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Simplest Ways To Help Your Children Clean Your Home.

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It is very difficult for one to get their children to do some chores or simple cleaning around the house without some frowning involved. The thought of entering your kid’s rooms is just tiring. Having to take a peek at their bathroom is another nightmare all by itself. However hard you think it is, it may turn out to be a walk in the park for you. No age is too young for them to start cleaning as long as you can communicate with them. Here are some very simple ways to help your kids learn how to clean your home.

  1. It doesn’t have to be a serious ordeal.

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Scolding your kids for them to do chores around the house will not help them at all. Punishing them using chores will make them hate those chores even more and in turn become rebellious. Explain to them why they have to do their chores and give them a hand as well. A good leader does not just sit around pointing out what is to be done, instead, he helps out to show that he is part of the team too.

  1. Start your kids early.

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Do not wait until your children are teenagers so that they can start handling chores. Start with them when they are toddlers but with minimal work, as they are not strong enough to handle complicated work. You could even come up with a song for them as they are sweeping those crumbs into the dustpan. This will be fun to them and it will act as bonding time between you and them. It is not advisable that you let them work for long, as they will get bored and hate the whole experience.

  1. Get some reward cards.

You don’t have to give tips every time your kids do chores but you could make it fun by leaving behind reward cards after two to three times when they finish with their chores. Place the cards where they are visible and at the point of the end of the chore. For instance, you could hang one on your trash can outside for them to site it as they are throwing out the trash or sneak up on them as they are doing the dishes and place the card on the kitchen table. This will act as a form of encouragement for them.

  1. Come up with a duty roster.

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Just as you may have a menu for your meals, come up with a duty schedule for your whole family. Distribute the chores and divide them into daily activities. Do not overwhelm them with chores as they also have their schoolwork and playtime of their own. You could secure thirty minutes or one hour of their time for chores. Be sure to make that hour fun. As you assign the chores, make sure you don’t give the younger kids dangerous chores like cleaning the kitchen area and if you do, it should be under strict supervision to prevent accidents.

  1. Do not be bossy about it.

There are many ways to kill a rat. Cleaning doesn’t have to be done your way. If your kid is to vacuum then wash the dishes later, do not insist on him to vacuum first then wash dishes later. Let him feel independent and choose what to begin with first. Agitating him in that way will lower his confidence or even get him angry. Assign the chores and only help if asked to since kids are different. Some children prefer doing the chores alone so give them their space to do it.

  1. Set an example as a parent.

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You cannot tell your children to do chores whereas the same chores are difficult for you to do. Kids look up to their parents or guardians. If you are lazy, they will also be lazy. Imitation starts from when they are toddlers. You may be folding laundry and notice your daughter trying to hold her own too as she carefully observes what you are doing. Start with yourself and teach them the tradition of always cleaning after themselves. By doing so, you will not even have to assign them chores or force them to clean their rooms.

  1. Appreciate their work.

Always have time to check on them as they work and give a cheer here and there. If at all you could be at work and come home an intact house with everything clean, show them some appreciation by praising their efforts. Make them their favorite meal or take them out for pizza. Do not do that frequently as it may imply that they will only be appreciated once they do chores. Even if you find a messy house, ask why before jumping on their necks to scold them for it

  1. They don’t have to be perfect.

It takes time before perfecting something. You wouldn’t expect the dishes to be entirely clean after the first few washes from your child. Accept the fact that your dishes will have traces of grease, your bathroom will not be spotless and their beds will be halfway made. Kids learn as they grow and perfection is a learning process for them. Encourage them and you will notice them trying harder and harder. Encouragement acts as a motivator.

  1. Start small.

Start your children with chores that do not require too many steps as they may get distracted along the way. Vacuuming sounds easy but for you to teach your kid how to put it on the vacuum and afterward put it off and dispose of the dirt from the vacuum bag would be very complicated for them. Switch the vacuum on for them and after they are done, help them get rid of the dirtbag. You can teach them the other steps after they get used to the first step and that is vacuuming.

All of us learned about chores from our parents or relatives and we are perfect because of their long patience. Study your child’s ability before handing them the chore. Do not assign the same chore to one of your children but instead interchange them after some time. Be sure to make it fun and accept mistakes. No one is perfect after all.


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Safe Home Remedies For Pest Control

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For such small creatures, pests can be a great nuisance. And that is at the least level; at most, they can cause severe damage to your home and family’s health. For starters, pests have a number of bacteria that can cause infection to your family, pet or yourself. For instance, cockroaches are one of the leading causes of asthma in children. They can also cause other respiratory infections, allergies, and skin rashes. Regardless of the fact that most diseases caused by pests are treatable, they can have chronic consequences.

They are most potentially dangerous for the elderly or people whose immunity is compromised. If health safety isn’t enough to push, think of your amazing hardwood floor being devoured by termites. They will burrow into the wooden component of your home and eat it from the inside. Pets’ problems are not a joke. You need to act as soon as you realize they exist in your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late, whereby, you will still have to get rid of them and pay for the damage done too.

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While spraying with a can of bug spray will be much easier and reasonable, it may not be the best way to solve the problem. Pesticides get the job done and, unfortunately, they can harm more than just the pests at which they are targeted. They are toxic because they are designed to kill, and they can’t really tell the difference between other organisms and pests. Additionally, the application of pesticides is not very precise. Therefore unintended exposure is almost inevitable to other organisms. Good news is, you can still get rid of the nuisance without putting anyone else at risk. Here’s how.

