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Organize Your Spring Cleaning By Having a Proper Schedule and All the Needed Products

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a sort of ritual followed almost all over the world, and refers to an annual exercise of cleaning all parts of a home or premises, when every square inch of floor, walls and cupboard space is given a thorough cleaning.

In the Western world, this ritual is undertaken in March, as that is the springtime and the time when the weather is at its best. Hence the name- spring cleaning. Different parts of the world follow different times for this annual exercise and in Iran it is just before the Persian New Year, while in India it would be just before the festival of lights or Dipavali, which is also the New Year for many communities. Most households will have a normal cleaning routine that is followed all the year round, but when spring cleaning is to be done, it involves, taking down every item from where it is stored and then being cleaned. Books, curious and the cutlery in the home will get a thorough cleaning, as will all the shelves and cupboards that house them. All drapes and furnishings may also be washed or dry cleaned or changed. Doors and windows will also be cleaned and made spotless. In many countries, this is the time when winter has finally gone away, and the ritual of spring cleaning may require the winter clothes to be kept away, for reuse the following year. Mattresses will be aired and flipped and given new linen. A similar exercise is also undertaken by commercial establishments and offices and is also a form of stocktaking.

Before you start on any spring cleaning activities, it can help to go through the home, room by room, and make a list of areas and spaces that need particular attention. Top of the list has to be the wall, the corners of ceilings, ceiling fans, windows, tops of cupboards and furniture. Get yourself a good broom, one with extendable handles so that you can reach every part of the home, especially the ceilings. They can be very helpful in removing all the cobwebs, that you are bound to find in difficult to reach corners, which normally get ignored during daily cleaning activities. Also, make sure that you have some cleaners to take care of difficult stains on floors, walls, furniture, doors windows, glass top tables and others. It can do no harm if you take the trouble to get to cleaners that are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Of course, the best cleaner for spring cleaning continues to be plain water and soap and a lot of elbow grease. You can also get a lot of help from having vacuum cleaners as one of the products that can make spring cleaning easier. Scrub brushes can give better results than just plain mops though they will require greater effort, but the final result of the cleaning will make your floors and walls nice and gleaming.

Do not forget your carpets and furnishings. If they are small, these items can be taken out of the home and given a thorough beating to remove all the dust, and then must be vacuumed to remove all traces of the loosened dust. It makes sense to take up one room at a time and concentrate on every item in it. This way, the entire home is not upset, and the other areas continue to be livable. Take special care in kitchens and bathrooms, as these are the areas that are most likely to have a lot of germs and bacteria around. And do not forget the basement or attic or any place like the garage, where you store a lot of things. It may not be a bad idea during such spring cleaning to take an inventory of all the things you have stored, and get rid of things that are really of no further use to you. You will reduce the clutter and have less to clean.

Your initial survey of all the rooms will have given you a good idea of the work to be undertaken, and it can do no harm to draw up a schedule for carrying out the work. Get members of your family to help, and convert it into a sort of fun game, more like a picnic, with lots of food and drink, during the breaks that such activities do need, if they are to be sustained. Make sure that you have a good supply of brooms, mops, cleaners and other supplies. If your carpets are wall to wall, it can do no harm to coincide your spring cleaning with some steam cleaning done by an agency. These people can also steam clean furnishings if you so desire. A rough guide is to set aside as many days for spring cleaning, as you have rooms in your home. If your cleaning activities can only be undertaken on weekends, make necessary allowance for this. It is also possible to get in cleaning services to undertake such intensive cleaning, and you will be well served, if you get in the agency to inspect your home and give them details of what you expect from the job. They may undertake to do this within a couple of days, and you will have to make sure that their schedule matches your own.

Spring cleaning time is also when you can completely reorganize all your cupboards and storage so that things are kept away in a disciplined manner, where everything has its place, and it becomes easier to find. Use this time to remove all the clutter from your home, by organizing a garden sale, or give things to charities, which will be very glad to receive your handouts. You can always reduce the need for spring cleaning if you periodically go through the things in your home and ensure that you never accumulate any unwanted things. Once you have finished the spring cleaning of your home, hold a small party to celebrate the event and that you now have a home that you are proud of.

10 Ways Of Removing Laundry Stains

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Most people feel unenthusiastic about doing laundry and it becomes worse if the clothes are stained. It doesn’t get better with kids around since kids and stains seem to go hand in hand. You never see laundry stains coming therefore instead of being all cautious, in the process missing out on something fun, it is better to know the various ways you can get rid of them. There are various stains that are seemingly impossible to remove like ink, red wine, iron scorch marks, rust or sweat stains. If you are frustrated about such stains, worry no more, the stains are not as tough as they seem if tackled the right way. Stains are not only common annoyances but also very uneconomical. If you want to preserve your favorite clothes, it is wise to learn how to work your way through stains.

Tackling stains while still fresh is essential and goes a long way to save you time and achieving stain-free clothes. Prevention being better than cure, you can try wearing an overall or an apron while doing ‘dirty tasks’. With that said, the following are ways you can fight laundry stains effectively:

Avoid The Stain From Setting

This simply means that you act on the stain immediately. If you let it set, the only solution to removing the discoloration will be cutting the cloth off. You can prevent the stain from setting through various ways. You can wipe it off immediately ensuring you use as little pressure as possible. You should also keep away from any source of heat because it accelerates the stain setting on the cloth. Though with some solid stains such as mud, it’s easier to remove when dry. This helps in preventing the stain becoming permanent.

