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Home Organizing Tips That You Can Use Every Day

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Would you like to organize your home so that it is much neater inside? This is a problem that many people have when they are busy with their work schedule, unable to get everything in the proper places. Some people that make enough money can afford a maid that can come in every couple days, or even just once a week, to make sure all of the cleaning and organizing is complete. Once they can get everything under control, it won’t take them but if you hours a week to make sure that everything looks it’s best. But if you don’t have the money for professional help, there are some things that you can do on your own. You will have to do these in your spare time, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Here are some strategies that you can use in order to organize your home, organizing tips that you can use every day.

Use And Replace

The first strategy that you need to use if you want to keep everything in order within your home is to put everything back right after you have used it. A problem that many people have is they will take out items to use, and simply lay them down wherever they were working, and then wonder where everything has gone. This is very common when people are doing things like stapling papers together, cleaning and leaving the bottles of cleansers in various locations, not putting them back where they were supposed to go. If you use, the use and replace strategy, you will have to spend a lot less time organizing everything. Everything will simply be back in its place once you are done with the projects you were doing in your household.

Organize Your Pantry

A great timesaver that most people do not utilize is the organization of your pantry. If you can put your cans of food, as well as the boxes, all in organize locations, you will be conditioned to know exactly where everything goes. It is problematic for people that are not very good at putting things in order, so you might have to have your spouse or significant other help you get started on this path to being organized. You don’t necessarily have to put all of the cans with the same labels in one row, but it’s good to do something other than throw everything into the pantry and then try to find it later.

Organizing Your Linen Closet

Another great way to save a lot of time if you are trying to organize everything in your house is to make sure that after you have done the laundry, specifically your sheets and towels, these should be properly folded and organized. Some people have a tiny closet, especially if it is a small family. Therefore, there is not that much to do. But, if you have a large family with several children, and you have a multitude of bed sheets and towels that need to be washed on a regular basis, having them in a particular order within the closet itself will help you when it comes time to changing out the sheets and changing the towels in the bathroom area.

Organizing Your Kitchen

Have you ever gone into your kitchen cupboards and wondered where that pot that you needed actually was? Some people have very large kitchens, and it’s easy simply to stick plates, bowls, pots, pans and glasses in a wide variety of different locations. This is a problem that many people have and wreaks havoc when it comes time to set the table. Of course, it’s the easiest way to put away the dishes once they are done, but you are going to pay for it later when you are trying to locate something that you need. It doesn’t take that much time to organize everything, putting your glasses and one covered, your dishes in another and your pots and pans at a lower level.

Train Everyone In Your House

Going back to the topic of having a large family, there is no reason that a mom or dad should do all of the cleaning and organizing on their own. Once children reach a certain age, they should be able to help out, and doing so in a proper manner is something that you can train them to do. When you go to the grocery store, and you are unpacking all of the bags, they should know exactly where the cans, boxes, and bottles are supposed to be. If you are doing laundry, and they are folding towels, they should know where they go in the linen closet. The same is true for the sheets that they will help you fold and putting away the dishes. Children can be wonderful companions, but also excellent assets that can help you around the house, something they should do if they truly want to be a positive part of the family.

These are just a few of the tips that you might want to consider using if you are serious about making the interior of your home look much better than it has in years. It is common for people to throw things simply into a cupboard, or in their pantry, and once they close the door they don’t have to worry about it until they need something. It is then that they realized that their habit of throwing everything and is not the best choice to make. By getting a little more organized and getting used to the places where everything goes, you can save yourself hours every week. By not having to look for the things that should simply be right in front of you. Finally, make sure to work with your family, helping to train them, in the same way, making them contributive parts of the family. Once you are done showing them what to do, and after you have established your patterns for becoming much more neat and cleanly, your household will be an efficient place, not to mention a cleaner place, which you will appreciate more than ever.

Convenient And Simple Home Cleaning Tips For The Busy Moms

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You are a mom who has a lot on her plate. Your daily planner may consist of driving the children to school, changing diapers, doing endless loads of laundry, planning out the family budget and taking the kids to all of their extracurricular activities. These are just a few of the things that are probably already on your to-do list that are also making it hard for you to complete any of the household chores.

