A system for organizing time

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Organizing your time is one of the best habits you can do to yourself. Time is always valuable, but we tend to waste it every time. To help you achieve the proper management of your time, here are the following easy tips that you will surely get into!

One way of the best ways to organize your time is by using a calendar. Calendar system helps us know what day, week, month and the year we are into. Without calendars, we may not be able to identify the days of our lives, when will we start our work and when will we attend appointments and celebrate occasions. If this happens, time will get busted and bring chaos quickly. That’s why we should always get track of time using a calendar with us.

How to use the-the calendar to manage our time? Here are the ways:

1. Always use one calendar system only. Choose whether you want an electronic type or paper type schedule.

Using only one calendar for your home, office, activities and appointments will maximize your time management skills. Since we are already bound to modern technology, you can either use an electronic calendar like Google Calendar or Calendar app on your phone. But if you prefer to use traditional and paper type schedules, they are also efficient and handy.

Make sure to be consistent once you decided to use an individual calendar. Keeping different calendar types will only make you commit double-booking, miss appointments and worsen your stress. The more calendars you have, the more places you have to check, update, and maintain. Thus, more time is wasted.

2. Keeping your calendar up to date.

Of course, it is always important to keep your calendar up to the present. This will help you to determine easily all your schedules and task. An outdated calendar will always keep you behind your scheduled appointments.

3. Categorize your tasks under To Dos or Appointments

Plan your schedule. Write them down in a paper. Categorize them if they are To Do’s or Appointments.
An appointment is an agreement to do something or meet someone at a particular time and place. Examples of these include staff meetings, doctor appointments, car-pooling and a dinner date. The best way to organize your meetings is to record them in your calendar.

On the other hand, To-Dos are items that need to get done according to your preference. To-dos are best organized on a to-do list that is reviewed daily. Using only your calendar to track your to-do items is ineffective, so you need to use both your calendar and your to-do list together.

4. Write and code them down. You can use different colors for labeling various types of schedules.

After you have planned and classified all your schedules, it’s time to write them down in the calendar. It is always better to write them for you not to forget them. The best way to do this is to have with you different color of pens and highlighters to identify the type of schedule you have with that particular date. You can also use color pins if you like.
For example, you may use green pen to mark business appointments; blue pen to mark medical appointments; pink pen to mark personal appointments like dinner dates, birthdays, special concerts and anniversaries; red pen to mark holidays and day offs and lastly, yellow pen to mark to-do tasks.

5. Check often.

Of course, when you already wrote everything, now is the time to keep track of all the notes you did. Checking your calendar often will get you to complete and avoid missing your appointments. You will know what to do always and you’ll be able to reach your goal every time of the day.

There are a lot of tools to systemize your time. However, using the calendar is always the best tool to organize your schedule. Now that you already know how to use it in your time management, be sure to make it a habit. Doing this for only once will never make it useful and effective. Remember that time is always organized when you always do it. Of course, you always have different tasks and appointments to do that’s why it is always important to keep the track of calendar. Hope this help a lot!

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