Soak the stain In cold water

After gently dabbing the stain off, you can use water as treatment. Cold water is most advisable because hot water can set protein stains. Water is easily accessible and cheap to almost everyone. Though you should note that when used alone, it is not very effective. When using water, it is more effective to splash the stain off from the back side of the cloth. This helps in pushing out more stains from the fabric.

Apply salt

Salt is applied after you have wet the cloth, which acts as an absorbent on the surface where the stain chemicals will have accumulated. This simple action will help you have an easy time while cleaning your garment. It will also increase the probability of your cloth being spotless after cleaning. It works best with sweat and blood stains.

Don’t use soap

Immediately using soap as you aggressively scrub the stain is the biggest mistake most people make. This action will actually lead to the stain setting on the cloth thus being permanent. Using plain water for stain removal is effective enough since it removes most of the stain before you begin actual cleaning.

Getting The Right Treatment For The Type Of Cloth

Frankly, most solvents can remove multiple stains. Though it is wise to know what suits your type of cloth better. For instance, wool is more heat sensitive than cotton, and as much as you can soak it, bleaches and acidic treatment (that can be used in cotton) will cause permanent distortion. Mild acids such as vinegar and lemon juice are great for coffee, tea and grass stains on most fabrics but can’t be used on wool. Some stains are not going to give way to only one type of treatment and will, therefore, require multiple treatments for better results.

Removing grass stain

You don’t have to cringe at the thought of removing grass stains when your kids are out playing. There are various economical ways to lift grass stains. You can mix undiluted vinegar and baking soda then apply it on the stain. Instead of the vinegar and baking soda paste, you can use toothpaste and apply a coat to the stain. Then finally after some time launder it.

Removing lipstick stain

Don’t let lipstick restrain you or other people from showing love. If you get the stain, you can remove it by use of surgical spirit or hairspray. When using surgical spirit, damp some cotton wool with the spirit then blot the stain away. Then rinse with cold water. When using hairspray, spray the stain then leave it for 20 minutes. Damp a piece of cloth on warm water then use it to wipe away the hairspray. Launder the cloth as usual.


You’d roll your eyes if you had a cut, then someone tells you to be careful not to stain your cloth. You might even think they are insane. On that account, blood stains are not pleasant but can easily be removed especially when fresh. The easiest way is by wetting the stain with plenty of cold water. Then sprinkle the stain with table salt as you rub the cloth against each other. You can also pour vinegar on the stain and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Ink Stains

Count yourself lucky if you get a water-based ink stain because it is easy to remove. On the other hand, permanent ink stains can be a nightmare. You can either use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Put the stained part on a piece of white towel or cloth. Then blot the stain with the rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Though you should know, the latter is more aggressive than the former and may damage your fabric. It is important to test first

Check before washing and drying

This is essential in preventing the stain from setting. If you dry your cloth thus exposing it to direct heat, this may cause the stain to become permanent. If you wash before checking, you might not give your laundry stains the attention they require.

Having stains on your clothes however cheap or expensive is not a good feeling. Incorporate some of the tips listed above for better results. Remember you don’t have to be too vigorous in rubbing your stain off, hence damaging your fabric. Always wash your fabric gently if you are doing it by hand.



Top Ten Songs That You Should Listen To While Cleaning Your Home

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Cleaning the house or doing the laundry are tasks that most people dread. Doing house chores is an inevitable activity despite the fact that it’s never enjoyable. If there was an alternative, most people would never do these house chores, but like they say if wishes were horses beggars would ride. These activities, however, can be made fun and thrilling.

Washing dishes sometimes seems like a task that takes an eternity to finish, but that notion can be turned around, just how do you do that? Music is the key, music has proven to be a good and reliable source of motivation when performing home chores. Different genre of songs ranging from pop to reggae to classic can just do the trick. With proper motivation, you will finish any task faster than you could even imagine. Here’s a list of several songs that you can make your cleaning experience a fun one.

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  1. Crazy in love by Beyoncé.

This is a very great song to kickstart your cleaning schedule on a weekend. It’s a beautiful song with very catchy lyrics and rhythmic flow.  This song is a collaborative effort between Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z. Beyoncé is a self-proclaimed queen and has great hits in both pop and hip-hop genre, this song is actually from her first solo album entitled Dangerously in love. This song generally talks about love and you won’t help yourself but sing along to the beautifully written lyrics. Beyoncé is well known for making great hits and whether you are watching its video or just listening to the audio, you can be sure this song will motivate you to a whole new level.


  1. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson.

If there’s a song from the album Uptown Special that will never disappoint you is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. Well, Bruno Mars is such a sensational singer and he really knows how to get to his audiences. Bruno Mars has employed his admirable dancing skills in the music video. This video will motivate you to dance a little bit as you go on with your duties. The creativity of the video and the beautiful lyrics will engage your mind thus helping you do your task easily and swiftly. However, be mindful when dancing as you clean your house since you can easily fall especially on a wet floor and hurt yourself.

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  1. Party rock anthem by LMFAO.