Although you are often busy, you know that the house is not going just to clean itself. You may cringe at the thought of having to dedicate an entire day to cleaning every single room in the home. Luckily, you do not have to do that. There are tons of simple cleaning tips for busy moms that will make it easier for you to keep the home clean without the stress and frustration.

Use Your Time Wisely

You get the children down for bed, and you think to yourself, “Ah! This is the perfect time for me to sit and relax.” Instead of heading directly over to sit down and rest, considering doing one last chore since the children are no longer in the way. In fact, you may want to choose one of the tasks that are often too difficult for you to do with the kids running around. Once you complete the task, you will feel relieved that you got it done and are ahead for the next day.

Take Advantage of Your Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher and you have only been using it for your dishes, it is time for you to get in on a fantastic little secret. Did you know that you can wash some of your children’s toys in the dishwasher?

Check before you place them in there because the last thing you want to do is destroy one of your child’s favorite items. As long as they are dishwasher safe, plop them on in and let the dishwasher do all the work while you read a book, take a bubble bath or watch something on television without any of the interruptions that you deal with all the time.

Make Your Own Carpet Stain Remover

When you see the kind of stains that your children often leave on the floor, you probably say, “Why in the world did we get this carpet in the first place?” Keeping a carpet clean takes a lot of effort and time, but you may not have all of this time to work on it. Instead of spending hours scrubbing a stain out with soap and water, make a stain removal cleaner and let it soak into the carpet while you are taking care of other tasks.

You can mix baking soda with vinegar and use it for the stain removal process. Just squirt a bit of it on top of the stain and then keep it on top of the carpet for at least one hour. When the allotted time has passed, start scrubbing gently and watch as the stain begins to go away. Yes, it is that simple!

Some stains are obviously more stubborn than others. You may run into a few stains that seem nearly impossible to get rid of the first time around. In that case, continue using the carpet stain remover a few extra times to get the best results.

Remove Nearly Any Stain

Notice difficult stains on your children’s clothing when you are trying to do the wash? Mix a bit of Dawn dish detergent with peroxide and scrub it right on the stain. Be advised that you should not use the peroxide on colorful clothing. However, it works well for white clothes and other things around the home, including stains on the walls and towels.

Give Your Bathroom a Quick Cleaning

The shower doors seem to have a bit of soap scum on them, and the bathtub does not look nearly as white as it once did, so you know that you need to do something about it. However, the bathroom may be your least favorite place to clean. If that is your current dilemma, there is some good news; you can take an easier approach to getting your bathroom clean.

For starters, stick the drain in the bathtub and pour bleach inside of it. Open windows to allow air to circulate through and do not hang out for long in the bathroom while the bleach is sitting. After allowing it to sit in the tub for an hour, rinse it out with hot water. The tub will look brighter and much whiter.

If you have some dryer sheets in the home, grab a few and take them to the bathroom. Wipe away that icky and annoying soap scum with the sheet. It will easily take it all off so that you no longer have to see the scum. You can use one of these sheets each time you start to notice that scum was lingering around your shower doors and walls.

Stay Organized With Your Cleaning

Make your planner or schedule for cleaning. It may be easier for you to get things done if you know what needs to be handled ahead of time. There are some days where you may not be able to get nearly as much housework done as you would like, especially if the children are keeping you busy. However, you can create an extensive list of all the things you would like to do and then mark them off as you go along.

If some of your children are old enough, do not forget to include them in on the household chores. You can have them clean their bedrooms, make beds, wash dishes and even sweep the floor. If you feel like being generous, you can offer some incentives to encourage them to get more cleaning done. After all, if they are helping out and getting work done, it means that you will have much less work to do.


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There are tips that every family should use when they are cleaning their homes. It is the responsibility of every family to maintain the house as clean as possible. You will notice that even small children have a role to play in ensuring the house is as clean as possible. It is not fair to burden your mom to do the cleaning alone. Here are a few tips you can incorporate into your home:

Clean up any mess immediately. With time, you will adapt to this method that is very effective. We both know if you leave a mess unattended to, chances are you will not come back to take care of. It should be a habit to clean your house as you go. This will save you time and energy. You home will always be organized at all times. If you were your dishes as you cook, you would avoid an unnecessary pile of dirty dishes.
You should set aside some time purposefully to clean your house. 10 to 20 minutes a day is enough. Most people are tempted to clean their houses at once – if you can do this, then keep it up. However, most of us do not have the time or the energy to clean the whole house at once. It will be great if you start with one part of the house – the bathroom of your kitchen. This is the two rooms that you should ensure they are clean at all times.
Ensure you have a box where you place all the items you are not using. These are times like toys, clothes, books or anything else you feel like you do not need. Maintain a recording system, label the items with the date you placed them in the box and you may decide to through them away after one week. You do not have to through them away; you can sell, trash or donate them. The main idea after this is to get rid of all items you are not using.
If you are a TV fan, you should clean your house during commercial breaks. As you watch your favorite shows on TV, you should do some simple tasks during commercials breaks. These are simple tasks like putting shoes away or placing school bags at the right place. The work you will do in a ½ hour show equals to around 1 hour of work. This will also bring a feeling of a game, not necessary chores.
Never retire to your bed if your kitchen is dirty. Even if you won’t clean the dishes immediately after your meal, do not sleep before your kitchen is clean. This is a good way to avoid unmanageable mess piling in your kitchen. After every meal clean all the dishes. If you have a dishwasher, your work will be easier.
If you use your sink, ensure you leave as it clean as possible. You can use soap and water to wipe it clean then dry it up with a dry cloth. It will be helpful if you then again rinse it with clean water. This is a very vital step that most people avoid leaving their sink dirty and in a mess. It will only take a few minutes to complete.
The mirror in your bathroom should be maintained as clean as you can. There is glass cleaner you can use to remove the tough stains on the mirror. After spraying with the glass cleaner, use a cloth to wipe it off quickly. This is a simple process that will take a few seconds of your time. If your mirror does not have spots or debris, you can skip this step.
Your bathroom sink should be as clean as possible. Use the same cloth you used with your mirror to wipe the sink clean. There are commercial cleaners that are effective in removing tough stains on your sink. Spray the cleaner and use a dry cloth to clean it up. This is a process that should take you less than 30 seconds – unless you are faced with tough stains.
Take your two minutes and spread your bed neat. If you find yourself in a hurry, just cover the unkempt bed sheets with your comforter – ensure that it appears smooth. However, ensure you make it well when you get the chance. Have a way of dealing with your dirty clothes – you can put them on a hanger or through them into a cleaning basket – you will maintain a clutter free bedroom.
Clean your night stand every night. You should get rid of old cigarette ashtrays, old water glasses, magazines or any other item you feel you will not be using that night. Get rid of such items and place them in their right places – this cleaning process will take less than a minute.
You should maintain a clean living room. This is the face of your home. Ensure that your sofas are clean, and there are no unnecessary items on them. Make sure you remove books, junk or toys, pillows, and fluffy. If you have throw blankets, keep them neatly folded and placed at the right place. This will take around 2 minutes.
Use a clean cloth to wipe dirty or dusty table surfaces. This will help in removing prints, crumbs or water rings. This should be done on a daily basis to ensure that the stains do not stick and become hard to clean. You will also save enough time to do other chores. If you have a vacuum machine, use it to clean your floor and carpet. You should clean under tables and sofas too.
You will be doing futile work if you will not maintain your house as clean as possible, it is recommended to do a maintenance cleaning every week. This is the time to dust off your bookshelves, desk and any other place you can find dust. It is the time to vacuum your carpet and floor. You can also be your sheets and wipe your dirty windows. Cleaning your home is your daily responsibility.

What To Look for In Cleaning Services In Queens

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Finding a good cleaning service company in Queens can save you a lot of trouble and time. The fact is, finding a reputable cleaning service company is going to allow you to spend more times doing the things that you enjoy doing and less time doing the things that you don’t like to do. However, to be able to find a reputable cleaning company, you need to do a sufficient amount of research to ensure that you do not choose the wrong one. In this article, we will be going over some of the things that you should look for when you are trying to choose cleaning services in Queens.

Choosing Cleaning Services In Queens:

1. Experience.

It is always wise to look for experience when you are first trying to distinguish the good companies from the bad. You should be able to find a good amount of companies that fit this criterion. Ideally, you are going to want to try to find the companies that have been in the cleaning service business for a minimum of 5 years. This amount of time should be sufficient to prove that the company is reputable as a whole.