Use Garlic Cloves

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With garlic, it’s either you love it or hate it. Insects too have the same reaction, some it doesn’t bother them while others are totally repellant. Using garlic for pest control is low cost, non-toxic, and still as effective as commercial toxic pesticides. Although you should know that garlic is more useful in the garden. Example of pests it kills includes ants, beetles, caterpillar, slugs, termites, and whiteflies. If any of these find their way in your home, garlic will get the job done. All you have to do is leave piled cloves in areas likely to be infested. This will deter pests such as ants and termites from taking residence in your corners and cupboards. You can also make garlic spray to help in your garden or interplant with it.

White Vinegar

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If you don’t have vinegar in your cabinet, you better get it. It is the most versatile household ingredient you’ll own. In addition to other great things it does, you can also use vinegar to control pests. It does this by repelling some pests and attracting others. For instance, ants and spiders are hugely repellant to its smell, yet fruit flies are attracted and drown in it. White vinegar is safe and you can use it regularly to control ants, spiders, aphids (for your garden), and fruit flies. White vinegar destroys the scent trails ants use to find food spraying or wiping the surface with vinegar will do it. For fruit flies though, pour the vinegar into a bowl and leave it open on the counter.

Coffee Ground

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Freshly brewed coffee creates an amazing scent, but the ground left behind is deemed useless by most people. If you are one of them, you will be surprised at what it can get done. If your home is infested with pests such as ants, slugs, worms, snails, coffee grounds are great for their control. Simply lay down a 2-inch wide line around the entrance of the pests. With rats, most people resort to poison—which works, but you’ll soon have a problem of a wholly different nature. Rats are notorious for finding very exclusive places to go die, and finding them becomes such a spot. Soon you won’t have the great smell of freshly brewed coffee, but of dead rats that just can’t be found. Great. This is where coffee helps you a bit. Put a bowl of the ground near the place that seems to be the source of the smell, it will help diffuse the smell.

Apple cider vinegar

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Fruit flies are so annoying; they seem to come out thin air. When you are ignorant of how to get rid of them, they have the power to change your mood entirely. Take back control of your kitchen by pouring some of the apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Then tightly cover it with a plastic bag and punch very small holes on it. Place it on your kitchen counter. Fruit flies will be irresistibly attracted to the smell but be unable to get out, therefore, they will drown.

Vodka and essential oil

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Vodka can do a variety of useful things around the home beyond being a spirited drink. Fill a small bottle with vodka and add about 20 drops of essential oil. Essential oils do a great job of repelling household pests while smelling good at the same time. For instance, peppermint essential oil does a good job of controlling ants. Using the spray bottle, spray along cracks and where ants are. It kills them on contact. Additionally, mint smell keeps away flies.


It might be old school, but it works. If you hate spiders, onions will keep them away. Toss some sliced onion in a bowl of water. Then place it where spiders enter your home. the smell will repel spiders.

Cornmeal and cucumber

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Sliced cucumber will repel ants. On the other hand, ants like to eat cornmeal and they will take it back to their colony but they can’t digest it. It might take time but it will work.

Cloves For Ladybugs

To give credit where its due, ladybugs are cute. However, that does not cease to make them pests. Therefore, they become a nuisance, especially in large numbers. To take care of the infestation, throw in cloves around the affected area. Ladybugs resent strong scents, and with no time, they will be gone.

Natural pest repellant needs a little more work than the commercial ones, but they still work and in a healthier way. However, it is always good to keep things clean and tidy. It will go along way in keeping bugs at bay.


Remodeling Ideas For Your Home Interior

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Do you sometimes stand in your front yard or lounge and, you just have to sign? Are you ashamed of inviting your friends over because they might laugh at your hideous and outdated home décor behind your back? Maybe it’s a sign that you should start thinking of remodeling. Frankly, your friends don’t really care but you know a change will make you feel better. Nevertheless, whether you just want your space to be more beautiful or functional, remodeling is a perfect idea for change. Remodeling has nothing to do with a dilapidated or poorly maintained home.

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It can be all new but if the interior doesn’t suit your taste or you are bored, honey, you are free to remodel. And no, don’t feel sorry thinking that the money is needed more in some non-government institution. You know how people can start with you about your use of money. Of course, we could all do with generous hearts but not at the cost of their happiness. When remodeling, you should never overlook your comfort and enjoyment. Additionally, you don’t have to break the bank to get the home you want. You have the option to do it on a budget or go crazy on it depending on what you want.

Therefore, before starting on the project, be sure to understand where you stand financially. You don’t want to start what you can’t finish. Or get the perfect home you want and end up losing it because you can’t pay the mortgage. This is where ‘not planning is planning to fail’ comes into play. You need to do some more research than this article on the result you want. Regardless, to start you off on the right foot, here are some great ideas for remodeling your space.

Have inspiration

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When you are remodeling your home, it is always a good idea when you have inspiration. This is because it’s vital for you to have a clear image of the result you want. Therefore, having a certain inspiration in mind will not only make work easier for your contractor but also increase the chances of a perfect remodeling. This is because it’s more effective building on something that already exists. Plus the additional personal touches will create a good package. For instance, you can remodel your bedroom or bathroom with Persian inspiration in mind. Better yet, if you love traveling, you can take inspiration from places you have visited. Simply have the key elements right and add some personality to make it warm and authentic.


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Lighting is a key element in your home décor. It changes the mood of a room as well as it does the perceived size of a room. Therefore, changing the placement and type of the light, and in conjunction with color selection, it can come together smoothly. With proper lighting, you can change the look and mood of your space to your desire. For example, if you have a Victorian dining room design in mind, investing in an eye-catching chandelier is an important aspect. It’s having lighting that makes the eye go up and speak for your design taste and personality.