This song will charm you to the point where you will have to hit the rewind button not once, but severally. This song is a fusion of rock-and-roll and a bit of house. Just like its title, this song will turn your cleaning activities into a party. House music is always enthusiastic and they make any listener feel rejuvenated and fully psyched up. The video itself is full of creativity in terms of props and dancing skills. This is a song that will definitely rock you as you go on with your cleaning.

  1. Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Is cleaning your home a task that brings you down? Well, here’s a song that will change your attitude towards house chores and make you feel happy as you tackle all those house chores that make you feel so gloomy. Lyrics to this song have some deep sense of motivation making you feel nothing can bring your morale down. Clearly, Pharrell released this song knowing it will encourage people.

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  1. Time of our lives by Pitbull.

Pitbull and Ne-yo collaborated to give the music universe a very pleasant and beautiful song. This is a song that helps you forget about your troubles and makes you want to party all day. Time of our lives is a song that deserves to be on your playlist almost always. Everyone goes a through a dark patch at one point and they need comfort and motivation and Pitbull just knew how to do that. Listen to this song and you will feel motivated to clean.

 Related image

  1. Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

This song took the music universe by storm. The lyrics are easy to comprehend hence this song can easily engage your mind as you sweep the floor or as you clean your house. The concept of the video makes it more fun and attractive.


  1. Run the world by Beyoncé.

Beyoncé, popularly known as Queen Bee, is a talented singer who knows how to make you look for your dancing shoes. You won’t help but sing along to the lyrics of this song. This song speaks to women making them feel they are empowered to achieve anything in this world without being intimidated. Run the world will empower you mentally making you feel you are geared up to do any task even the most boring of tasks.

  1. Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

This is a song that will go down in musical history books as one of the best songs, if not the best. This is a pop song that will have you dance around the house as you do your house chores making the whole cleaning activity fun, you won’t even notice how fast time will fly.

 Image result for cleaning while dancing images

  1. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.

Cleaning with your spouse or lover will be turned into a romantic session by listening to this song. This is a love song and people have a great tendency of singing along such songs. if indeed love songs make you feel uplifted here’s a song that won’t disappoint you at any time.


  1. No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.

Love songs do have a special way of connecting with people’s hearts and souls, love songs always uplift people. Chris Brown is known for his amazing lyrics and breath-taking dance skills. This a song that will leave you wanting to hear it more and more.


Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a boring experience anymore, there is a wide range of music selections that can motivate you to do your tasks with a lot of psyche. If listening to music is your motivational factor, then this list is your best bet.

Simplest Ways To Help Your Children Clean Your Home.

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It is very difficult for one to get their children to do some chores or simple cleaning around the house without some frowning involved. The thought of entering your kid’s rooms is just tiring. Having to take a peek at their bathroom is another nightmare all by itself. However hard you think it is, it may turn out to be a walk in the park for you. No age is too young for them to start cleaning as long as you can communicate with them. Here are some very simple ways to help your kids learn how to clean your home.

  1. It doesn’t have to be a serious ordeal.

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Scolding your kids for them to do chores around the house will not help them at all. Punishing them using chores will make them hate those chores even more and in turn become rebellious. Explain to them why they have to do their chores and give them a hand as well. A good leader does not just sit around pointing out what is to be done, instead, he helps out to show that he is part of the team too.

  1. Start your kids early.

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Do not wait until your children are teenagers so that they can start handling chores. Start with them when they are toddlers but with minimal work, as they are not strong enough to handle complicated work. You could even come up with a song for them as they are sweeping those crumbs into the dustpan. This will be fun to them and it will act as bonding time between you and them. It is not advisable that you let them work for long, as they will get bored and hate the whole experience.

  1. Get some reward cards.

You don’t have to give tips every time your kids do chores but you could make it fun by leaving behind reward cards after two to three times when they finish with their chores. Place the cards where they are visible and at the point of the end of the chore. For instance, you could hang one on your trash can outside for them to site it as they are throwing out the trash or sneak up on them as they are doing the dishes and place the card on the kitchen table. This will act as a form of encouragement for them.

  1. Come up with a duty roster.

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Just as you may have a menu for your meals, come up with a duty schedule for your whole family. Distribute the chores and divide them into daily activities. Do not overwhelm them with chores as they also have their schoolwork and playtime of their own. You could secure thirty minutes or one hour of their time for chores. Be sure to make that hour fun. As you assign the chores, make sure you don’t give the younger kids dangerous chores like cleaning the kitchen area and if you do, it should be under strict supervision to prevent accidents.

  1. Do not be bossy about it.

There are many ways to kill a rat. Cleaning doesn’t have to be done your way. If your kid is to vacuum then wash the dishes later, do not insist on him to vacuum first then wash dishes later. Let him feel independent and choose what to begin with first. Agitating him in that way will lower his confidence or even get him angry. Assign the chores and only help if asked to since kids are different. Some children prefer doing the chores alone so give them their space to do it.

  1. Set an example as a parent.

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You cannot tell your children to do chores whereas the same chores are difficult for you to do. Kids look up to their parents or guardians. If you are lazy, they will also be lazy. Imitation starts from when they are toddlers. You may be folding laundry and notice your daughter trying to hold her own too as she carefully observes what you are doing. Start with yourself and teach them the tradition of always cleaning after themselves. By doing so, you will not even have to assign them chores or force them to clean their rooms.

