off. It’s advisable to have a mat that has very rough and thick bristles as they can easily catch the minute dust particles. Also, it’s advisable to have doormats outside the door and inside. The essence of this is that it ensures minimum dust and dirt get into your house. Additionally, always ensure that you clean these doormats on a regular basis.

Eliminate static.

Static is solely responsible for attracting dust particles in the house. This actually has been scientifically proven. Static electricity tends to accumulate when your house is dry. How do you deal with this? The best way to deal with this is by having a humidifier. This gadget is able to make the air in your house moist such that there is no dry air that will cause static electricity. Humidity levels of about 45 percent are able to eradicate static electricity thus keeping dust levels minimum.

Clear clutter.

It’s been established that many people are not fond of dusting because of the time and energy the whole process consumes. To have an easy time during dusting, reduce the number of items that attract dust. For instance, try and reduce the number of books on your shelves since they attract a lot of dust.

Living in a dust-free house is actually a possibility even though the process of dusting isn’t such a pleasant task. Dusting requires determination and a great deal of patience. Living in a dust free house provides a more safeguarded environment for you and your children. With all these great ideas, you will always feel confident as you step into your house or when you have guests over.



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There are tips that every family should use when they are cleaning their homes. It is the responsibility of every family to maintain the house as clean as possible. You will notice that even small children have a role to play in ensuring the house is as clean as possible. It is not fair to burden your mom to do the cleaning alone. Here are a few tips you can incorporate into your home:

Clean up any mess immediately. With time, you will adapt to this method that is very effective. We both know if you leave a mess unattended to, chances are you will not come back to take care of. It should be a habit to clean your house as you go. This will save you time and energy. You home will always be organized at all times. If you were your dishes as you cook, you would avoid an unnecessary pile of dirty dishes.
You should set aside some time purposefully to clean your house. 10 to 20 minutes a day is enough. Most people are tempted to clean their houses at once – if you can do this, then keep it up. However, most of us do not have the time or the energy to clean the whole house at once. It will be great if you start with one part of the house – the bathroom of your kitchen. This is the two rooms that you should ensure they are clean at all times.
Ensure you have a box where you place all the items you are not using. These are times like toys, clothes, books or anything else you feel like you do not need. Maintain a recording system, label the items with the date you placed them in the box and you may decide to through them away after one week. You do not have to through them away; you can sell, trash or donate them. The main idea after this is to get rid of all items you are not using.
If you are a TV fan, you should clean your house during commercial breaks. As you watch your favorite shows on TV, you should do some simple tasks during commercials breaks. These are simple tasks like putting shoes away or placing school bags at the right place. The work you will do in a ½ hour show equals to around 1 hour of work. This will also bring a feeling of a game, not necessary chores.
Never retire to your bed if your kitchen is dirty. Even if you won’t clean the dishes immediately after your meal, do not sleep before your kitchen is clean. This is a good way to avoid unmanageable mess piling in your kitchen. After every meal clean all the dishes. If you have a dishwasher, your work will be easier.
If you use your sink, ensure you leave as it clean as possible. You can use soap and water to wipe it clean then dry it up with a dry cloth. It will be helpful if you then again rinse it with clean water. This is a very vital step that most people avoid leaving their sink dirty and in a mess. It will only take a few minutes to complete.
The mirror in your bathroom should be maintained as clean as you can. There is glass cleaner you can use to remove the tough stains on the mirror. After spraying with the glass cleaner, use a cloth to wipe it off quickly. This is a simple process that will take a few seconds of your time. If your mirror does not have spots or debris, you can skip this step.
Your bathroom sink should be as clean as possible. Use the same cloth you used with your mirror to wipe the sink clean. There are commercial cleaners that are effective in removing tough stains on your sink. Spray the cleaner and use a dry cloth to clean it up. This is a process that should take you less than 30 seconds – unless you are faced with tough stains.
Take your two minutes and spread your bed neat. If you find yourself in a hurry, just cover the unkempt bed sheets with your comforter – ensure that it appears smooth. However, ensure you make it well when you get the chance. Have a way of dealing with your dirty clothes – you can put them on a hanger or through them into a cleaning basket – you will maintain a clutter free bedroom.
Clean your night stand every night. You should get rid of old cigarette ashtrays, old water glasses, magazines or any other item you feel you will not be using that night. Get rid of such items and place them in their right places – this cleaning process will take less than a minute.
You should maintain a clean living room. This is the face of your home. Ensure that your sofas are clean, and there are no unnecessary items on them. Make sure you remove books, junk or toys, pillows, and fluffy. If you have throw blankets, keep them neatly folded and placed at the right place. This will take around 2 minutes.
Use a clean cloth to wipe dirty or dusty table surfaces. This will help in removing prints, crumbs or water rings. This should be done on a daily basis to ensure that the stains do not stick and become hard to clean. You will also save enough time to do other chores. If you have a vacuum machine, use it to clean your floor and carpet. You should clean under tables and sofas too.
You will be doing futile work if you will not maintain your house as clean as possible, it is recommended to do a maintenance cleaning every week. This is the time to dust off your bookshelves, desk and any other place you can find dust. It is the time to vacuum your carpet and floor. You can also be your sheets and wipe your dirty windows. Cleaning your home is your daily responsibility.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Clothes And Prevent Them Too.