Make use of dead space

A good way of enhancing the look for your home is by maximizing on dead space. Clutter is the enemy of organization; therefore, everything needs to have a place. Space being an issue in every home, you could do with taking advantage of dead space. That said, examples of dead space include the space underneath the staircase, on top of cabinets, beneath the bed, and any space that you are not using. There are so many you can transform it into both a functional and beautiful space. For instance, you can transform the space underneath the stairs into your book nook or small office. Or build a wine rack. There are no rules limiting you, so let your imagination take charge.

Change the floor

Changing the floor is another good way of transforming your space. You don’t have to change your entire house floor though. It’s also perfectly acceptable to mix and match throughout your home but ensure its subtle. Your flour forms the base of your interior design, that’s why most designers start from the ground going up. On the surface, choosing a floor might seem very simple but it can get a bit overwhelming. This is because there are things to consider; you don’t want your floor looking overwhelming and off. It is vital to consider the practicality and overall function of the space because you want your floor to be looking good years down the line. You are now thinking with your head, there’s also the aspect of the heart wanting what it wants. The good news is that you can manipulate any type of floor to suit your taste. So just go for it and watch your space transform.


If you happen to have a fireplace, it provides an opportunity to change the overall look of the space. There’s nothing that feels better than gathering together near the fireplace on a winter evening. It is a functional space as well as it can be the focal point of a room. Giving it ambiance and warmth. You can decide to wholly get a different type of fireplace or work with what you have. However, it is good to first ask a professional before you embark on the project.

Mailbox and entryway

You entryway has a bigger impact on the impression it creates on your guest than what its given credit for. Therefore, a bit of remodeling on the space can come in handy. There’s so much you can do to transform the space to a new level without breaking the bank. Bring some personality on the space to make it even warmer. The mailbox is not a place to relax your décor and taste; in fact, it will attract more attention than you’ll get to know. Give passers-by a taste of your home by remodeling your mailbox.

There are numerous ideas you can use to remodel; from the ones mentioned above to wall coverings and even the grape and linen you can buy to match your new look. It can get overwhelming but basically settle for what satisfies your desire best.




Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

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If you are unfortunate enough to have an ant infestation in your home, you know how much of a bother they are. Regardless of the fact that most represent just a nuisance at worst and a reason for better food storage at best, they are not good news. As much as you’d want to respect and understand their quest for food and water, they are just irritating.

And that is just considering their numbers. Now throw in the fact that they can’t tell the difference between your skin and the floor. Yet, that is being on the kinder side of things. If certain ants find their way into your home, you’ll be more than sorry when ignored. Some sting and others are destructive to your furniture. For instance, harvester and fire ants sting while carpenter ants destroy building materials.

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While house ants do little damage, they can be a problem if the nest grows. Dealing with them can be depressing, therefore the need to urgently get rid of them. Pesticides are relatively affordable and available in most stores but it might not be the best solution. They contain chemicals that are harmful to both the environment and humans. Nevertheless, there are natural ways you can get rid of ants but  some patience would do, and the reward is worth it. Unfortunately, very few people really give any thought to the effect of their actions on the environment. By thinking of using natural methods to control ants, you are at a higher level. And you have just found your people; here are some ways you can deal with ants in your home naturally.


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Ant manifestation in your home is gross and it’s like they have a way of communicating with each other. They follow each other like there’s an invisible trail—well, there is, kinda. Ants have super sensitive antennae that can detect water, food and each other’s trail.

While it is impossible to personally ask ants their opinion on vinegar, but based on their reaction in the vicinity of an area that has been wiped by vinegar, their answer would have been close to a ‘yuck!’ Vinegar does a good job of repelling ants and masking off their trail too. Although you should know that as much as any other vinegar might get the job done, there are particular types used to kill ants. For instance, white and apple cider vinegar are most suitable to get rid of ants. Find a spray bottle and fill it up with vinegar. Then spray it in places where you have seen ants most of the time. You can also keep a piece of cloth in vinegar and wipe the surface.

Essential oils

Essential oils just like vinegar interfere with the trail of food. Another great factor about them is that most of them have a great fragrance. You might call it killing two birds with one stone. There are a variety of essential oils, they include peppermint essential oil, which smells great and can be used to support alertness and mental clarity. To deter ants, place some drops on a cotton ball and wipe it on the surface of their entry.

Tea tree essential oil is another example; it is multipurpose oil and commonly used as a disinfectant in household cleaners. To get rid of ants, the application is the same. There’s also clove essential oil that kills ants on contact in addition to disrupting scent. It is also effective in controlling other household pests too. However, clove essential oil is strong and should be used in a small amount or mixed with another oil. Cinnamon essential oil strong scent does a good job of both repellency and insecticidal activities.


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Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that is used in a variety of ways; from toothpaste, cosmetics, laundry, and dishwashing detergents. It also provides positive results in getting rid of ants. The pests are attracted to borax and when ingested, they die on the spot. To use it, mix equal amount of borax and food jelly. Then put the mixture on a plate and place it where ants are. Alternatively, you can create a paste of borax, cornmeal, and a few drops of water. Then place it in areas where you tend to see ants. Although be careful to place it around kids since borax is a bit toxic.

Cinnamon and cloves

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When grounded, place cinnamon and cloves powder in ants’ entryway and they will repel them. It is also a good way of adding more color to your space by keeping it smelling fresh and earthy.


