3 Cleaning Chores You Should Do Every day

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Most of us probably had trouble keeping their room tidy and clean when we were growing up. Remember when you were forced by your parents to clean and tidy it up before you went out? They might not be fond memories of your childhood, but how you fared on then would be the result of how you take care of your home today. Keeping your home tidy and spotless is one way to stay happier, healthier, organized and more motivated to face the rest of the day no matter what is in store.

To achieve such a clean home, you definitely need to work on it every single day. The daily chores might not make your house perfectly clean, but they can make a great difference. Take a few minutes every day to do a few simple chores to keep the dirt at bay. The chores will also depend on the size of your family and their routine. If for example, your family eats out most of the time, there will be no need for daily dish-washing. Also, you could be away from home most weekends, again that could be a reason not to clean every day.

However, if you are home every single day, there are three chores that are a must do and they are as follows:-

  1. Doing Dishes

On certain days it could be tempting to just let the dishes lie in the sink because of the busy schedule you might have. Looking at the growing pile of platters can be very demoralizing because it is never a pleasant task washing them. This is why some people will let them pile up and when they have finally used up all the dishes and cups and realize that they have no clean platter left, then the need to clean the dishes comes strongly.

A sink full of dishes is never a pretty sight. The smell, stains and fungal growth that are all part of forgotten dirty utensils can put you off and you would not want any guest entering your kitchen. Cleaning dishes gets easier if you get used to the scraping, rinsing and stacking on a daily basis. Cleaning the dishes daily will save you money on using too much cleaning soap, you will also promote our health by preventing infection-causing bacteria, mold, and insects from invading your home.

In the end, doing the dishes and keeping the kitchen clean will make your overall kitchen look to be more appealing.

  1. Wash Laundry

Some families don’t need to wash their laundry on a daily basis but others have to. Families with work clothes, sports practice clothes, school uniforms and other forms of uniform can generate a lot of dirty laundry in a single day. Washing the laundry every day will prevent that unpleasant foul-smelling pile up of dirty clothes.

The daily load will also prevent that scenario where you don’t have a clean work uniform or clean socks for your child to wear to soccer practice. Whether your family is small or large, don’t wait for the pile of clothes to reach mountain levels and when everyone has run out of clean clothes, for you to make those loads. The best thing about laundry is that school-aged kids can do it as well with minimal supervision after they are trained.

After establishing a routine of daily laundry washing and are folding clean clothes and putting them in their respective places, there is always that feeling of satisfaction that comes with knowing that there are no dirty clothes anywhere in the house. Besides, when you wash your laundry every day, you will have less time folding them because they will be fewer as opposed to when you have to fold a mountain of clean clothes that you let pile up for six months.

  1. Tidying Up Daily

Imagine stepping into your home and stumbling upon something hard that makes you fall. Because you know there is clutter and a mess everywhere, you then tiptoe your way around because there isn’t enough space to walk in your home courtesy of the clutter and mess everywhere. You floors are filled with toys and spills, your bedrooms have piles of clothing everywhere and your tables are filled with books, newspapers, half- full empty coffee cups from last week and your children are playing all around making more messes. Sound familiar?

You don’t have to let it get to such levels because you can purpose to tidy up every day and make your home this beautiful living space that you and your family enjoy staying in. A little clutter control every day will go a long way in keeping your home ready for company at any moment. A few minutes of picking and tidying will prevent your home looking like hurricane Irma passed through.

A tidy room will motivate you to take on even larger home improvement ideas like turning that garage into a playroom or even remodeling the whole house. You could try a quick pick-up session after your kids go to bed. So that you will have one thing scrapped off your list of morning chores the next day.

The Bonus: Clean Your Pet’s Litter Box

If you have a pet or several, you can’t afford not cleaning up every day, unless you want your home to have that unpleasant odor of litter. This will not only be better for your pets and those in your household but you will also have a fresher and organized home. Before you have a pet, remember that having one comes with responsibility.

A clean home makes it easy to enjoy and locate things when you need them. You will know where your keys are, the remote control, your shoes, your books, your tools and so on. Imagine how much time you will save every day if you didn’t have to look for socks and knew exactly where to find a clean pair and where the dirty ones are when you want to do the washing.

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