  1. Appreciate their work.

Always have time to check on them as they work and give a cheer here and there. If at all you could be at work and come home an intact house with everything clean, show them some appreciation by praising their efforts. Make them their favorite meal or take them out for pizza. Do not do that frequently as it may imply that they will only be appreciated once they do chores. Even if you find a messy house, ask why before jumping on their necks to scold them for it

  1. They don’t have to be perfect.

It takes time before perfecting something. You wouldn’t expect the dishes to be entirely clean after the first few washes from your child. Accept the fact that your dishes will have traces of grease, your bathroom will not be spotless and their beds will be halfway made. Kids learn as they grow and perfection is a learning process for them. Encourage them and you will notice them trying harder and harder. Encouragement acts as a motivator.

  1. Start small.

Start your children with chores that do not require too many steps as they may get distracted along the way. Vacuuming sounds easy but for you to teach your kid how to put it on the vacuum and afterward put it off and dispose of the dirt from the vacuum bag would be very complicated for them. Switch the vacuum on for them and after they are done, help them get rid of the dirtbag. You can teach them the other steps after they get used to the first step and that is vacuuming.

All of us learned about chores from our parents or relatives and we are perfect because of their long patience. Study your child’s ability before handing them the chore. Do not assign the same chore to one of your children but instead interchange them after some time. Be sure to make it fun and accept mistakes. No one is perfect after all.


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11 Bathroom Cleaning Tips That Work

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Keeping your bathroom clean and germ-free every day creates a healthy and safe living. To help you achieve this, check out the following helpful tips that will surely give you the easy and stress-free cleaning routine for your bathroom!

TIP 1: Remove all items that belong to your bathrooms such as towels, rugs, shower products and countertop items.

Before you start cleaning your bathroom, remove all the items first. This will help you to thoroughly clean all the surfaces and hidden areas in your bathroom, thus removing all the possible dirt and germs.

TIP 2: Collect all trash found inside your bathroom and put it in a trash bag.

Gather all the trash that has been dumped inside your bathroom such as paper towels and used tissues. Put them all inside the trash bag. Also don’t forget to empty up your bathroom garbage can.

TIP 3: Dust and Sweep your bathroom from top to bottom.

After collecting all the trash inside your bathroom, start dusting up the room. Clean cobwebs in the corners, in light, fixtures or air-vents. Brush other dust and dirt directly onto the floor. Vacuum or sweep up to pick up hair and other debris that may have accumulated on the floors.

TIP 4: Make sure the door is open, and the fan is on to ensure proper ventilation.

Use fans during the shower and after 30 minutes, open the air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and windows. This will help in preventing mildew growth in the bathroom because the increase of air circulation and light helps in decreasing the moisture inside.

TIP 5: Pour some bleach or another disinfectant into the toilet bowl. Soak it for the meantime.
Pour or spray bleach or a toilet-specific cleaner into the toilet bowl then soak it to remove fully germs and bacteria.

TIP 6: Apply cleaner to shower, bathtub, sink, faucets and counter areas. Soak it in the meantime.
After treating the toilet bowl, move on to the next step. Spray or sprinkle an all-purpose cleaner in the shower, bathtub, sink, faucets and counter areas. Soak and leave it for the moment to tackle other surfaces.

TIP 7: Clean and wipe down other surfaces such as towel racks, tissue holders, bathroom trashcans, shelves, baseboards, doors, blinds, and windowsills.

While soaking the toilet bowl, shower, bathtub, sinks, faucets and counter tops, clean and wipe down other surfaces such as towel racks, tissue holders, bathroom trashcans, shelves, baseboards, blinds and windowsills using an all-purpose cleaner. Spray or sprinkle them then wipe down easily.

TIP 8: Mix cleaning solution for the floor.

Mix soap and a bucket of water. Or if preferred, spray the floor with a specific floor cleaner. Leave it for a while.

TIP 9: Hit the toilet bowl, shower, bathtub, sink and counter area

After doing the mixture, go back to finish and clean up the toilet bowl, shower, bathtub, sink, and counter areas. Scrub them using a brush then rinse and flush.

TIP 10: Move back all the items you remove into their proper places. Give them a quick wipe.
After finishing up the toilet bowl and other surfaces, it’s time to move back all the items that you removed a while ago. But before you bring them back, give them a quick wipe.

TIP 11: Scrub and mop the floor.

After finishing all the needed cleanup of every surface, it’s time to clean up everything that is left by mopping the floor. Scrub fist to remove all the germs and dirt that build up. After doing this, mop and rinse with clean water.

Now that you already learn all the tips in cleaning a bathroom, we hope that you will now feel less worried and stress-free on setting your bathroom routine. All these tips are workable and are easy to execute. All the products you will use are already available in your home, so there’s nothing to worry about.

The success of cleaning your bathroom will base on how you will properly abide by all the instructions and procedures mentioned above. If you got them right and appropriately, you would surely achieve a cleaner, fresher and healthier bathroom you never had before.