Ants seem to hate pretty many things because lemon is on the list too. Squeeze the lemon juice or take the peel and place than where the ants enter. Another option is to add a bit of lemon juice to the water that you’ll use to wash the floor. A paste of orange peels and warm water will also do it. Alternatively, you can make a citrus peel spray. Simply put the peels in a pot and then add water and vinegar. After it has boiled, allow it to stay overnight then pour it in a spray bottle.

Baking soda and powdered sugar

A mixture of equal parts baking soda and sugar is a brilliant way of getting rid of ants. Ants love sugar, it is what attracts them and baking soda is what kills it. Ants have acidic substance in their bodies that react with baking soda as soon as it’s ingested. Additionally, ants have a habit of carrying food back to their nest. Therefore, you might succeed in killing more ants than what you bargain for. Place the mixture where the ants are prevalent and let baking soda do its thing.

These pests are a common problem in most homes; the tactics mentioned above will help get rid of them. Good luck in getting rid of them.



Measures To Take To Prevent Wood Rotting In Your Home.

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Our houses are mostly, if not entirely made of wood. As easy as wood is to access, it can be a pain in the neck once you settle in your new home and neglect it in terms of maintenance. You may not notice the rotting damage immediately as it progresses over months. Slight ignorance may go a long way to an extent of having to replace your entire floor. In severe cases, it would mean having to rebuild your whole house. This can be avoided with just a few pointers on how to maintain the quality of your wood to ensure a longer lifespan.

1. Have an inspection routine.
Consider having one of those free days where you go round your house checking for cracks, holes, mite pathways and chipped paint. These are the signs that result in rotting if not addressed. Taking these findings to a professional is a good idea, as he will recommend on measures to take to control the damage from spreading to other areas of your home. As you do this, remember to record the inspection day and skip a month or two before inspecting again.

2. Trim your trees.

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Unkempt trees are a source of damage to wood as they length could reach to the wood scrapping off the paint. Painted wood lasts longer because the paint acts as a protective element from harm. The branches of the tree can cause your exterior walls to get holes if long enough when it’s windy. Trim your branches to make sure none of this happens and make sure the paint that you use on your exterior is waterproof.

3. Go for treated wood.
You are probably a country person and want to settle in your own land and build your home yourself. Before thinking of getting wood from your farm, you should consider having not only quality but also treated wood. Wood is treated to prevent invasion from termites and insects. Get professionals to come and inspect your wood as they treat it.

4. Check for rot.

Rot does not occur in visible areas only. The most hidden part of your wood furnishings is also vulnerable. Rot is mostly found on horizontal surfaces such as railings and stringers. To find out whether there is rotting, use your finger to press on the affected area. It tends to feel soft and weak. That shows that the problem is slowly developing into a bigger one. Get help soon as you observe these signs.

5. Clean your wood.
As you are doing your normal wood cleaning, it is very hard to notice tiny leaves that fall into the cracks on your floor or exterior walls. When not gotten rid of, the leaves may attract moisture cause rot on your wood. You could use a thin metallic object like needle or screwdriver to get in there and scoop the leaves out. Be sure to dry that area completely to make sure no moisture is left. Untreated wood rotting will spread to other areas of the wood causing structural damage.

6. Clean your gutters.
Gutters act as a passage for water. If there is a strain of water passing through your gutter, which means that there is a blockage. Ensure that you regularly check for clogs to prevent wash back of water that may reach into your wood and cause rotting. Do this before the rainy season begins just to be safe. Some of the leaves that fall into the gutter, small stones, and accumulated dust over a period are the main causes of clogs.

7. Use wood cleaning agents.

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Do not just clean your wood with soap and water. Get those cleaning agents from the store. Things like sheens leave your woodwork looking shiny and less easy to be attacked by mites. You could even think of coating the wood with varnish for a longer lifespan. Maintained wood looks attractive as well. Before buying the wood cleaning products, get advice from the store as to which will be gentle and more effective.

8. Opt for other materials in your bathroom.
If you are not sure you can maintain wood in your bathrooms, it is better that you get an alternative to wood instead. The bathroom is always prone to water as its name suggests. This may cause rot after continued use over a long period. You could go for tiles, which are far much better and can handle water since they do not rot.

9. Avoid leaving food on your floors for long.
As you prepare or eat food, some of it tends to drop down and since you may be in a hurry, you may think of cleaning the mess up in the evening after work. The food will attract roaches, mites or flies along with other insects whose next favorite meal would be chewing on your wood. To prevent this, always clean up after you notice some crumbs on your floor.

10. Pick the best wood for ground contact.
The structure that is on the ground is more sensitive than the one in the open. The ground has many insects, some of which feed on wood. It is advisable that you treat the wood first before you immerse it in the sand. Use pressure treated lumber for which is the best for wood that is meant for ground contact. This is advantageous because you will not have to go digging just to check if your wood is still intact.

Wood is one of the best material to use as you are building but is it also very fragile and might not withstand harsh weather conditions if not well taken care of. Before building or buying a home, do some physical research on the entire house to make sure that it is safe from rot or damage by termites. A little tender loving care to your wood will go a long way in terms of costs, time and energy.

Many kitchen utensils? Smart ways to organize your kitchen

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It is true what is said, the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s the space that gets used more than other areas of the house. Therefore, keeping it organized and clean is vital for a number of reasons. Think about the danger you can pose to your family with a disorganized kitchen. There are endless accidents that come to mind by just having clutter everywhere. Now top up with the dirt associated with clutter; the perfect recipe for creating bacteria. If you are not worried about health (which is highly doubtful), then think economy instead. Think about it, when everything is organized in your kitchen, you can save money and time.

