10 Boston Stereotypes

10 Boston Stereotypes

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Whether Boston is your hometown or you’ve only lived in The Hub for a few years, chances are you’ve heard about a few Boston stereotypes. While stereotypes should never be taken completely seriously, stereotypes almost always harbor a kernel of truth. Read this article to learn about 10 of the most prevalent Boston stereotypes.

1. Bostonians Are Bleeding Heart Liberals

One pervasive Boston stereotype is that the city is home to millions of bleeding heart liberals. Historically, Boston has been one of the most liberal cities in the United States. For example, in the early 19th century, Boston served as the center of the women’s rights and abolitionist movement. Recently, Massachusetts became the first state to give same-sex couples marriage licenses. Since 2006, Boston has been striving to provide affordable health insurance.

2. Bostonians Think They’re The Best of the Best

Another stereotype that Boston’s are infamous for is thinking they are God’s gift to the world. However, like many stereotypes, this one has a kernel of truth in it. From the sport teams, to the hospitals, to the education system, to even Boston cleaning companies, Boston often comes out on top. While the sports aren’t always consistent when it comes to fulfilling Boston’s standards, Boston still has Harvard University and their hospitals. If you want to enjoy the best of the best, Boston may be the right city for you.

3. Bostonian Sports Fans Have It All

In comparison to any other Major Leagues team, the Red Sox has won more World Series games in the last 10 years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Boston sports fans have a reputation for being spoiled. Despite winning major championships, Boston sports fans have a tendency of complaining every time a game doesn’t go their way. Of course, many sports fans from other cities have a hard time taking Bostonian sports fans seriously when they seem to have it all.

4. Bostonians Love Their Accent and You Have No Choice But to Agree

The well-known test for a Boston accent is saying the phrase, “Park the car in Harvard yard.” If someone grew up in Boston you can usually tell by the unique way they say their Rs. While many people try and fail to imitate the notorious Boston accent, a true Bostonian knows that a childhood in The Hub is necessary to truly nail the accent. Another phrase that is a common test for a Boston accent is “We went to the Harvard party. It was wicked pissah.”

5. Everyone In Boston Has a Little Irish in Them

One Boston stereotype with a lot of truth in it is that everyone in Boston has a little Irish in them. If you love history, you may know that many immigrants arrived to Boston Harbor fleeing the Great Irish Famine. Since then, the culture of the Irish has left a huge mark on Boston. Some examples of the impact of Irish culture that you can point to include the history of the Irish Mob to the naming of Boston’s basketball team as the Celtics. A particularly infamous celebration of Irish culture is the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston. On this day, many people go to this parade to get drunk, be happy, and just have a good time.

6. Bostonians Love Alcohol

Speaking of Irish culture, Bostonians have a reputation for loving alcohol. Apparently, all Bostonians thinks every night is the perfect time for a wicked pissah. In fact, the “Daily Beast” deemed Boston as the The Drunkest City in the United States in 2011 and 2012. The study that the “Daily Beast” conducted revealed that the typical Bostonian drinks more than 15 alcoholic drinks in a month. More than 20 percent of Bostonians are considered binge drinkers while 7 percent of Bostonians are heavy drinkers.

7. Bostonians Have a Tacky Sense of Fashion

While Boston has a top-notch reputation in many areas, such as professional sports and education, fashion is not Boston’s strong point. The climate in Boston is incredibly cold and wet. In fact, Boston is particularly notorious for its brutal winters. Of course, this keeps cold weather apparel companies thriving. In the fall and winter in Boston, you can expect to see a lot of Bostonians sporting leggings, Uggs, and North Face gear. Of course, you will also see a lot of orange parking cones, which are seen as a huge eyesore.

8. Bostonians Worship Dunkin Donuts

While Starbucks may be extremely popular elsewhere, Dunkin Donuts is probably the most the loved coffee shop in Boston. Some common nicknames for the coffee and donut shop include Dunkies and Dunks. No matter what you call it, you can count on the typical Bostonian to worship Dunkin Donuts. You will see this donut shop on just about every street in the city. When the Red Sox won the World Series, Dunkin Donuts handed out free coffee to sports fans.

9. Bostonians Are Incredibly Intelligent

Due to the presence of Harvard and MIT, Bostonians have a reputation for being very intelligent. Boston was home to the first public school system in the United States. Since then, the education system in the city has grown significantly. While Harvard and MIT are the most widely known schools in the city, Boston is home to more than 100 colleges and universities.

10. Bostonians Are Horrible Drivers

Bostonians are incredibly notorious for being horrible drivers. However, Bostonians are not entirely at fault for this stereotype. If you’ve ever been to Boston, it is easy to see that the city layout doesn’t have much reason or rhyme to it. Therefore, drivers tend to act irrationally. Don’t be surprised to see sudden cut-offs and illegal U-turns on a regular basis in The Hub. Bad driving is something that you will have to come to terms with if you decide to move to Boston.