How to clean your home after a party

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The festive season has passed but from time to time you might have guests over, have a small party or when it is your kid’s birthday and you have invited neighbors and their kids for a great time in your home. After a party and everyone leaves, you look around surveying the damage. Plates, cups, leftovers, broken glassware, water rings, lipstick stains,  overflowing trash bins, spills, half-finished foods, a dirty bathroom, a backyard that looks like bigfoot stomped on it and a kitchen that will need a good scrubbing.

You then wonder just how you are going to restore your home back to its former glory.  Well, no home is beyond salvation unless it has been razed down by a fire, and even so, you can still rebuild your home.  The following tips outlined below will help you do effective cleaning on the day after the party even when the party hangover has engulfed you.

  1. Don’t Tackle The Whole Mess Immediately

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You don’t need to stress yourself by trying to clean up the whole mess there and then because that is impossible. It might take you a couple of hours to ensure that everything is back in order. The best way to approach this is by beginning with the simple things first.  Start by collecting the bottles, glasses, cups, and plates lying around.  You could empty the half-filled glasses and cups in the kitchen-sink and then toss out the plastic and paper for recycling. Fill your dishwasher with as many dishes as it can hold and start it when it is fully loaded.

  1. Walk Around With The Garbage Bag

Image result for mess collecting home garbage bag

Start with the outer rooms and work your way toward the kitchen as you gather up the garbage in plastic bags.  You can take the garbage bag out as soon as the bags are filled and tied in order to prevent any additional accidental leaks and odors from happening. With all the trash out of the way, you can now begin your cleaning.

  1. Deal With The Broken Glass

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Parties are parties and things could have gotten a little exciting and a few glasses got broken or cracked.  First, sweep up as much of the glass as possible using a dustpan and a brush. Then you can use slices of bread to clean up any leftover shards of glass. Next, inspect all the used glasses and check for cracks. Toss the ones that are cracked in a garbage bag along with the slices of bread and the shards of broken glass.

  1. Deal With The Spills and stains

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Look around your home and note anywhere where there is a spill or a stain. Could be a soda drink spilled on the upholstery. Someone got sick on your carpet, soup on the kitchen floor, water in the hallway and so on. If you are cleaning water rings off your furniture, for example,   try rubbing a little of non-gel toothpaste on water rings and other stains then buff with a clean cloth.

As for carpet stains, consider using any leftover beer to remove them especially if they are red wine stains. However, if you find that a little crude you can always use your favorite stain-removing liquid.

  1. Do The Dish and Utensils Washing

Image result for utensils washing images

Begin washing those cups and glasses as your dishwasher does the load you have put in. If you happen to find lipstick stains on your wine glasses, do not take hours just rubbing the lipstick off to make them shiny. Simply use vinegar and warm soapy water to clean the glasses and they will be the perfect sparkling glasses they once were in no time. Lipstick and any sort of stains on the glasses will come off instantly with the vinegar and soapy water combination.

  1. Work On The Floor Scuffs If Any

Image result for floor scuffs images

The rooms in your home might have turned into a dance floor during the party and your guests’ high heels might have left stubborn scuffs. If your floor is a polyurethane hardwood floor, consider buffing the area by rubbing it vigorously with a soft cloth to deal with the scuffs.

  1. Save Any Leftover Wine

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You might feel a little reluctant to empty half-empty wine bottles down your kitchen sink and this is why there is an alternative. Any half-bottles of wine that your guests may have left behind consider freezing them in an ice cube tray. You could use the frozen wine in a recipe that requires it and there are plenty that do require it.

  1. Do Kill Any Odors

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Odors will be there after the party. It could be the stench or rotten leftovers from last night in the garbage disposal, or a stinking urine odor in the bathroom.  You could begin by running citrus peels through the garbage disposal and follow it with cold water to get rid of the odors. You could also place baking soda in places in your home where the odors are emanating from. Baking soda is a great odor absorber. A good scrubbing of your bathroom and use of sweet-smelling deodorizers will also work. After cleaning up every nook and corner, you could prepare your own potpourri by choosing sweets smelling natural ingredients like rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, essential oils and many others then throw them in water in a pot put on a stove to boil. The steam will fill your home with this wonderful natural fragrance that will definitely do you good after a tiresome period of partying and the aftermath of intense cleaning up.

If Your Party Hangover Has Taken Over You

You might have drunk too much at the party or partied too hard to be able to summon any strength to clean up. In such a case, consider hiring a cleaning service to help you out. Just make sure you are not in the way of the professional cleaners when they arrive to do what they do best.  But from the above tips, if you are up for it, go ahead and restore your home to its usually homely and clean self.


Tips On How To Clean And Keep White Furniture Clean

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White is such a conspicuous color thus it adds glamour and beauty in any house or office. Having white furniture in your house or office is such a daring and bold step that many people often overlook. Some dismiss this idea thinking it best fits high-end offices and magazines’ photo studios. Well, maintaining a white furniture is never an easy task since just a tiny spill of red wine can really mess up your expensive and beautiful sofa. If you admire white sofas and you are considering buying one, then you shouldn’t be intimidated by the intense maintenance levels required. It all boils down to the dedication and level of care you give to your white furniture. Here are some valuable tips that can help you maintain your white sofa in the best shape for years to come.

Prevention is better than cure.