Furthermore, as much as you might think that those cereal boxes in the sink don’t count, and you will get rid of them when your life is less hectic. Your kids are learning from you. Truth is, your children won’t love you any less whether your kitchen is organized or not, but they may adopt bad habits. Therefore, whatever you are doing—or not doing; it is always good to teach the next generation by example. So that next time you won’t be cursing whoever left the sponge full of pasta source. They’ll just know what is expected of them.

Additionally, it is crazy how much resources, time included, you could save with an organized space. Basically, there are so many reasons as to why you should keep your kitchen organized than what our busy schedule can allow us to read. Let’s get straight to it; the following are ways you can bring some peace and order in your kitchen for at least your sanity’s sake.

Create a minimalist kitchen

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Don’t be surprised when you realize clutter is the only thing affecting your kitchen’s general look and function. Clutter can be depressing and make you go crazy. Ironically, it’s hard getting rid of clutter because of the sentimental feelings attached to your property. However, to get an organized kitchen, you have to declutter. And afterward, think and live like a minimalist. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you lose everything you have in your life. Simply keep those things that you need, rather than cluttering your life with unnecessary stuff. Get ruthless and give away or sell those items you don’t use regularly. Remove any unnecessary utensils and remain with only the essentials. Also get rid of broken, old, rusty, and duplicate utensils and appliances. Now that you have only those things that you need, it will be easier for you organize.

Categorize the cabinets

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Irrespective of how much space you have—or don’t have, there is need to bring order to your cabinets. It will help your cabinets live up to their potential and even have extra space left. Honestly, the number of items to be stored in these cabinets can be overwhelming. Therefore, sticking to a simple organization strategy is key. One of the ways is categorizing your cabinets as you put likes together. It not only ensures you have an organized kitchen but also cleaning becomes much easier. Additionally, it will save you money because you won’t buy duplicates. Categorizing your cabinets also saves you time because you know where everything is. And better yet, it makes it easier for other family members and friends to find what they need.

Maximize your storage

Image result for maximize kitchen storage images

Maximizing space in your kitchen is easier said than done. Especially if don’t have money lying around waiting to be used on a renovation. Yet, that’s still fine because you can maximize your existing storage space without having to break and build a thing. Assuming that you have already purged away, you can now either bring something more or work with what you already have. With that, you don’t have to stick to just cabinets; you can also work with shelves.

Where you will be placed utensils that you use often. Another great idea is ditching the large table and get a smaller one with storage features underneath. Regardless of the fact that you are creating more space, your kitchen needs to have enough traffic area. This is to avoid accidents and your space looking cramped. Therefore, whatever storage system you settle for (because they are plenty), ensure it’s clean.

Store away small appliances

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It is not the bread cramps on your counter that makes one cringe (although totally clean them up), rather, the clutter of items on them. Your counters will be more appealing when they are free of mess. Not calling your appliances a mess, but it would make your kitchen more organized if you store your small appliances away. With small appliances, you can have a blender, toaster, coffee maker, and/or other mini appliances taking up your counter space. Designate a cabinet for them, or you can organize them on the counter in a visually appealing way.

Make use of baskets

It’s the oldest trick in the book but it definitely works. You can use a decorative basket to store almost anything and just place it neatly on the counter.  Baskets are ideal for storing vegetables, dishcloths, fruits, bread, or any other item used regularly. Apart from the counter, you can also place it on top of the fridge or any other dead space available in your kitchen.

Use clear container and jars

You might beg the question, why clear? For starters, any clear jar or bowl is visually appealing. Additionally, you can easily identify what you stored in it. Therefore, to keep the pantry free of clutter, use the containers. This is because they are so much easier to store plus they don’t take too much space.

Use drawer dividers and pot racks

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Whether you will have vertical or horizontal cabinet dividers, they are great for kitchens with limited space. Organizing becomes easier by half and, everything gets to have a place to be stored categorically. If the drawer dividers are not your thing, pot racks are another option worth considering. Hang the rack from your wall and store your frequently used pots and pans.

When it comes to your kitchen, keeping it simple will go a long way into ensuring the space is organized. Who doesn’t want a smooth time while cooking their favorite meal? Then be sure to make the sacrifices needed.


Cleaning Problems That Can Be Solved With Baking Powder.

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Baking powder is one of the many agents that has a hundred and one uses. As simple as it may appear, it is the best remedy for almost all cleaning emergencies around the house. It is also a safer way of cleaning since it has no harsh chemical content that can be harmful to the human body. Try baking powder on some of these uses around your house and the results will turn out to be better than you could imagine.

  1. Gets rid of the foul smell.

In areas of your house where you notice an unpleasant odor, baking powder saves the day. Pour some on the shelves or in the fridge before cleaning. The powder absorbs the odor leaving your house with a fresh smell after cleaning. You only need a little of it and not the entire packet to work. However, if the affected area is big, you could pour little baking powder in different places of that area.


  1. Cleans greasy dishes.

In the case of greasy dishes, do not fret, just soak the dishes in almost hot water with a little liquid soap and add some baking powder. You can let the dishes soak for an hour or so as you do other chores. The grease wouldn’t be hard to come off as the baking soda will have worked on it. Do not put too much of the baking soda as well regardless of it being less abrasive.