2. Reputation.

Another thing that you should always check for is that the company has a good reputation. The reputation of the company that you are considering is important because you want to be sure that you find a company that has a good one. This way, you are going to be able to find a company that you know is going to perform well because they have the reputation to back it up. Never choose a company that has a straight up poor reputation because the chances of them performing well for you are going to be slim. Always try to look at other people’s experiences if you want to avoid hiring a bad company for cleaning services.

3. Pricing.

Another factor that you should consider when you are trying to find a company to clean your residence is the pricing. The pricing is a very important factor to consider because you are going to want to find the company that is going to be able to give you the best bang for your buck. The key to being able to do this is to be able to effectively research the market and compare rates. A lot of cleaning companies will offer competitive pricing that is on par with the type of service that they provide. Therefore, do not always choose the least expensive option because a lot of the times you get what you pay for.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that you should be looking for when you are trying to find the ideal cleaning service company to hire. It is always a good idea to do a significant amount of research before making your final hiring decision. Be sure to check out the reputation of each of the companies before making a final decision.

What Cleaning Supplies Do I Need For an Apartment

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New Apartment Cleaning Supplies

New Apartment Cleaning Supplies

It’s practically difficult to make a general cleaning supply list that fits each home. Each family and house is unique, making their cleaning needs also different. Rather than a rundown of each cleaning tool and cleaning agent available, this basic cleaning supply list is separated into 6 classifications of tools. Utilize these classes as a beginning stage for making your own basic cleaning supply list.

Dusting Supplies

Dusting is a vital job with a recurrence that relies upon your way of life, decorations, and any breathing and allergy issues family and guests may have. Dust can really bring about scratching and harm to household surfaces. Dust, additionally, displays hypersensitivity and breathing issues for some individuals.

In the event that nobody in your family experiences hypersensitivities, you won’t need to stress over the well-being impacts of dust as frequently as different families do. On the off chance that you do have an allergic person in your home, you may need to clean spots that draw in dust like gadgets and furniture fortnightly or week after week. Dust door jambs, roofs, baseboards every 1-2 weeks to keep a development that can trigger an unfavorably allergic response. Make sure to utilize a cleaning tool that won’t simply spread the dust over into the air.

Tools for dusting will likewise vary with individual preference although I recommend the following:

  • Microfiber Cloths (for general and complicated tidying)
  • Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Attachment (for high roofs, dividers, corners)
  • Dusting Spray and/or
  • Furniture Polish



Indeed, even the smallest family produces a considerable amount of trash and waste. The tools that deals with trash are simple, however, they are an essential segment of making your household run easily.

These tools are great to consider:

  • Trash cans(for each room or region in the house)
  • Trash can liners (these can be reused basic need sacks, or locally acquired liners)
  • Baking Soda
  • Recycling Bins(labeled for simple sorting)

General Surface Cleaning

The truth of the matter is that each surface in our homes gets dirty. We require a decent cleaner to keep all the smudges, spills, and sticky spots clean. Our closest companion is a decent all-purpose cleaner, yet you may need an extra cleaner or two for general cleaning around the house.

  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Kitchen Cleaner or Wipes
  • Bathroom Cleaner or Wipes
  • Sponges
  • Paper Towels
  • Cleaning Cloths

A helpful suggestion: One of the issues with the utilization of antibacterial cleaners is that, to be compelling, they have to be left at for up to two minutes prior to being wiped away. Numerous individuals are not patient to permit the antibacterial cleaners to have sufficient energy to work. There are advantages to antibacterial cleaners. While washing with cleanser and water uproots a considerable measure without anyone else’s input, antibacterial cleaning agents lessens the possibility of microbes further for a longer span of time, which may be a benefit in a household where somebody is sick or has resistant issues.



Our floors endure the worst part of the dirt that comes into our home. Things are spilled on, followed over, and spread through our floors once a day. Cleaning supplies expected to clean floors will rely on upon the sort of floors that a home has. On the off chance that you are similar to many individuals, your home has a couple of distinctive floor types. Consider the type of flooring you have before obtaining supplies. The frequency of your mopping will be dictated by how frequently it is required. With a few little children. Depending on the activity of your floors, you may need to wipe week by week, semiweekly or in a few zones just month to month.

On the other hand, it’s best to wipe up obvious dirt as it happens to keep you from scrubbing on your mopping day.

