9 Good Reasons to Line Dry Laundry

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Remember the old-time traditions; where our parents had more respect for cinemas than watching the movie at home and favored brick-and-mortar educational institutions than web-based education? Well, change is inevitable. With time things have changed, and great babies like the washing machine, microwaves and refrigerators were invented. Since then, definitely life has been much easier and we totally think that grandmother must be on to something to think we can go back to lining our clothes. Some neighborhoods have actually banned outdoor line dry luandry, citing they are unsightly.

Nevertheless, there are things that don’t change. There are things that can never be replaced. For instance the benefits of line drying your laundry. There is something soothing about line drying your clothes. Watching your laundry flap in the breeze, so clean in the warm weather. One can’t help but feel nostalgic for the days where every home had a cloth liner, huh, the good old days. I know I’m coming off as anti-change, but on the contrary, I love what technology has done. It’s just for the love of it, I mean, it feels so right and natural lining your clothes. At first, it seems like an inconvenience but ones you are at it, it not only makes you appreciate the state of your clothes but also the weather and your surroundings. Here are some cool reasons as to why you should come on board and try line drying.

  1. It is cheap

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Cloth lines are obviously less expensive to purchase and operate than dryers. Ones you spend jaw-dropping cash to buy a cloth dryer, it is not the end of it. There are operating expenses such as electricity or natural gas bills. In fact, research shows that your dryer might be consuming an impressive amount of electricity compared to your other appliances. The impact the dryer makes in your bill is money that doesn’t have to be spent on electricity. If you don’t like the sight of an outdoor cloth line, the portal drying rack isn’t expensive plus it folds up nicely by the washer. Try cutting your bills by getting one.

  1. Preserves your cloth

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If you are like me, who likes investing in quality clothes but few, then line drying works for us. You’d want your clothes to last longer after spending impressive cash on them. While the dryer definitely makes your clothes smoother, all the tumbling and tossing involved weakens the fabric, buttons, and zips. It is only a matter of time before your clothes look oversize, shrink or tear up. Line drying is much gentler on your clothes while costing you nothing.

  1. No chemicals

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If you are looking for a way you can make a difference, you can start by getting a cloth liner. It is a good and easy practice of going green with more advantages than drawbacks. Conserve energy and protect the environment by saving fossil fuel. Fabric softeners are not necessary when line drying. The sun gives them a wonderful natural fragrance that can’t be achieved by synthetic products. It’s quite a mystery but fresh air really does wonders in not only giving your washed clothes a fresh smell but also reduces any odor from a new cloth that is aired.

  1. Naturally whitens and disinfects your clothes

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The ultra-violet rays help whiten white fabric and naturally disinfect your clothes. This works best for your white sheets and towels. Otherwise, your dark-colored clothes will fade if exposed to the sun for a long time. In a dryer, there’ll be the need to bleach. The ingredients found in dryer sheets add up even more harsh chemicals to your fabric. Line drying takes care of your clothes while saving money. You will also realize that your towels get fluffier and dry a lot better.

  1. Reduces wrinkles

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Ironing is not my cup of tea, in fact, I dread the thought of ironing clothes. Yet I can never be caught dead wearing a wrinkled cloth. So line drying has been a win-win situation for me. My clothes still dry with even better fresh fragrance and have no or few wrinkles that can easily be ridden off. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, hop right in.

  1. Easy to check for stains and enhances freshness

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What can make me cringe more than a stain on my fancy new blouse? Some stains like grease or oil can be hardly noticeable while cleaning but immensely irritating when wearing your cloth (that dark part that stands out from the rest of the fabric). It is easy to miss on stains when you use a dryer than when lining. By now, you know it is almost irreversible to get rid of a stain after it has set and dried on the fabric. Lined clothes smell a lot fresher than clothes that have been tumbled dried without the addition of a laundry freshener.

  1. It involves physical activity

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In this error, everything is literally done for us. If you feel hungry, all you have to do is make a phone call. Even in the simplest ways our grandparents used to exercise while doing the daily chores have been ruled out. It is happening to the best of us, life has become easy and we have drained in bad habits. Line drying your clothes is a simple but sure way to do physical exercise. Twenty minutes of lining or removing your clothes is a good way of cutting a few calories.

  1. It helps to slow life

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Cloth lining is very relaxing, it is personal and true for me. The alone time of doing an activity that doesn’t require much energy is a win. It just slows things up for me and frankly, heavens know we need some of that. For whichever reason, more and more of us are dealing with chronic stress and any relief is a good thing. Magically, your mind just relaxes and wonders in peaceful ways. I think it also has to do with the fresh, warm, and breezy air.

While you might have a cloth dryer, try out the old-school way, you will gradually love it. And anyway, you have nothing to lose.

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