  1. Use it to clean fruits.

Fruits from the stores are generally very dirty with germs because everyone who passes near them has to touch a few while selecting. They also have a waxy coating and if not washed properly could cause stomachaches or severe diarrhea. Before eating your fruits, mix water and baking powder and wash your fruits to ensure the wax is gotten rid of.


  1. Act as an air freshener.

There is always that foul smell that won’t get off your couches or mattress no matter what you do. The best remedy for this is to mix your regular air freshener with some bit of baking soda and spray it directly on your seats or curtains for that fresh smell. However, do not spray too much as your couch may be left soaking in water from the spray.


  1. Scrub ceramics.

Discolored kitchen sinks, toilet bowls, and bathrooms can be very annoying and shameful especially when you have guests around. For best results, fill water and soap together with baking powder in your sink and let it soak overnight. Scrub continuously but gently and you will have visible results. You can make it a routine by using the powder to do your daily cleaning.


  1. Your kitchen towels fresh.

Kitchen towels are often left wet and may have a damp smell after some time. Soaking them in water and baking soda after use helps in getting rid of the smell and ensure a longer lifespan for them. Soak them after every three weeks of use. Do not wait for them to start getting smelly for you to soak them again.

  1. Sprinkle on flea infected areas.

If you have pets around, you may notice some fleas on your couch, your bed that is if you allow them there or even their beds. Sprinkling some bit of baking soda and later vacuuming is one way of getting rid of the fleas. Make sure you leave the baking soda there for a while to take effect before vacuuming for best results. This could also work when you want to dust stuffed animals. Simply put the stuffed animals in a plastic bag with baking powder and shake then vacuum and all the dust will be gone.


  1. Use it for laundry.

Some stains in our laundry do not need bleaches. Some of these bleaches are in fact the cause of torn shirts as they burn through our clothes with time. Just put a little baking soda and soap. Let the laundry soak for at least an hour before washing. This also applies to stained shoes but in this case, dampen a cloth into a mixture of water, soap and baking soda and wipe your shoes with it.


  1. Get rid of closet smells.

Just as in the case of the fridge, closets tend to get a weird smell, which is unpleasant due to stuffiness. To avoid this, open up a box of baking soda and put it in the closet. It will absorb all the smell leaving your closet smelling fresh. Do not leave it where your toddler can reach. This also works for smelly shoes. Put some of it on the shoes and pour it out before wearing them.


  1. Fight cabbage can smell.

After disposing the garbage from your cans, pour some baking soda inside the can and leave it open for some time. That will fight the smell from your trashcans. Do this before washing the can. You could also place a plastic bag inside the can to avoid garbage from getting in contact with your can.


  1. Remove stains from plastic containers.

Spicy food tends to stain plastic containers. These stains can be difficult to get rid of. Put some warm water plus soap and baking soda in the container, leave it for thirty minutes, and wash it normally. The stains will come off leaving your container as good as new.


Uses of baking soda cannot be exhausted as earlier stated. Baking soda is easily available in stores and is highly recommended for home use. You can also clean oily surfaces in your garage with it. Do not leave it near children because they might ingest it.  Use it more frequently to keep your laundry, sinks, and upholstery clean and smelling fresh. This is the best alternative to bleaches. Use it in smaller quantities because a little of it goes a long way.

Essentials That Should Never Miss In A Children’s Room.

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The children’s room is one of the most places that need attention to detail. This is because kids get distracted really fast and might need something to focus on. Their room should portray a child’s theme to flatter their imagination. Apart from that, they need other few activities just to get rid of boredom. While doing their room, there are some things that you should put into consideration. Here are some essentials that you should never miss in your kid’s room.

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Kids grow every day and that’s why they need to eat very healthy. Physical growth goes together with intellectual growth. That is why you need to have a shelf for your kid’s books. However, you need to be keen as to balance their varieties. Have some comics, story books and their normal school books around their room. Do not however stock too much books as they may get bored at the site of their over filled book shelve.

They say all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Toys enlighten your child’s moods. Their imagination is also well advanced. If you study keenly, you will notice that they have imaginary friends. As you go to shop for toys, carry your child along so that they may choose what makes them happy. If the toy they want would influence them negatively, simply say no and give them a good reason to back up your decision.

  1. Study table.

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Having to study while on the bed is so tiring and ineffective. This is not a good idea as they may fall asleep eventually. Get a good study table that is height appropriate. You can get a height adjustable table or chair for the sake of saving cost. Besides, kids grow very fast and might outgrow them faster than you think.

Not all schools hand over home work on paper nowadays. How would your child do her homework or basic research without a good computer? Try as much as possible to have a worthy computer that will cater for her needs. It is also important to get one of those computers with child locks to prevent them from accessing some influential sites. Do not also forget to back up the computer with good WiFi.

  1. Wall décor.

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You have had your entire house including the children’s room decorated. However, not all parents consider having some wall décor. Stuff like their favorite cartoon characters, some glowing in the dark butterfliesfor girls or galaxy like illusions on the ceiling. Another idea is to have their name initials or full names on the wall. Children love to have a sense of ownership.

  1. Child proofing amenities.

Ensure your kid’s room is safe by taking precaution. Preventing something from happening is always better than fixing it after it’s broken. This means that you should secure your child’s room before the worst happens. Get things like door stoppers in case they bang their door and it ends up hurting their toes or fingers. Do not have glass flower vases in their room as they may fall and break leaving sharp glass on the floor. Avoid any electric wires laying around. In this case, have a handy man come in for cable management around their room and the entire house.