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Ever gotten yourself in that awkward moment in the office, as you are walking on the street, or just having fun with friends that someone taps your shoulder and tells you that your shirt or dress has wrinkles. Well, some or most of us have. Here are some simple hacks on how you can get wrinkles out of your clothes leaving them looking a little less like they are straight out of a cow’s mouth:

  1. Place the clothes under your mattress.

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Fold your shirt normally and place it under a mattress. Ensure it’s the same mattress that you are going to sleep on. During the night as you sleep, your weight presses on the shirt or dress underneath the mattress making it stretch and be wrinkle-free.

  1. Do not squeeze your clothes when hanging.

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One way to prevent your clothes from wrinkling is simply hanging them without squeezing the water out when hand washing. Drip hanging allows them to dry just as they are without any creases. Make sure you hang them in open air instead of indoors.

  1. Keep your clothes in a rolling manner.

Image result for rolled clothes for packing images

In cases where you are traveling and do not have access to an iron, simply roll your clothes tightly and place them in a position that is difficult to unroll. You can keep them packed that way in a suitcase and whenever you need to wear them, they will have less or unnoticeable creases.

  1. Use a hairdryer.

Image result for hair dryer to unwrinkle clothing images

Dampen your shirt and place it under but not too near your hair dryer to get rid of the wrinkles. You can also use a blow dryer to get wrinkles out of  your fabrics. Just hold your dryer a few centimeters away and use minimal heat for sensitive cloth texture and high heat for the tough textures like khakis so as not to damage your outfit while at it.

  1. Heat your pan and press with it.

Image result for press a pan on clothing images

Get a non-stick pan and heat it, later transfer it to your damp shirt or dress and press on it. Repeat the same process for the whole cloth to be wrinkle-free. Alternatively, boil water in a pan then take that pan with the hot boiled water and press the pan on your wrinkled shirt. The hot water in the pan will keep the pan hot enough to iron out the wrinkles.

  1. Rinse your clothes thoroughly with clean water.

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When hand washing, always make sure you rinse your clothes with very clean water as soapy water tends to crease your clothes due to the content in some of the washing soaps that we use. Or rather use detergents instead. They are milder to your clothes.

  1. Try using fabric softeners.

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In as much as fabric softeners are commonly used to leave your laundry feeling soft and making them smell fresh, it can also be used as a way of preventing your clothes from wrinkling. Once you put the softener on your shirt, stretch it out a little then place it under the sun to dry and you will hardly notice any wrinkles on it. Do not, however, leave it in the sun for too long because direct heat from the sun for a long time might damage your fabric.

  1. Get a flat iron.

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Flat irons do a great job of straightening out those wrinkles. Set your iron to medium heat and place your cloth between the iron and move your hand along as you press the iron firmly. As you do this, remember to spray your shirt with water preferably from a spritz bottle. That way your shirt won’t get too much water making it easy for the flat iron to work through the wrinkles without burning it. Your clothing will not only be clean  but also wrinkle -free as well.

  1. Avoid keeping your clothes aimlessly without folding.

Image result for folded clothes images

Sensitive materials like polyester and silk tend to crease easily even after you have ironed them. This, however, depends on the way you will handle them in the wardrobe. Instead of folding them, it’s advisable to leave them hanging straight so as to avoid a situation where you will have to start preparing another outfit to go to work on.

  1. Get a spray.

Image result for wrinkle sprays images

You can buy one of the wrinkle sprays from the store. This is one of the easiest ways to get wrinkles out of your fabric. Simply just hang your shirt, spray it then let it dry and you are good to go. One limitation about the spray is that its content may be a bit harsh to some fabric. Get a professional to explain which fabrics work best with the spray before purchasing it.

  1. Use steam.

Image result for steamed clothes in a bathroom

Steam aids in removing wrinkles so just hang your shirt while in the shower, the steam from the hot water will straighten your fabric leaving it wrinkle-free. A tea kettle could also serve the same purpose but only for fabrics with fewer wrinkles. Just hold the kettle a bit further from the shirt as it emits steam for a while. Do not hold it too near as the hot steam may damage your garment.

  1. Dampen a towel to remove wrinkles.

Image result for dampen towel for wrinkle removal images

Take your creased cloth and lay it down flat then dampen your towel and press over the wrinkles on your cloth. Leave the pressing cloth to dry for best results. If you don’t have a bath towel, you can use a face towel. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your big towel.

The above are just but a few tips or hacks on how you can get wrinkles off your clothes without necessarily having to use an iron box. All these ways can help you, especially when traveling. There are other preventive measures mentioned as well to help evade the hustle of trying to get that stubborn crease out of your fabric. It doesn’t matter if you are at a remote location where there is no iron, electricity or bathroom, you dont have to walk in wrinkled clothing. Get creative  and the above ideas should steer you in the right direction.