  • Floor brush
  • Dustpan
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mop
  • Mop Bucket
  • Wiping Solution for floor sort
  • Shine

Tips For Moving Into A New Apartment Cleaning

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Moving into a new apartment

When moving into a new place, the first thing you should have to do is to make notes of all the things that need to be cleaned. It’s not good to rely only on your new landlord or landlady about the cleaning of your apartment. It is still better if you will do the cleaning to fully record what your apartment needs. However, since you are usually busy with stuff and work, you probably don’t have a chance to do a full cleaning before your things arrive. For this reason, you have to clean around with your stuff. Although inconvenient, it works as long as you have patience.

Since cleaning is a duty and requires a lot of your time and effort, you might need help on how to plan for the details and on how to do the cleaning and repairing fast and less hassle. The steps are as follows:



All hate a dirty kitchen, right?Well, who doesn’t? A kitchen should be the cleanest part of the house beside the bathroom. A dirty kitchen and sink are not an ideal place for cooking and processing food. You have to get rid about catching a disease because of germs. You should take priority on this first before treating the other rooms. And for you to do that, you should clean cupboards, drawers and pantry. Replace shelf and drawer liners if necessary. And if the apartment is equipped with a microwave, boil a cup of water inside it and let it set for a minute to loosen the cooked-on food. Also use a disinfectant cleaner to wipe clean the refrigerator, oven, and stovetop.


Cleaning the bathroom is a must. If possible, replace your old toilet seat with a new one. You also have to use disinfectant spray or wipes on faucets, toilet flushers, cupboard handles, doorknobs, shower door handles and any other areas you touch with your hands. Moreover, you also need to clean mirrors, light fixtures and other glass surfaces with glass cleaner; clean bathtub, shower and lastly, scrub the floor.


Cleaning closets should also be organized and cleaned to let you unpack a lot of boxes and will get your clothing hanging up. Doing so will make you stop from living out of boxes and luggage. Also, clean the floors, wipe down any shelving, and clean the walls and door.

  1. WALLS

Cleaning walls is one of the things need to be cleaned when moving in into a new apartment. They get surprisingly dirty every time so they should be treated neat and new. Giving the walls a new paint or a wipe-down will eliminate any cobwebs, dust, and fingerprints left behind by the previous occupant.


Unlike the walls, the doors and trim are likely not painted. It can often go unnoticed, but if you take a good firm look, you might notice that the doors and trim are filthy. Wiping them down will go a long way.


Cleaning the visiting area of the house is also an important thing to consider. Since this is where your friends and visitors stay every time, it is better if you make it beautiful, creative and comfortable. You need to dust the room from the top town by starting with the ceiling, light fixtures, ceiling fans, window frames, walls, window casings and sills, walls and baseboards. Afterwards, clean the glass surfaces with glass cleaner, dust shelving and polish wood fixtures and vacuum and steam clean carpets.


Cleaning when moving in is a big deal. So, be sure to follow all the steps to begin your new home with comfort and neatness.


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Well, as a New Yorker, there is a need to know about the city’s jokes and funny expressions for you not to be left out the culture. But if you still a newbie in the city, no worries for we will tell you some of the famous jokes about living in NYC. Check it out and laugh!