  1. Night light.

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Not all kids love to sleep with lights off. They get very agitated and some may refuse to sleep. The best thing to do to avoid such a scenario is to get a night lamp beside their bed. This is also good when it comes to training them on how to sleep without any light on when they get older. In fact it is always the first step to them having to get over the fear of darkness.

  1. Computer games.

Children’s room need computer games to keep them occupied and give them a learning experience. Some computer games can be violent and unsuitable for children. Therefore, parents should be careful on the games they allow their children to access in their rooms. Games should stimulate the child to learn socially and cognitively. Online games could also enhance a child’s connectivity to other people. Games that parents and their children can engage in together are preferable since they can be a bonding experience.

  1. First aid kit.

A mounted first aid kit can help during emergencies. If the child has an accident and is in need of emergency medical assistance, any person who is in the room and does not know where the family’s medical cabinet is placed can intervene to save the child’s life. People such as babysitters, visitors and extended family members should have easy access to an in-house first aid kit and the child’s room is the most suitable location.

  1. A mirror.

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I know this sounds weird but having a mirror in the child’s room gives him or her the confidence when walking out of the room. It can also avoid some embarrassments such as leaving the house looking shabby. For boy children, a mirror can ensure that he is conscious of his appearance, which is something boys can forget. A mirror also reduces the amount of time the child will spend in other rooms such as the bathrooms, meaning that he or she will feel that his room is sufficient for most of the needs. This could create a feeling of independence and self-reliance as the child develops.


All the above essentials should not be ignored. Some of them might sound so obvious but are easily forgotten. You should be very keen to look at your child’s milestone and add a few more things that you see would fit in perfectly according to the stage they are in. Get to have some time of your own with your child just to play with them and bond as they still need that parental attachment. Your children’s room should be transformed into this place that your kids will love coming to.


Eco Friendly Ways To Get Your Pots And Pans Clean

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Are your pots and pans burnt and you can’t clean them? Doesn’t matter how long you cook you are eventually going to get water marks or stains on your cookware. I have recently found out a few tricks that make the stains just slide off.

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Well, here are a few kitchen hacks that have been proved to have worked and can bring this nightmare to an end.

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Vinegar and Baking Soda

The two stars for this procedure is vinegar and baking soda. These two combined can work magic in the kitchen. These products can also be used for cooking. You also need to have scrubbing pad. You can mix this in a bowl or put small portions on the scrubbing pad; put your gloves on before you get started because they can ruin your hands.

What you do is you get your pot, turn it upside down. Place a cloth underneath the pot to prevent the place from being messy. Sprinkle the baking soda on top .Then pour the vinegar. Let it sit for like a minute or two. If it pours on the side, put more baking soda on the pot and let it sit. As you wait ,get the steel pad ready, it’s the best for the task because it takes of the scum from the pot. Keep mixing the products and scrubbing the pan until all the scum is off. Rinse it with warm water and go to the next pot.

Another way of cleaning inside the pot by filling the pan with water .Then add a good amount of vinegar. Bring the solution to a boil and remove it after a few minutes on the fire. Add baking soda and start to scrub. You will notice that the burns will start to leave the pan. Leaving the pans looking new and without harmful dangerous chemicals.

Table Salt and White Vinegar

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Copper pots and pans are also stubborn with stains. In this case we will use ordinary table salt and white vinegar .Place the copper pan in the sink. Pour a generous amount of salt then add the white vinegar. Try not to wash it all off. Leave if for 10-15 seconds and you will see it trying to clean off the tarnish. Take scouring pad then pour vinegar on it and start to scrub. Rinse with water and there you have a beautifully cleaned copper pan.

Hot water


There is also a different way of cleaning burnt pots and pans. Place the pot on the gas, add water. Add 2-3 tea spoons of washing powder. Put it to a boil once the liquid starts boiling reduce the heat. After 15 minutes, increase the flame. Put the boiled water into a separate bowl and scarp off the base of the pan. Not advisable to put it in the sink because it is going to block the sink. After you finish scrapping of f the contents, add dish washer soap and use a scrubber to scrub it off until it’s clean. Rinse with water and put to dry.


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Lemon can also be used as a cleaning agent for burnt pots. Cut two juicy lemons into quarters, place them in a pan. Add water bring to a boil. Keep stirring as you loosen the parts. Dispose the contents and use a kitchen hand brush to wash the pot. Rinse with water.

The number one soft beverage-Coca Cola is also a cleaning agent. Let’s get started with it. Fill the pan with Coca Cola .Let it stay in the pan for a few hours until the food is loosened. Use a plastic scrapper to remove the residue. Dump the residue. Then wash. The results are amazing.

Burned food is not easy to be removed from the pan. Try to remove the extra residue. Use dish wash and dryer sheets. Put warm or hot waters. Stir the dishwash.Add the dryer sheets. Then let it soak for one hour. Dump the water then use the dryer sheet to wipe the pan. Works well. Rinse with warm water.

Pure Bleach

Pure bleach has also been used to clean burnt pots and pans. Put the pan in the sink and use pure thick bleach .Make sure that all the burnt places are covered. Let it sit for a few minutes .Scrub with a hand brush and rinse with water and you are ready to go.

Aluminum containers can be cleaned by putting water into a pan. Spread bar sugar spread on top of the wet surface. Scrap with a wet sponge or clothe. After giving it a good scrub rinse with water. Feel free to add more if needed. Wash it with and then wipe you pan dry.