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It goes without saying that stains are the main threats to the durability of a white sofa. Dealing with stains from blood and wine on a white sofa can be a tough nut to crack. If you want your white sofa to maintain its new-look for several years to come, then you must be ready at all cost to prevent any stain finding its way to your sofa. The best preventive measure is having your sofa treated with a stain guard. Stain guards reduce the negative impact stains have on a white sofa. You can purchase a stain guard from any convenient store, professional carpet cleaners normally offer this service as well. Taking this cautious move will ensure you continue enjoying the benefits of having a white sofa without necessarily having to worry about stains.


Act swiftly.

Image result for stain on the sofa images

At one point, you will have to actually deal with a stain on your white sofa. A red wine stain may find itself on your sofa accidentally and how fast you react determines a lot. In case of a spill, quickly blot the stained area using a cloth. Using a different cloth, apply the paste to the stained area and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Afterward, dab it. Alternatively, salt can also be used to remove fresh wine stains. Apply salt to the wine and the gently scrap the wine stain off. Nevertheless, corn-starch can also be used to remove stubborn grease or oil stains on the white sofa. The quicker you react to a spill, the lower the chances of that spill causing more damage to your sofa.


Time to get a lint remover.

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If you have pets you can be sure that you won’t miss fur on your sofa or even your carpet.If you love wrapping yourself in a blanket as you relax on your sofa while watching your TV, then you will have some fuzzballs of wool to deal with. The best remedy for this is acquiring a lint roller. A lint remover will help you get rid of lint or fabric on your sofa. A lint roller can easily be purchased from supermarkets or even online stores. Lint rolling is a daily maintenance practice that makes your sofa look appealing.


Set some guidelines.

As stated earlier, maintaining a white sofa calls for dedication thus it’s very prudent to have some set of guidelines. Stains from oil, wine or food are hard to remove from a white sofa hence you should never allow anyone especially kids to take meals or drinks on a white sofa. Chances of occurrence of spills are high. You should also prohibit anyone from putting their feet on the sofa so as to prevent dust particles from finding their way to your sofa. You should also tame your pets so as to avoid the occurrence of fur on your sofa. Having these draconian rules will ensure your sofa remains properly maintained.


Regular cleaning.

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It’s advisable to have your white furniture cleaned regularly. One may wonder why this may be necessary whereas they have taken all the preventive measures necessary. Dust particles may still find its way on the sofa from time to time. You can never say your sofa or carpet is 100% clean and that’s why regular cleaning is necessary. You should clean your white furniture at least once in three weeks using stain cleaners and furniture cleaners. You should also seek professional cleaning services for your white furniture after every two months. Professional cleaners are thorough are they will also give your professional advice on how to maintain your furniture.

Consider covering your white sofa.

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Plastic fabric covers have proven to one of the best ways to cover white furniture. This protects your sofa from dust particles and fur. These covers are advantageous because they also protect your furniture from stains. These covers ensure your sofa remains a good as new all the time. Without a doubt, cleaning becomes easier when you get a slipcover for your white sofa. Slipcovers, however, require regular washing or being changed.  The slipcover gets dirty with time if it hasn’t been washed or changed. This idea is great because it saves the efforts of having to lint roll your sofa daily.

Embrace a steam cleaner.

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Some fabrics used in white furniture such as leather don’t require to be cleaned with water since this will damage the furniture. In such a case, a steam cleaner is the best cleaning device recommended. However, be sure to read the instructions that come with a steam cleaner.


Not only white furniture, but any kind of furniture requires top-notch maintenance if you want it to benefit you for many years. White furniture is expensive but they are worth the while because of the elegance they add. Top class maintenance shouldn’t intimidate you from acquiring white furniture, remember the heart always has what it wants and another color might not appeal  to you as the white one would. If you have a dream of residing in a living room graced with white sofas, these tips will ensure you actualize your dream. Take your time and study these tips and may more, and see if you can really maintain a white furniture.

New Apartment Cleaning Tips

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Nobody likes to clean, particularly in the event that you’ve recently moved into your new apartment, and the desire to explore your neighborhood is hard to collect. And if ever you do anticipate getting to your new residence before the moving truck arrives, that’s a smart thinking. You’ll have sufficient time to get things cleaned before the rooms are loaded with boxes and furniture. As you can imagine, cleaning an empty apartment is much easier than cleaning a messy one.