“I’ve been living in the city for 15 years; I have no idea where the train is going. The worst is when the train goes express on a whim. Like mid-ride, they decide, let’s not stop. Why are we stopping? Let’s just go. And let’s not tell them either. Or let’s tell them as the doors are closing. [Closing doors sound] ‘Next stop 205th Street.’ The worst thing is you can’t react, you know? I can’t go, ‘Oh my god, somebody helps me! I don’t belong on this train! That’s not my area up there!’ You can’t do that. When you get there, you got to get out like, Alright, I’m home. Yeah. Nice to be back on 6 Trillionth Street.”
Louis C.K
“I love how New York is so multicultural. I wish I were ethnic; I’m nothing. ’Cause if you’re Hispanic, and you get angry, people are like, He’s got a Latin temper. But if you’re a white guy, and you get angry, people are like, that guy’s jerk. Stay away from him. He’s a turd.”
Jim Gaffigan
“I live in New York. I love this city; it’s a great city. But I hate when people go, New York City: 8 million people, 8 million stories. They’re three New York stories, alright: There’s ‘I moved here,’ ‘I lived here all my life’ and Ghostbusters.”
Mike Lawrence
“I know the guy who writes all those bumper stickers. He hates New York.”
Steven Wright
“I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is a very hip, cool neighborhood in New York. And all that means is that I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful girls who wear defiantly dark clothing and a lot of dudes who look like they’re about to operate a steam engine.”
Joe Mande
“In L.A., wealthy people live with rich people and poor people live with poor the. In New York, that’s from building to building. Like I asked my friend, I said, ‘Man, what’s good building?’ He said, ‘ good building, you got a doorman. A dangerous building, you just got a guy in a door.’”
D.L. Hughley
“It’s a thrill to be in New York. But I’m frazzled to the point where things are a little tweak. I didn’t get much sleep. I’d flown in yesterday, and I had this very weird, genuine New York moment. I was on an elevator in a building in Manhattan. There was a guy on the elevator with me. Looked exactly like Spalding Gray. And my first thought was not, He committed suicide years ago. It was like, You pulled it off. My lips are sealed bro. Looking forward to the show.”
Marc Maron
“New York’s such a wonderful city. Although I was at the library today. The guy was obscene. I said, ‘I’d like a card.’ He said, ‘You have to prove you’re a citizen of New York.’ So I stabbed him.”
Emo Philips
“I’ve got to tell you; that’s a gorgeous four-and-a-half hour drive in from the airport.”
Jimmy Pardo
“There are so many people in this city, so much happening, that it’s impossible to tell if your apartment is haunted. Think about that that’s true. Because you can hear anything, at any hour — there’s always something to blame it on.”
Pete Holmes
“Even if you like New York, you’ll admit it’s not a beautiful place. It does things to a person. My uncle — 10 years ago, this guy was a prominent judge in Manhattan; now, he’s a wino living in Central Park. But out of respect people still say, ‘May I approach the bench?’ And that’s sweet.”
Jonathan Katz
“I live in Los Angeles. For a long time, I was very ambivalent about living in LA. I realized it was because of all of my New York friends; they are the ones who put it in my head, ‘You live in this shallow, plastic, sell-out town. You got to move to New York, that’s where it happens, man.’ So last year I moved to New York; I lived in New York for a month. And now I know why all of my New York friends want me to get there. They want another warm body between them and the constant spray of sh*t and horror that you are subjected to.”
Patton Oswalt
“When you’re in Manhattan, you don’t get scared no matter how fast the cab goes. ‘He’s driving fast and recklessly, but he’s a professional. He’s got a cab drivers’ license; I can see it right there. I don’t know what you need to get a cab drivers’ license. I think all you need is a face. This seems to be their primary qualification. No whiteheads are allowed to drive a cab in this town.”
Jerry Seinfeld
Joke #1:
Q. What’s the difference between a University of Buffalo sorority sister and a scarecrow?
A. One lives in a field and is stuffed with hay. The other frightens birds and small animals.
Joke #2:
Q: What’s the only thing that grows in Buffalo?
A: The Crime Rate!
Joke #3:
Q: What’s the only thing that grows in Buffalo?
A: The swelling from your head from getting jacked!
Joke #4:
Q: Why couldn’t the baby Jesus be born in New York?
A: Because they couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin.
Joke #5:
Q: Why do University of Buffalo grads keep their diplomas on their dashboards?
A: So they can park in handicap spaces.
Joke #6:
Q: Where do fat cows go on vacation?
A: Moo York.
Joke #7:
Q: What do you call a good looking girl on the University of Buffalo campus?
A: A visitor.
Joke #8:
Q: Why don’t Syracuse football players sink in the Great Lakes?
A: Because crap floats…
Joke #9:
Q: What does an NYU grad call a Columbia grad in 5 years?
A: Boss! I’m not saying St Johns basketball players are dumb, but the coach is dressing six players for this Saturday’s game. The rest will cover.
Joke #10
Q: Why is “The Wave” banned in the Carrier Dome?
A: Two Orangemen fans drowned last year.
Joke #11
Q: Why did the New York regents decide to cover the Carrier Dome in cardboard?
A: Because the Orangemen always look better on paper.
Joke #12
Q: What happens when blondes move from New Jersey to New York?
A: Both states become smarter!
Joke #13
Q: Why aren’t Buffalo cheerleaders allowed to do the splits?
A: They stick to the ground.
Joke #14
Q: Why do all the trees in Massachusetts lean west?
A: New York Sucks
Joke #15
Q: What does a girl from the “Big Apple” do if she’s not in bed by 10 pm?
A: Go Home.
Joke #16
Q: Why do Orangemen basketball players use body heat activated deodorant?
A: Because it’s the closest they will come to getting a “Degree”.
Joke #17
Q: Why do Juilliard students have such beautiful noses?
A: They’re hand-picked.

