Are Your Pets Running wild in your home? What to do

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Having pets in your home is a good thing and a source of companionship. Pets such as dogs have a personality that has made them be man’s companion. Other than companionship, they are also a source of entertainment and protection. The presence of a dog in your home oozes the sense of protection while having a cat gives you the opportunity to play with it from time to time. Well, as much as pets are adorable creatures, it reaches a time when their behavior becomes a point of concern.

Pets, especially cats, are normally relaxed until it reaches a time when they start running up and down wildly in your house. This just shows that your pet has a lot of energy that is not being put to proper use. In dogs, for instance, this behavior is normally called dog zoomies which makes your dog end up running wildly as if it’s crazy. This behavior is easy to tame and here are some great tips that you can use to control this habit.


Numerous exercise.

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It has been established that if your pet has a lot of unused energy this will automatically cause the weird behavior leaving you wondering if your pet is okay. This energy needs to be put to better use by keeping your pet busy. When pets are tired they tend to sleep so as to relax. If you notice your dog is running up and down your house then you need to give him a couple of exercises. You can opt to take him for a walk down the streets, this is a perfect chance for him to stretch his muscles which will make him tired and all he would want to do is take a rest. A tired dog means he has no energy to run wildly in your house.

Don’t trigger him the more.

When your dog starts getting hyped up so much the last thing that he needs is you triggering him the more. If you have a special connection with your pet then you need to know that your reaction when he has zoomies will determine a lot. If you start chasing after him this will make him run up and down the more. You need to be calm so as to handle the whole scenario with a lot of ease. If you were in the park then it would have been appropriate if you started chasing your dog up and down but in the house, be calm so as he calms down with ease.

Keep your pet busy.


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An idle or bored pet will simply end up engaging in hyperactivity thus running up and down in a crazy manner. Your dog needs to remain engaged most of the time. While it’s impossible to play with your pet round the clock, you can establish when to have playtime with your pet. You can make this choice depending on the times he normally gets hyped up. Probably the best time would be after feeding him or after giving him a bath. An engaged dog will unlikely think of getting hyped so much.


Discourage such behavior.

When your pet starts running up and down that’s not the time to be friendly towards him rather you need to be stern and take the appropriate action. If you start running after him he will be super excited and he will run the more thinking it’s a game you two are playing. You can choose to ignore him and deny him the attention that he’s seeking with so much effort. If turning a blind eye to him doesn’t work, you can choose to become a bit authoritative and command him to calm down. If your pet responds very well to command signs then this a perfect opportunity to put these signs to use. Command him to sit down and this will keep him calm at least.


Have a routine.

The more your pet is denied time to play the higher the chances that he will have a lot of energy to run all over your house. Having a routine is helpful as you get to have an established way of interacting with your pet. Feeding time should be regular and consistent. Also, have a consistent period of when you get to go for a walk with your dog. You don’t have to be with your dog all the time but having a routine is so essential as this will help your dog utilize his energy in a very beneficial way. Having time for an activity that will consume a lot of energy will enable your dog to remain less hyped and at the same time healthy.


Provide a safe environment.

If your dog gets zoomies there is a chance he can easily get injured as he is running up and down. He can come across furniture that can easily cause injuries or he can come across a wet floor where he can easily slide and break a few bones. When you become aware of what triggers your dog to start acting wild, try and provide a safe environment whenever your pet gets triggered. Some dogs get zoomies after bathing or feeding. After feeding or bathing your dog take him to a room that poses no dangers of getting injured. If your pet is safe then you will be a happy pet owner.


If dealing with such incidences becomes too much to bear you should feel free and call a professional veterinary doctor who will certainly aid you on how to handle your pet. These vets will also give you amazing recommendations on how to deal with dog zombies. This behavior is very normal and shouldn’t worry you but you should ensure that your dog has a safeguarded environment always. Other than that, ensure also that you serve your dog with food that doesn’t have too much sugar as this will give your dog too much energy that will cause your dog to have too much hype.Too much hype translates to trouble in your home.


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