At whatever point that we move into another place, the first thing to do is take note of the considerable number of things that needs to be cleaned. Since it’s uncommon that we move to locally, it is typical that one doesn’t have an opportunity to do a careful clean before the stuff to be moved arrive. Thus, it just obliges somewhat more patience and much speed as much as possible. Here are some simple cleaning tips that are useful to those who look forward to moving in.
Do a stroll through of the house to get a thought of what needs to be done and what cleaning materials you will require.
Make moving less stressful by readying yourself with the appropriate cleaning supplies and tools, which will have your apartment looking spic and span in the blink of an eye.
Remove all staples and nails stuck into the dividers, roofs, or entryways of the loft. Utilizing a magic eraser, go through every room and remove any scrape stamps on the dividers, floors, or entryways.
Clean the kitchen. Fill the sink with warm water and add dish cleanser to the water. Start with the refrigerator, and then the range, the cabinets and lastly, the sink.
Before moving your stuff, look out for insects or rodents. On the off chance that you think you have guests, get some information about how you can contact a local pest control master to disinfect your apartment before moving your stuff in.
Change the locks: Because you never know what number of keys the old tenants shared.
Change your toilet seat: Replace the old latrine with another one and, while you’re at it, give the washroom a decent scrubbing.
Clean the bedrooms. Wipe down any wardrobe racks present and clean any mirrors. If the apartment consists of floor coverings, you have to treat every spot and afterward vacuum the rugs. If you don’t have rugs, you must mop. If floors are wooden, use an oil cleanser.
Then, focus on the living room, Sanctum, and lounge area. Clean the windows and wash the blinds. Clean the blades of the ceiling fan. And any light installations in the room. Supplant all worn out lights, and if the area still looks dim and dirty, move up to brighter bulbs. Spot treat any spots on the floor covering. Vacuum or mop the floors.
Proceed to the fridge (giving the past tenants left one), remove all drawers and containers and wash them out. Clean the dividers and shelves within and wipe down the cooler. You may need to unplug the cooler for a little time so it can warm up at any rate to room temperature. This makes cleaning within a ton simpler.
Cupboards all through the house are next up on the list. Utilize a gentle cleaner within the cupboards. In case you’re a fan of contact paper or racking liners, this is an ideal time to re-line the shelves with fresh materials.
Lastly, unless they have been freshly painted, wipe all dividers down with a mellow sudsy water blend (cleanser on a wipe meets expectations extraordinary, as well) to clean off fingerprints, sticky spots, and smudges. Make use of wipe mops for difficult to reach into corners, making sure to bring down the webs and dust.

Keep in mind, a clean house is a happy house. When moving, use the above tips to clean your new apartment–disposing of each one of those old germs. When you have, you’ll have the time to unwind and make the most of your new residence a lot more.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Clothes And Prevent Them Too.

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Ever gotten yourself in that awkward moment in the office, as you are walking on the street, or just having fun with friends that someone taps your shoulder and tells you that your shirt or dress has wrinkles. Well, some or most of us have. Here are some simple hacks on how you can get wrinkles out of your clothes leaving them looking a little less like they are straight out of a cow’s mouth:

  1. Place the clothes under your mattress.

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Fold your shirt normally and place it under a mattress. Ensure it’s the same mattress that you are going to sleep on. During the night as you sleep, your weight presses on the shirt or dress underneath the mattress making it stretch and be wrinkle-free.

  1. Do not squeeze your clothes when hanging.

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One way to prevent your clothes from wrinkling is simply hanging them without squeezing the water out when hand washing. Drip hanging allows them to dry just as they are without any creases. Make sure you hang them in open air instead of indoors.

  1. Keep your clothes in a rolling manner.

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In cases where you are traveling and do not have access to an iron, simply roll your clothes tightly and place them in a position that is difficult to unroll. You can keep them packed that way in a suitcase and whenever you need to wear them, they will have less or unnoticeable creases.

  1. Use a hairdryer.

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Dampen your shirt and place it under but not too near your hair dryer to get rid of the wrinkles. You can also use a blow dryer to get wrinkles out of  your fabrics. Just hold your dryer a few centimeters away and use minimal heat for sensitive cloth texture and high heat for the tough textures like khakis so as not to damage your outfit while at it.

  1. Heat your pan and press with it.

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Get a non-stick pan and heat it, later transfer it to your damp shirt or dress and press on it. Repeat the same process for the whole cloth to be wrinkle-free. Alternatively, boil water in a pan then take that pan with the hot boiled water and press the pan on your wrinkled shirt. The hot water in the pan will keep the pan hot enough to iron out the wrinkles.

  1. Rinse your clothes thoroughly with clean water.

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When hand washing, always make sure you rinse your clothes with very clean water as soapy water tends to crease your clothes due to the content in some of the washing soaps that we use. Or rather use detergents instead. They are milder to your clothes.

  1. Try using fabric softeners.

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In as much as fabric softeners are commonly used to leave your laundry feeling soft and making them smell fresh, it can also be used as a way of preventing your clothes from wrinkling. Once you put the softener on your shirt, stretch it out a little then place it under the sun to dry and you will hardly notice any wrinkles on it. Do not, however, leave it in the sun for too long because direct heat from the sun for a long time might damage your fabric.

  1. Get a flat iron.

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Flat irons do a great job of straightening out those wrinkles. Set your iron to medium heat and place your cloth between the iron and move your hand along as you press the iron firmly. As you do this, remember to spray your shirt with water preferably from a spritz bottle. That way your shirt won’t get too much water making it easy for the flat iron to work through the wrinkles without burning it. Your clothing will not only be clean  but also wrinkle -free as well.

  1. Avoid keeping your clothes aimlessly without folding.

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Sensitive materials like polyester and silk tend to crease easily even after you have ironed them. This, however, depends on the way you will handle them in the wardrobe. Instead of folding them, it’s advisable to leave them hanging straight so as to avoid a situation where you will have to start preparing another outfit to go to work on.

  1. Get a spray.

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You can buy one of the wrinkle sprays from the store. This is one of the easiest ways to get wrinkles out of your fabric. Simply just hang your shirt, spray it then let it dry and you are good to go. One limitation about the spray is that its content may be a bit harsh to some fabric. Get a professional to explain which fabrics work best with the spray before purchasing it.