Joke #18
Q: Why did Syracuse disband its water polo team?
A: All the horses drowned.
Joke #19
Q: What’s the difference between a Buffalo diploma and toilet paper?
A: About $80,000 per sheet.
Joke #20
Q: What does it say on the back of every University of Buffalo diploma?
A: Will Work for Food.
Joke #21
Q: Why did the University of Buffalo grad cross the road?
A: Better question why is he out of jail?
Joke #22
Q: How does a dumb blonde get into college?
A: She applies to the University of Buffalo.
Joke #23
Q: What do you call a group of cows that judge a book?
A: The Moo-York-Times!
Joke #24
Q: Why did Syracuse change their uniforms to Orange?
A: So they can play the game, direct traffic, and pick up trash without breaking.
Joke #25
Q: What’s the one thing that keeps Seton Hall basketball players from graduating?
A: Going to Class.
Joke #26
Q: Why did the Syracuse football team cross the road?
A: Because it was easier than crossing the goal line.

Joke #27
Q: How is a Buffalo girl different from a bowling ball?
A: Sometimes a bowling ball is hard to pick up.
Joke #28
Q: What do New Mexico grads use for Birth Control?
A: Their personalities.
Joke #29
Q: How do you break a Juilliard grads finger?
A: Punch him in the nose.
Joke #30
Q: How do you get a Syracuse fan to laugh all weekend long?
A: Tell him a joke Monday morning.
Joke #31
Q: Why do Buffalo fans smell so bad?
A: So blind people can hate them too.
Joke #32
Q: Why did Syracuse change their field from grass to artificial turf?
A: To keep the Orange cheerleaders from grazing the field at halftime.
Joke #33
Q: Did you hear that 9 out of 10 codes are good looking?
A: The other one goes to the University of Buffalo.
Joke #34
Q: What’s the difference between Buffalo and yogurt?
A: Yogurt has an active living culture.
Joke #35
Q: Why do the Syracuse Orange eat cereal straight from the box?
A: They choke whenever they get near a bowl.

Joke #36
Q: What’s the difference between Carrier Dome and a cactus?
A: The cactus has its pricks on the outside.
Joke #37
Q: What separates a good team from a great team?
A: The Massachusetts-New York border.
Joke #38
Q: How do you confuse a Buffalo student?
A: You can’t they were born that way.
Joke #39
Q: How do you get from Boston to New York City?
A: Go south until you smell shit and west until you step in it.
Joke #40
Q: What will you never hear a Buffalo grad say?
A: “I have reviewed your application……”
Joke #41
Q: Did you hear about the power outage at the Syracuse University Library?
A: Thirty students were stuck on the escalator for three hours.
Joke #42
Q: Did you hear about the fire in the Syracuse University football dorm that destroyed 20 books?
A: The real tragedy was that 15 hadn’t been colored yet.
Joke #43
Q: What does the average University of Buffalo student get on his SAT?
A: Drool.
Joke #44
Q: How many University of Buffalo freshman does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None, it’s a sophomore course.

Joke #45
Q: How do you make Syracuse University cookies?
A: Put them in a big Bowl and beat for 3 hours.
Joke #46
Q: If you have a car containing a Syracuse wide receiver, a Syracuse linebacker, and a Syracuse defensive back, who is driving the car?
A: The cop.
Joke #47
Q: What is the definition of safe sex down in Syracuse?
A: Placing signs on the animals that kick.
Joke #48
Q: How do you castrate a Syracuse Orange fan?
A: Kick his sister in the mouth
Joke #49
Q: What’s the difference between the Syracuse Orange and cheerios?
A: One belongs in a bowl. The other doesn’t!
Joke #50
Q: Why do New York students have TGIF on their shoes?
A: Toes Go In First!
Joke #51
Q. What do you get when you drive quickly through the University of Buffalo campus?
A. An undergraduate degree.
Joke #52
Q: Why are rectal thermometers banned at the University of Buffalo?
A: They cause too much brain damage!
Joke #53
Q: What should you do if you find three Syracuse University football fans buried up to their neck in cement?
A: Get more cement.