So, how do you avoid this sticking of food on the pans? Easy, by using a good quality of cookware under low heat and keep monitoring. Avoid phone calls or sneaking out to watch TV while the food is cooking in the kitchen. I recently discovered that onions have an acidic It creates a surface that is not non stick at times for a short period of time. Another important trick while cooking is let the pan set for the right temperature you wouldn’t want to put food on a cold pan, it will automatically stick.

People are advised to avoid Teflon material because after the vapor that comes out when cooking was tested a lot of bad chemicals that are harmful to the body were found. Its believed to have caused so many types of cancer .Stainless steel is seen as sacred. It is less toxic that the Teflon. It’s pure metal but testing shows toxic vapors do come out of it because it has a copper bottom and when that is heated, it sips through the stainless steel. Therefore we are advised to but cookware that is complete stainless steel. There is nothing toxic in enamel. Glass is best for boiling but not so safe for frying.

Coconut oil, virgin oil and olive are proven so far the best to be put on the base of the cooking pan to prevent sticking. Use it as a base.


With the above suggestions, your pots and pans should be sparkling clean in your kitchen. A tour of your kitchen wouldnt feel so bad with such a display of shiny pots and pans.


Creative Plant Terrarium Ideas for the Home

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The terrarium once considered an ancient way of styling, always make a comeback. Surely, the in or out door miniature garden can never lose its charm. Considering now that the prices of houses are sky rocketing by day, most people find themselves in a small space with no garden. Terrarium gives an amazing touch to your limited space.

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Frankly, it might be the best classic decorating option you have. Besides, they are small in size and can fit at any desired place including your home office. When people think about statement pieces for their home, everything else comes to mind but plant terrarium. Well, not everyone since you are reading this but most.

Talk about being underrated. While terrarium as a statement piece might be a bold claim, it is a good way of personalizing your home. You will never fail at adding more color to a plain space without consuming much of the already limited space. Moreover, they are low maintenance plus you don’t have to break the bank to get one. Best of all, if you have kids, they can learn a lot from the terrarium. For instance, it can provide urban kids with the chance to appreciate and interact with nature.

There are creative ways you can use to not only have a unique but also beautiful plant terrarium. Additionally, there are no rules and restrictions to limit your imagination. Only tips that can come in handy, but otherwise you are free to go crazy and make it personal. Since regular plant terrariums have live plants with growth requirements, it’s recommended you have plants that have the same growing conditions. Here are some ideas to have a stunning plant terrarium that will totally draw your guest’s attention, if not take their breath away.


Before the final product, you of course first must have a clear vision of what you want. Therefore take your time in researching and settle for the design that interests you best. Next, you need to know the basic things that a plant terrarium must have. For instance, you need an opened or closed glass container, water, pebbles, charcoal to keep the water fresh, soil and moss or any other plant. Those can just be a tip of the iceberg for you. You can add more details as long as you come up with something clean and interesting. And again, you can also keep it simple. Sometimes less is more.

Water garden

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Plant terrarium doesn’t have to look like the typical garden with soil and trees. There are plants that survive only in water. Water terrariums can be a simple open or confined little eco-system that brings grace to your home décor! Depending on what you want, there are plants that can be fully submerged and those that only need their roots in water. Get an attractive glass container and you will have yourself a masterpiece.

Succulent terrarium

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This type of terrarium is best if you have a desert theme in mind. Succulent plants are grown, which are easy to maintain and look really nice. With this, the bottom layer of your terrarium should contain a drainage layer. For instance soil or charcoal, this is crucial so that the soil does not retain too much water causing root rot. Or if it lacks a drainage system, then be careful about how much water you give your plants. Use a low-flow watering spout until the soil is evenly moist. You also need to be slow and patient so that the water just doesn’t go at the bottom. Also remember that succulent plants are sun lovers, therefore, place them near the window sill or anywhere with enough light. You have so many options of succulent plants to choose from. The plants vary from different colors and texture. For instance Chinese Dunce Cup is multi colored while voodoo has an amazing texture. Can it get any better?

With animals

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Who says you can’t add a little more detail and bring in an animal to your terrarium—as long as you take care of it? If you already have a terrarium and want to add a small animal, it will definitely be more challenging to maintain but very exciting and rewarding. A blend of both worlds, you’ll have it all. Although, you can’t just take a bunch of animals and throw them in the terrarium, there are some things you should know.

After you have chosen the animal you want, you need to know its requirement for survival. Chances are you might be getting a new terrarium all together since everything has to revolve around the animal now. You might want to consider the size and growth of the animal you are choosing since it’s in an enclosed container. You’d also want to get something that’s not destructive and get to know its feeding habits. Some animals that are quite neat to plant terrarium include crickets, tarantulas, salamanders or leopard gecko.

Go unique with the container

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Your choice of container can seem like the easiest part of the project but has a great impact. It’s not a place to relax your creative nature. You don’t have to necessarily use the traditional bowl. Think outside the box and build your little world there. Some of the containers you can use are light bulbs, clear coffee cup and so much more.

Beach Terrarium

Oh yes, you can create a terrarium with a beach theme. It will be very unique and adorable; you are assured of a double take from your guests. And isn’t that the dream of every proud home owner. Wow them with a few well placed miniature palms and some shells and add a top coating of sand. Go to a craft store and look for some miniature furniture like beach chairs and umbrellas. You can then sit back and watch the effect.

Jungle Terrarium

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If you like a jungle-look, you can also create it in your terrarium. All you have to do is use lush ferns and a lot of Spanish moss. And you know what will make it even better? A miniature monkey or tiger included in there somewhere.

Those are some creative ideas you can use to create your plant terrarium. Let us know which your favorite is.