  1. Use steam.

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Steam aids in removing wrinkles so just hang your shirt while in the shower, the steam from the hot water will straighten your fabric leaving it wrinkle-free. A tea kettle could also serve the same purpose but only for fabrics with fewer wrinkles. Just hold the kettle a bit further from the shirt as it emits steam for a while. Do not hold it too near as the hot steam may damage your garment.

  1. Dampen a towel to remove wrinkles.

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Take your creased cloth and lay it down flat then dampen your towel and press over the wrinkles on your cloth. Leave the pressing cloth to dry for best results. If you don’t have a bath towel, you can use a face towel. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your big towel.

The above are just but a few tips or hacks on how you can get wrinkles off your clothes without necessarily having to use an iron box. All these ways can help you, especially when traveling. There are other preventive measures mentioned as well to help evade the hustle of trying to get that stubborn crease out of your fabric. It doesn’t matter if you are at a remote location where there is no iron, electricity or bathroom, you dont have to walk in wrinkled clothing. Get creative  and the above ideas should steer you in the right direction.

Stress-Free Tips For Preparing Your Home For House Guests.

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The minute your friends or family call to tell you that they will be coming to visit is where it all begins. You start thinking about what food you will prepare for them, what kind of entertainment you will offer, and all of those little things that get you sitting on your hands wondering where to start from. If you have a proper plan, you will not go through all the trouble of hoping up and down looking for how to make them feel at home. Check a few tips on how to handle your guests in a way that will not give you a headache.

  1. Plan ahead.

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Enquire how many guests are visiting. Get to know who is allergic to what and whether there will be kids around.  This will mostly help you in coming up with a meal plan. If kids are involved, get a kids menu and things that will entertain them as you are socializing with your fellow mates. Make sure to take a note of every information given so as not to leave any minor yet important detail out.

  1. Come up with a shopping list.

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Take your time to write down all the groceries needed. Go into your fridge to see if there is anything you can add. Check the wine cellar to see if the wine you have will last their entire stay.  This is also the perfect time to check stuff like toiletries so as to avoid telling your beloved guests that you are out of toilet paper or hand wash.

  1. Call for assistance early.

Cooking alone might be very hectic for one person especially if you are cooking two to three meals. It is best for you to seek help from some of your friends. If you need two friends then inform three or four in case one bails out on you the last minute. A good idea is to ask them a week or two in advance so that they can also include you in their plans.

  1. Clean your house as early as possible.

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You do not want an instance where you have guests coming in two days and your house is in a mess. That’s when you are rushing to do laundry, cleaning the windows and dusting. Always make sure you clean your home any time you are free just for your sake and that of friends that pop in mostly unannounced.

  1. Prepare a sleeping room in advance.

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It might not probably be a sleepover but it may eventually turn out to be one. Sometimes as you are busy playing games or enjoying that barbeque, you may spend an entire day with your visitors not noticing how fast time passes by, then they suddenly decide to sleep over. It may turn out so hectic and tiresome for you to have to go and clear out a room for them, make the bed and get the towels and robes. To avoid the hustle, put everything your guest needs before they arrive on a set day.

  1. Get a good night sleep.

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You know you have to wake up early the next day for you to do some final touches before your visitors arrive. The biggest mistake you can make is deciding to watch a movie the whole night. You will barely be able to open your eyes and have some fun time with your guest by giving them a warm reception. Your yawns and dozing off will not make them feel quite at home. You may even notice that you forgot to take out the trash and now you have to excuse yourself to go handle it.

  1. Mow your lawn early enough.

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First impressions count. Take your time a week or three days in advance to take care of your lawn and trim the edges of your plants. You could even think of re-painting your fence just to make everything out there appear new and good looking. You will be pleased when everyone is complimenting your compound. Make sure you take care of the backyard as well.

  1. Get rid of valuables or breakables if kids are involved.

Once you know that kids are also part of the guests, be sure to get rid of any flower vase at the corridors of your house, any sensitive piece of art or any sharp object like knives that you always place in the kitchen drawer. This includes medicine which should be safely locked in a cabinet if at all kids can reach it and open. Children do not have that much of a restriction as they can go anywhere while jumping and running around. It is therefore very important to get rid of such things to avoid injuries or incidents around the house. Have something for the kids to watch or play just to keep them away from causing any destruction.

  1. Keep your home smelling fresh.

Try placing fresh flowers around the house including the guest bedroom. You can also use mild air fresheners around the house. This spices up the room and rest assured that your visitors will never forget that simple yet welcoming gesture when they leave.

  1. Light up the fireplace.

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On top of the heater during the cold season, you can light up the fireplace to give your room extra warmth and a central place to sit after dinner as you catch up with your pals over some beer, wine or a cup of tea.

Having a last minute rush will leave you tired and exhausted after your guests have left. You could even not be paying attention to them just because of running up and down to counter check whether everything is in place. Instead, follow these simple tips to allow you and your guests enough time to bond and catch up. Be sure to compliment your home with a smile and use a friendly tone around them. Some background soothing music also works magic especially during dining and relaxing time. If they are there for business then the music might not be a good idea unless they prefer it.


You don’t have to be running around breathless with your guests home. The above tips should help you make your home welcoming and as habitable as possible.