Joke #54
Q: What’s the difference between a Syracuse Orange fan and a carp?
A: One is a bottom-feeding, scum sucker, and the other is a fish.
Joke #55
Q. Why do they sell so many button-fly jeans in Buffalo?
A. Because the sheep can hear the zippers a mile away.
Joke #56
Q. How did the Syracuse Orange grad die from drinking milk?
A. The cow fell on him!
Joke #57
Q: What is the definition of a New York City virgin?
A: An ugly twelve-year-old who can outrun her brothers…
Joke #58
Q: What do they call students who go to Syracuse?
A: Rejects from NYU!
Joke #59
Q: What does a Syracuse Orange fan do when his team has won the BCS championship?
A: He turns off the PlayStation 3.
Joke #60
Q: What do you call a Syracuse Orangemen in a BCS bowl game?
A: A referee.
Joke #61
Q: What do Syracuse and NYU students have in common?
A: They both got into Syracuse!
Joke #62
Q: What’s the difference between a Syracuse football player and a dollar?
A: You can get four quarters out of a dollar.

Joke #63
Q: Did you hear that Syracuse’s football team doesn’t have a website?
A: They can’t string three “Ws” together.
Joke #64
Q: How many University of Buffalo grads does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. Lava lamps don’t burn out man!
Joke #65
Q: What are the best four years of a University of Buffalo grads life?
A: Third grade
Joke #66
Q: What do a New York native and a bottle of beer have in common?
A: They’re both empty from the neck up.
Joke #67
Q: What do tornadoes and graduates from the University of Buffalo have in common?
A: They both end up in trailer parks.
Joke #68
Q: What do Syracuse University and pot have in common?
A: They both get smoked in bowls!
Joke #69
Q. How do they separate the men from the boys at the University of Buffalo?
A. With a restraining order.
Joke #70
Q. What’s the first thing a New York girl does when she wakes up in the morning?
A. Walks home.
Joke #71
Q: What do you call a Syracuse football player with a championship ring?
A: A thief!

Joke #72
Q: What is a Syracuse fan’s favorite whine?
A: “We can’t beat West Virginia.”
Joke #73
Q: Why does a Syracuse fan pour his cereal on a plate?
A: He lost his bowls.
Joke #74
Q: How do you stop a Syracuse fan from beating his wife?
A: Dress her in West Virginia Black and Gold!
Joke #75
Q: What did the Syracuse female say after sex?
A: “Get off me Dad, you’re crushing my smokes!”
Joke #76
Q: What is the difference between a bucket of shit and a Syracuse fan?
A: The bucket.
Joke #77
Q: Why do they not serve ice in drinks at Orangemen games anymore?
A: The student who knew the recipe graduated
Joke #78
Falling in Love
A man fell in love with the girl of his dreams. They were perfect for each other, except for one minor problem: She was a Rutgers Scarlet Knights fan, and he was a Pittsburgh Panthers fan. He decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and become a Scarlet Knights fan.
He went to the doctor and asked if there was an easy way to do this. The doctor replied, “Yes, it’s a very simple procedure. What we do is go in and remove half your brain. When you wake up, you will be a Rutgers Scarlett Knights fan.” The man agrees, and the next week goes into surgery.
After he wakes up, the doctor comes up to him concerned. “Sir, I apologize, but there was a mix-up with the scalpel. Instead of removing half your brain we removed 3/4 of it. How do you feel?”
The man sat up, looked around, and said “GO ORANGEMEN!”

Joke #79
One day, a kid and his mom were walking past a cemetery when they passed a grave, and the son stopped to read it.
He read aloud “Here lies a Syracuse graduate and a great man.”
The kid then says, “Mom I don’t get it.”
The mom says, “Why not?”
The kid says, “Why are there two people buried here?”
Joke #80
Sheep Coitus
A West Virginia Mountaineers fan and a Syracuse Orangemen fan were driving along when all of a sudden the West Virginia fan slams on the brakes.
There was a sheep with her head stuck in the fence and the West Virginia fan said,
“We Mountaineers never pass up an opportunity like this!”
And he gets out and has his way with the sheep.
Then he says to the Syracuse fan, “Your turn”… And the Orangemen fan bends over and sticks his head in the fence.